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Beep. Beep. Beep.

There goes the clock as it does every morning and normally I would groan with dread before smacking the snooze button and throwing the covers over my head, praying for five more minutes. But this morning, I sat up, gently cut the alarm off and stretched. I had slept well and I think that that had something to do with the other people in my apartment, or maybe it was just the subconscious knowledge that I had done a good thing.

Either way, I got up and walked down the hallway to Edward and Nessie's room. I knocked lightly, but opened the door when there was no answer. Much to my relief, they were still there, sleeping soundly. I walked over and shook Edward's shoulder.

"Edward…" I said. He opened his eyes a little and mumbled something. "Good Morning. It's time to get up. Alice, my friend, will be here in about an hour and she'll flip out if we're late." He said something along the lines of "mmmk." I walked out shutting the door behind me. I walked into the bathroom and started the shower. I thought of my dear friend as I started my normal morning routine. Alice was slightly erratic. She was a fashion guru and she owned the business where I worked. We might as well both own it, but she's the one who bought it, so her name is the one on the building and on many designer clothing tags around the world.

"A.B. by Alice Brandon" was the current logo marking the pieces of her latest collection. It changed with the seasons. Her job was to draw, design, and sew what she called the 'prototype', where she would display it before a panel of other fellow fashion gurus and me. And then she would stress for weeks over all the minor details and I would watch from the corner, only approaching her when I felt it was time to force another star bucks down her throat, so she could finish by sun rise.

My job was to do everything else, and be the other half of her support system. Her husband Jasper, was her other shoulder to lean on and he worked with the company as not only the photographer for every shoot, but as the Editor and Chief of the 'A-Brand' Magazine. I took care of the company's finances and kept track of all the company credit cards, company cars, company phones, the company's thousand employees, all of Alice's meetings and appointments and appearances, as well as her personal schedule. There had been times when I had to tell her to go home and spend time with Jasper because he was going to go insane if he didn't get laid.

So as you can see, my job was very important to not only the company, but Alice and Jasper as well. Together, the three of us kept the company afloat and Alice continued to take the fashion world by storm. However, lately, things had been becoming more hectic and hard for just me to take care of by myself. Alice finished putting out her largest collection yet last week and that meant that this year was Paris year. The pieces she designed over the course of the next eight months would be displayed on the runway this fall in the City of Lights. This meant Alice would need me more than ever for her support, ideas, suggestions, planning, and all the money that went into it all. This would be the busiest eight months of my entire life and I was not going to be able to do it alone. That's where Edward came in. If I could train him to do what I do, then I would have more time to take care of everything involving Paris and he would have a job. I suppose we could find out at lunch today what he and Alice thought of the idea.

I finished drying my hair and got dressed throwing on some of the more casual clothes Alice had designed herself, just for me. I always wore what she designed for me, so that way, I knew whatever I put on, would be Alice approved. With my dark washed jeans, a blue turtle neck sweater, and some comfy flats on, I grabbed my black wool coat and my purse and walked into the living room. Nessie was sitting on the couch watching cartoons. She was dressed in a pair of the jeans I had gotten her and a purple sweater. That reminded me. I would have to talk to Alice and see if she could design Nessie her own little collection. She looked adorable, but her hair was going every which way.

"Good morning, Ness." I said as I set my stuff on the loveseat. "Did you sleep well?"

"Morning Momma. Yes I did." She said, standing up so she could give me a hug. I picked her up and hugged her back.

"Where is your daddy, and why did he not brush your hair?" I asked jokingly.

"He got up and got me dressed and told me to sit out here while he took a shower. He told me to ask you if you would do my hair for me."

