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A/N: The sequel to Type! Excuse me for the very lame title, but I didn't had inspiration for it yet. I did, however, had inspiration for a new story. The problem with Type was probably that it started out as a one-shot and I didn't know where to go with it. Now I have an idea, a storyline, a plot and the ending . . . well that still needs some work.

For the people who were somewhat disappointed with the ending of Type, I believe the first chapter will make up for it - a bit ;)

I have set this somewhere in season 6/season 7, but than without the whole Rivkin affair. So it is slightly AU, but not very disturbingly I believe.

And for the readers who didn't read Type, a small summary of what has happened: Tony and Ziva went on a date, set up by Abby and McGee. On that date there is an auction, and Ziva is forced to participate. Tony 'buys' her, and he suddenly realizes he is in love with Ziva. He decides to ignore those feelings. Type II takes place weeks after Type.

Please leave your thoughts about this story, good or bad, I really like to read your opinions :)


He saw the gun, before she did. He heard his own voice, but it sounded like it was someone else's.

'Ziva!' Instead of ducking or moving out of the way she just looked at their perpetrator, who had killed so many innocent lives already. Without thinking it through, Tony dropped his own weapon, and ran towards Ziva. He jumped towards her to take her down and heard the shot while he was in mid-air. A sharp pain penetrated his chest, and he folded his arms around Ziva. They landed on top of each other, their faces almost touching and their legs entangled.

'You okay?' He panted heavily. The adrenaline was racing through his body, for the moment stopping him from feeling pain.

'Yes, I believe so,' Ziva said, staring in his eyes.

'Good,' he nodded. 'You don't have to kill me,' he said. She frowned, not understanding him, and he took the opportunity to lower his head even more to kiss her. Her lips felt soft against his, and he decided that she tasted better than he had ever imagined. With his tongue he stroked over her bottom lip. She moaned involuntarily, and gave him entrance. Their tongues met and Tony deepened the kiss. Soft en slow they kissed, losing themselves in each other, as if time stood still and they were the only ones on earth. Tony gradually backed out and looked Ziva in her eyes. Her beautiful chocolate brown eyes, now looking dreamily and dazed at him.

'What was that for?' She whispered.

'I needed to kiss you at least once before I,' Tony swallowed, closed his eyes briefly. His chest was burning, the pain radiating through his back and he started to get dizzy and lightheaded. 'I love you Ziva, I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner,' he breathed, and a hiss escaped his lips when another flash of pain shot through his body. He kissed her once more, and closed his eyes before he lay his head down on the floor next to her head.

'Tony? Tony! What are you doing? Tony!!' Ziva shook Tony, but he didn't react. She became afraid, looked down and noticed the bloodstain that spread out on her shirt. She managed to Tony on his back and searched for a heartbeat, but found nothing. She tried to stop the bleeding, but it was useless.

'No . . . No! No!! Tony! Wake up! Tony! Don't do this to me! Tony!!'


Tony shot straight up in his bed, his eyes wide. He looked down, touched his chest and arms, looked at his alarm clock which read 4:23am, and fell back down in his mattress. He hated those dreams, and he started to have them a lot lately. He hated even more that he would wake up freaking early and that he never was able to fall asleep afterwards. He looked at his ceiling for a few minutes, and decided that maybe he should go for a run.

Fifteen minutes later he understood why Ziva jogged in the mornings: it felt good. The city was quiet, as far as it ever would be completely quiet. The miles disappeared under his feet, and with that his thoughts about Ziva. When he got back at his apartment, he was sweating like a pig but felt strangely refreshed. Most importantly, he had a plan to get Ziva out of his head: dating. There should be a woman somewhere that would make him forget about her and his feelings for her. And he was determined to find that woman.