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Questionable Hesitation

When Naruto woke up, he noticed 2 details: first, his body itched. Second, he was in a dark room… and it seemed empty.

Slowly, he stood up a little on the mattress. It seemed that someone put him in a futon. He blinked repeatedly to accustom his eyes to the darkness. There wasn't much furniture… only the futon and a little table at his right.

'What am I doing here? Where am I?' That's when he remembered everything, from the attack, to Sasuke sealing his fate as his slave. Naruto felt anger rising in his chest. 'I can't believe I agreed to this!! He used my desperate state to play with me! What a Bastard!!'. He took his head between his hands… that's when he noticed the 3rd detail: He didn't feel pain anymore. He checked his body and noted that all his wounds have been healed completely… not leaving even a little scratch.

'At least, he kept his words when he said that he will take care of me'. However, he couldn't help but scratching himself. 'I need a shower' he thought, distracting himself from the tears that were threatening to fall. At that moment, he heard the door being opened. He looked up but quickly shut his eyes tightly, at the sudden strong light that enveloped him. He blinked again until he could see properly and studied the figure that was now standing in front of him.

"Sasuke…" he whispered.

A low chuckle escaped the pale lips. "I'm glad to see you're awake. You've been out of it for 3 days. You know that I don't like waiting."

"You talk too much… What happened to your emo self, teme?"

At the insult, Sasuke pulled up Naruto by his clothes brutally and smirked.

"A slave must show respect to his master. In this relationship, I'm the only one who is allowed to insult you. You have to accept everything I say like God's words, or you'll be severely punished."

Naruto was shaking in anger and slapped Sasuke's hand away. He made some signs with his hands and screamed "KAGE BUSHIN NO JUTSU!!!"…. Then his eyes went wide… and he started looking frantically around him. There was none besides him but Sasuke. "W-what the…?"

Sasuke smirked again. "What? Do you think I'm stupid enough to let you with your ninja's power?"

Naruto looked at him with narrowed eyes, asking the silent question.

"Hn. I asked Madara to seal your chakra. You're just a normal, powerless human being now."

The blond boy, shocked, fall on his knees, eyes wide. "W-W-???"

"Why? Naruto… Don't play dumb. You think I don't know you? Even if you seemed so willing to be my slave, 3 days ago, that doesn't mean you'll not change your mind later. I told you, I want you. And I can't have you, if you keep sending me Rasengans and other dreadful jutsus."

Naruto started to panic. "What- What about Kyuubi?!"

"The old geezer took care of it…"


"Hn." Sasuke smirked, "He has controlled Kyuubi a long time ago… What make you think he can't do it a second time?"

He got down on one knee in front of the blond and watched him intensely.

"Listen. I'm only telling this one time, so you better hear well. If you don't want to be mine, then I'm going to rape you right now, till I'm satisfied. After that I'll seal your soul and hypnotize you. Your body won't have any will and it will act like a doll. However, if you agree to be an obedient slave, then be sure that I won't hurt you. I will even try to listen to some of your requests. So choose now!"

Naruto was speechless… he looked at the onyx eyes, still shocked by the thought that all these years spent on training and gaining power were lost. It's like he didn't' have a past at all… Like all his life was just a dream… suddenly, he felt heavy… his sky blue eyes darkened. All his muscles released their tension, his fists opened and any aggressive thoughts seemed to leave his mind and body… He felt like nothing mattered anymore. And, suddenly, he had this urge to rest his head on Sasuke's chest and ask him to hold him and never let go. When he realized where his thoughts were leading, his eyes widened from the shock. 'Why… Am I… Feeling this way? …' But as soon as it came, the thought disappeared, leaving his mind blank.

"Hey. Are you okay?" Sasuke's voice came, filling his mind, making him remember that he has a decision to take.

He sighed in defeat… too tired to cry or to lose himself in depressing thoughts… he was tempted to choose the first option… but he wasn't thrilled by the idea of being raped. And he won't even die! He didn't like it. The second was better… and if he became Sasuke's favourite… ugh 'fuck'.., maybe he can put some logic in that thick head, and make the world better, with no wars anymore….

He closed his eyes for a second, before opening them with determination shining in his, still dark, blue orbs.

"Okay… I'm willing to be your slave."