"Of course I will. Let me put some waffles in the oven and Ill take care of it. I grabbed the eggo's from the freezer and put the on a baking sheet, popping them in the oven and setting the timer. I turned around and scooped Nessie up, carrying her to my bathroom and sitting her on the counter. "Okay Nessie, Turn around and face the mirror." She spun around and I grabbed a washcloth. I dunked it in some warm water and wrapped it around her hair, running it through her curls to dampen her locks. I then took a holding mousse and ran a comb through the product, before combing it through her curls. Then I took the curling iron (which wasn't on) and my hairdryer, sticking the iron up through her ringlets and blow drying her hair in order to hold pretty, soft curls. It took about ten minutes and then I sat her down and ran back to the kitchen to grab the waffles. I got to them just in time. They were nice and brown and ready to eat. I turned around with the pan right as a bedroom door shut. Edward walked down the hall, Nessie in tow, and smiled.

"Good Morning. Do you need any help with that?" he asked.

"Good morning to you too. I think I've got it. If you want to fix us something to drink though, that would be great." I said smiling back.

"Sure thing. What would you like? Nessie, do you want apple juice?"

"Yes Daddy." she answered.

"I'm going to have a cup of coffee. Would you like some?" I asked as I sat the plates and waffles on the table.

"Sure. I'll take it black." He answered as he got Nessie settled and poured some syrup over her food.

"We only have about fifteen minutes and we should give Nessie some more Motrin before we leave, just to be on the safe side. We are going to drive down to the mall and do a little shopping. We have a lot to talk about and I have no doubt in my mind that Alice doesn't already have a list of places to go so….you know. As a fair warning as is slightly crazy, in a good way of course, but don't be surprised that such a little person can be so overwhelming. Ok?" They nodded in agreement and we all went back to eating. When we were done, I gave Nessie a little bit of Motrin and some allergy medicine, while Edward did the dishes. I heard a knock on the door as I was putting Nessie back on the floor. I went into the living room to get the door, but it was unnecessary because in true Alice fashion, she just walked right in.

"Hey Ali." I said giving her a hug. She was dressed to the nines in skinny jeans going into some flat boots and her long red wool coat.

"Good morning Bells." She said hugging me back.

"Let me introduce you. Alice, this is Edward, and his daughter Nessie."

"Hello. It's nice to meet you." She said walking right up to Edward and giving him a hug. I laughed at the look on his face.

"It's nice to meet you to Alice." He said with a smile.

"I'm going to go grab our coats and put her shoes on and then we'll be ready to go. He scooped her up and walked towards the bedroom. Alice looked like she was about to bust so I grabbed her hand and ran to my bedroom.

"OMG! He's Finnnnneeee." She said.

"Ya, he is. He is so nice and Nessie's so sweet." I filled her in on what had happened the night before and she stared at me with her jaw on the floor. "Ya, so if you hear her call me momma, don't freak out. And by the way, while things are calm at work for the next two weeks, do you think you could spare some time and maybe design Nessie her own little line of clothes and shoes? I know she would love it. And we could try to get Edward fitted in some of your 'manly pieces' as you call it. What they're wearing is Wal-Mart brand and they'll never hold up."

"Of course I will. We can do some clothes shopping today as well."

"Okay. Let's go." I grabbed the cough drops and walked into the living room just as they were walking down the hall. I put the drops in my purse and grabbed my jacket. I opened the door and we filed out. We walked down the stairs and out into the parking lot where we stood by Alice's Amethyst colored Porsche Cayenne S while she fished for her keys. I sat in the front by her and we chatted with Edward about things he and Nessie like.

"Ya, her favorite color is definitely pink." He said as we talked about the colors she liked.

"What would you say to her having her own bedroom? I have that third bedroom that's not in use."

"I think she would like that." He said with a smile.

"Here we are!" Alice announced as we pulled up in front of the Rooms to Go.

"Alice? What are we doing here? I thought we were going to the mall." I asked.

"We are. But there's no furniture store in the mall, silly! We're going to go pick out Nessie's bedroom furniture!"

"Ohhh, I see. Edward what do you think about this?" I asked turning around and looking at him.

"I think I will be paying you back." He said looking all serious. I smiled and nodded.

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