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Dear Father,

I wonder if the letter surprises you. As you are aware by now, I am alive. If you are wondering why I used such a personal name for you when I am, asking for Mossad duties to end. It is because we have never been good at separating our personal and professional lives have we.

Yes, you have read correctly I wish to resign from Mossad and never be called up or associated with Mossad again. Do not get my wrong every time I read about Israel or see a news story about Israel my heart will ache for my homeland just as Mama's did for Russia however, I believe I can never return.

I know you are wondering why. Why I would turn my back on over a decade of service. The reason is simply I am happy. A luxury I believe I would never again have after Tali died. However, Papa I am so very happy. I am no longer a nomad who hops between safe houses, rental cars, and identities. I have a car, which has a receipt from last year and an elderly neighbor who moans about my music playing.

I have friends not just ones who I owe favors or who me. I have a friend with a dog whom I walk sometimes. I have a friend who I bumped into recently who has a child. I have a facebook page. My friends do not all carry four weapons on their body. I have a life in which I would not have imagined five years ago but now I cannot fathom leaving. Some of my friends have become like a family to me Abby reminds me so much of Tali she is always full of energy and is so compassionate. There is Ducky he is from Scotland and we drink tea together and always tells long stories sometimes he reminds me of grandpa when he was sober and before the dementia got him.

Papa as you have probably realized I am begging you as your daughter not your officer to let me go. I do not want to become like you and be so trapped in the Mossad that there is no way I can get out alive I do not want to have to sacrifice every personal relationship for the agency. I want any children I may have to be raised in a country where there is no fighting which seems like it will never end. I know it is selfish but please Papa I never asked for you to use your position to favor me but please I am asking now I wish to leave Mossad and join NCIS as a full special agent. I am no longer a killer but an investigator and apparently a good one. I beg you to allow me to leave.

I know that all fathers want from their daughters is for them to be happy.

Love Ziva.

Ziva pressed send and whispered. "Please"

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