Part Two :

Rassmoossen stared in horror at what surrounded him and what he thought would come next…. The roof, is where Snake…(gulp) fought a Hind D…. "I'm just a language arts teacher!!!" he cried, not even thinking that he could take on a helicopter. He ran screaming to take cover but there was none. Immediately he heard the faint roar of it's blades. He threw his hands over his head and ducked.

However, instead of a hind D came a children's toy helicopter with a faint roar of rotors. It was bright red and just like a dragon fly it flew in zig zags.

In the school there was Colleen and Sam tugging over the helicopter remote. He heard on the school's loudspeaker the muffled voice of… Snull?

"EAT THIS!" he heard. 'It couldn't be Snull, could it ?' thought Rassmoossun.

It flew close to Rassmoossen and he quickly snatched at it and with a slight tug, he pulled the plastic rotors off the foam helicopter. "Oh… that was ironic…" he said. And with that he spotted a vent from the side, a real vent and decided maybe he could escape this madness that way.

He got down to scuba position and crawled into the vent. He arrived to only be enclosed and stuck inside the vent--- the other half of his body dangled helplessly off the roof as the other 50% of him was lodged between a (smaller than he had anticipated) vent. He kicked his legs rapidly and had in the mean while budged himself further into the tin can that was the school's ventilation system. There he saw rats and shrieked with fear! The filthy rodents began to nibble on him- tickling him so that he burst into laughter. Just then- Mr Farlie came upon the roof to have his coffee break for some strange reason, the principal stared at the legs jutting out of the vent followed by strange laughter, he simply shrugged and left back down to the teacher's lounge.

Then Rassmoossun's codec BLING-ed, he put his hand to the device and listened,

"Rassmoossun! This is Miller," said the speaker, whom he found was Brianna.

"Yes Miller?" he asked a tad frightened,

"Those rats are north American common rats. They survive by… (what's that word say colleen? I can't read anything in this encyclopedia!) …. OH They survive by photosynthesis… (NO YOU IDIOT! That's north American cocoa plants! Not common rat! ) … Oh ya know what- they're rats ok?! So follow them!"

"Um… OK… to where?"

" … "

"Fine- don't tell me! Not wise words for someone grading your ELAs!"

"Just follow them Rassmoossun. GO… you have only 6 and a half minutes."

"WHAT!?" shouted the teacher panicked.

No one answered back so he once again began struggling to remove himself from the situation. He wriggled himself until he could just wriggle enough to move through the vent. He couldn't go backwards, but if he could wriggle to the other end- he could get the heck out of there! He began to move the left half of his body then the right, soon like a caterpillar, he was wiggling through the vents. He finally emptied himself upon the long back hallway, it was different though. There was a hose admitting gallons of water into the hall way so that ( thanks to the cheap heating ) it froze into a long ice rink. He looked at the other side where tiles from the ceiling were removed and replaced with a gaping steel railing, made to look like somewhat of a balcony over the exit of the hallway. Mr Rassmoossun gulped and slowly came towards the beckoning doom. He quickly took a step and soon enough he went sliding away down the long hall speeding to the exit. He shot right across the smooth ice, thinking that this little accidental short cut was a great result of slipping. However, soon came out of the corner of his eye a blondish brownish figure, clothed in a olive shade of tan army suit. He suddenly felt as though he was going in slow mo as a red dot gradually slid with ease upon the ice, grounding itself on his forehead. Soon came CHH-CHH- … Plink, followed by "RASSMOOOOOOOOOSSUN!" being screamed through out the loud speakers. He awoke to the roof again, "WHAAAT!?" he cried gasping with awe and fright that he was back on the roof.

"I WAS ALREADY HERE!" he cried.

He stared at the vent, in which he knew was infested with rats, and shuddered. Then, to his shock he saw a stair case to the school yard. "… Note to self : observe my surroundings more carefully," he lectured himself. And with that scampered down the stairs into the school yard. It was strange… it was covered in soap bubbles! Off in the parking lot's edge was a hose connected to an (overloaded with detergent) washer bubbling up everything. It kinda looked like snow. Behind a tree a red dot appeared again and Rassmoossun screamed and ducked behind a table. Unfortunately that table was full of holes.

"Darn our budget!" whispered the teacher panicking. The red dot followed the teacher and he soon got a good look at the shooter. It was a blondish brown haired woman, not one of the girls and possibly paid. IT WAS ! She was the another one of the school's teachers, the health teacher to be exact - but why would she shoot him?! Soon he scrambled behind a tree and attempted to hide there. Silence. All that was seen was a red dot that flew from ground to tree seeking it's victim.

Suddenly a herd of 6th graders stampeded into the school yard after lunch chasing a soccer ball. "NOOOOO!" cried Rassmoosun in slo mo again as he was pushed out of his hiding his place into the open. He suddenly was kicked by a bunch of children as they tried to find the ball which had gone flying after it struck Rassmoossun in the shoulder. The ball when spiraling to Mrs. Roam and struck her between the eyes as she fell dropping her nerf gun. Mr. Rassmoossun ran to her side as the children gathered round screaming "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!"

"…Growing up in the USA… there was much fast food …. Everyday there would be family and friends being fat beside me…" she coughed, wheezing uneasily.

Spencer ( one of her students) suddenly came around a tree, "NO!I had extra credit!" he said tearing out a piece of paper.

"She gone…" said Rassmoossun getting to a stand.

"NO! What have you done?!" cried Spencer. He broke into tears.

Rassmoossun began to walk away… he had to finish his mission. BLING BLING ……..