Sasuke sighed then started talking with a serious face.

"Then, you have to know that there would be some rules you have to follow."

Naruto glared but nodded anyway.

"Hn. First, you're my slave. Mine. No one can order you around but me! Understood?"

When he heard that, Naruto gave a sigh of relief. He wouldn't like being ordered around by strangers…. And better not Madara. 'Wait… Does it mean that I would like to obey Sasuke's orders?!'

His thoughts were interrupted by Sasuke's voice, which once again, put him in a trance.

"Second, I don't want you to talk to anyone. You're not allowed to talk in public, only if I give you permission to do so. Third, you'll serve me, but you won't only do what a normal maid does. Your main job is to satisfy me sexually. And I don't want to hear protests. I can do everything to you, at any time, you just obey and aren't allowed to come against any of my decisions. And the last and not the least, no one, and I mean not a single breathing living creature, must know about us."

Naruto flinched at the last statement and his eyes narrowed. "You're asking me to hide to all that you have an affair with me? You want them to only think that I'm an innocent maid?" He was hurt… Sasuke didn't want people to see them together in public… He felt like trash.

Sasuke laughed softly "Yeah. Why? Don't tell me you thought that I will let people think that their leader is gay?" His laughter was stopped when he noticed the single tear that threatened to fall from the corner of the blond's left eye.

He sighed. "Naruto, you are aware that I'm going to screw at least more than one hundred women, right? I have an entire clan to restore. Which woman will accept to bear my children if she knows that the father is attracted more to his slave than to the mother of his own progenitor?"

Naruto choose not to answer… But in the back of his mind, he wished he was a woman. He actually thought that Sasuke will act like a lover would, if he forgot the slave part. But it seemed that he was more like a sex toy to him than a living person with feelings. He felt like shit. Maybe he doesn't deserve Sasuke's affection…

Sasuke frowned at the loss of words but continued "I don't want you to wear ninja clothes… from now on, you'll always wear a light kimono or yukata. And only that. Those are the rules… for now."

Naruto nodded again. He didn't know if he should be disgusted of himself, or be happy that he won't be raped. Then he remembered his decision before losing consciousness, in Sasuke's arms. He will enjoy himself. Yeah… that's right… he is still a virgin… but 'the great' Uchiha… the ruler of the world wants to have him as his slave… He will be famous around the world, just by being Sasuke's slave. He will gain respect for serving the new king. He will be loved. He will have everything he had ever wanted when he was a ninja. And the price was just to spend his nights and days with the most handsome man his eyes ever witnessed. This new life won't be that horrible… maybe. Or maybe it's his eternal optimistic side that is speaking again. 'Oh well, I don't care anymore.'

He closed his eyes and opened them slowly… seeing Sasuke under a new light. And the urge to kiss his Master invaded his body again. Almost unconsciously, he came closer to the raven and wrapped his arms around his neck, seeking some warmth, hoping that his Master will understand his distress.

Sasuke watched Naruto's actions with interest. The boy has finally given in. But something bothered him… Naruto's eyes were darker than usual, and he can see that it wasn't lust.

'What's happening to him? I thought he would try to beat me with his fists and insult me more... this was way too easy…' Even though, he let the blond have his way, then cupped the tanned chin and kissed lightly the rosy lips.

"Umm…." Naruto moaned at the sweetness of the kiss. Even after all that talk, Sasuke seemed to be really tender. He sighed softly, loving how the raven was so caring, even if he had threatened him just a second ago.

The blond withdraw a little, so their lips were still slightly touching. He didn't know why… but he needed the contact.

"I need to take a shower…. And I'm hungry."

Sasuke nuzzled Naruto's nose with his before taking the boy in his arms, bridal style.

"Let's take a bath instead."

He walked, holding the blond tightly, out of the room.

"What's this place anyway?" came the soft whisper. Naruto was tired.

Sasuke watched with a small smile the man in his arms. The man in question was playing lazily with his raven locks, his lids half covering his blue eyes.

"This is my castle. Don't worry you won't meet Madara here… He lives in another castle, far away from here." He answered quietly.

"Castle?" blond eyebrows rose faintly at the answer.

"Yes, It's the era of the Uchiha now… What my father and all my clan dreamed to achieve." He frowned slightly before continuing, the small smile back. "You will like this place. I have a big garden. I know that you like being outside. And the country I'm ruling is nice. The nearest city is about 30 minutes walk from here. You will be happy."

