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Summary: Charlie's having trouble dealing with Fred's death, so Harry comforts him.

It hurt watching the man he loved wallow in sadness. Harry understood how much family meant to the Weasley's, and even one death was too big of a burden to bare. But he would make it; Harry knew he would.

"Love?" he whispered gently.

The man was sitting at the edge of their bed, looking out the bay window and at the crescent moon. His face looked haggard and his eyes, haunted.

"Does it ever stop?" he asked.

Verdant eyes softened further and gazed sadly at his lover.

"No, but it gets better," Harry replied quietly.

Charlie nodded sagely and crawled back into bed. Pulling Harry closer, the man burrowed his face into the younger man's neck.

"I know you'll help me," Charlie whispered.

Harry hugged the man closer and nodded. 'Yeah,' he thought, 'but will it be enough?'

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