Was it kindness or warmth that was filling those charcoal eyes a second ago, when he was looking at him, or his imagination? Because… his voice seemed monotone. Did Sasuke choose to live in this country just because he thought that he will like it? He scoffed at his own thoughts… how can he be so optimistic? 'Ridiculous… He doesn't care about me that much…' Atthe depressing information his brain sent him, he felt a small pang in his chest. 'I'm really a blond…' He sighed. But it seemed that the quiet sigh didn't go unnoticed.

"What is it?"

"Nothin'!" He looked up and, without even knowing, grinned, flashing a happy smile to a startled raven. Oh… maybe he was too enthusiastic… Well, it was more like a reflex, really… A reflex developed through his childhood. When someone asked him if he was fine, he always answered cheerfully, so to hide his uneasiness or sadness. But right now, he felt embarrassed… He hid his face into Sasuke's neck and started a new conversation.

"Where are we going? We've been walking for a good 10 minutes… Isn't there a bathroom near my room?"

"You won't live in that room anymore. Since you're mine, you'll live in my quarters. I'm going to take you to my private bathroom. Plus, no one is allowed to go near there. We can be alone."

Naruto smiled "Where? The bathroom?" He asked jokingly, with teasing blue eyes.

Sasuke rolled his eyes, making the blond snicker at the action.

"Near my quarters… No one is allowed to go near my quarters…" He repeated for good measures.

"No one?" Asked Naruto with disbelief.

The raven watched wearily the blond but couldn't contain his curiosity "What?"

"Who clean your place?"

"The maids of course."

"But you sai-"

"Dobe." At the familiar insult, the blond replied, automatically, with the most predicable answer.


"Weren't you tired a minute ago?"


Sasuke sighed in defeat. After 30 seconds of silence, he wondered if the blond had fallen asleep… he looked down and found the man pouting.

Naruto decided to ignore him. Maybe was he too rude to his slave… But he has to say that the pout made him look delicious. He turned his gaze to the hall.

"…No one is allowed to go there, besides some maids in the afternoon, while we're having lunch. We will be alone there."

At the soft voice, Naruto smiled then nodded. He will be the only one, minus the maids, who will see Sasuke's room. He felt special.

Hearing no answer, Sasuke looked down again. Thin eyebrows rose up at the surprising site of a peacefully sleeping blond. He couldn't help but smile again.

Naruto opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling. The bathroom was huge. The bathtub was more like a pool than anything else. A hot and warm pool. He sighed. Sasuke had left him after showing him the bathroom. He had left a white kimono for the blond to wear and disappeared without saying anything. Naruto has scrubbed himself, until he felt his skin smooth and clean and his hair soft and silky, before going to relax in the 'bathtub'.

He refused to think about anything. He was tired of getting emotional, tired of believing, tired of life, tired of everything. He only wanted to sleep eternally, and to never have to feel anything anymore. That's when he remembered how the bastard has waked him up… he has thrown him on the cool ground and shot him with cold water.

"Tss… I should have chosen the first option…"

"Is that so?..."

At the sudden, but well known, voice, Naruto turned his head to look behind him. Sasuke was standing completely naked, with some wet droplets caressing his pale skin before ending their journey falling to the ground. Naruto was particularly interested in some droplets that were sliding down the raven's manhood. 'Don't tell me I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't hear him entering the bathroom and showering?!... but again, this bathroom is like a labyrinth… "

"Do you like the view?" came the blunt statement, waking up the blond from his daze. He blushed furiously, when he realized that he was staring.

An amused smile adorned Sasuke's face. Then he walked slowly to the pool, and got in, coming near to Naruto… so near that their chests were touching. Naruto didn't budge. The Uchiha wanted contact. Being his slave, he shall let his… master, do what he pleases. But he tensed, the blush spreading to his ears and neck.

"You shouldn't feel uncomfortable. You're going to see me naked almost everyday…" He came closer to the blond, wrapping his arms around his slave's waist, bringing him more near him. "You must get over that shyness of yours and you better get used to these kinds of situations."

Naruto stayed silent, but his heart was beating like crazy, while his brain was analyzing the new information. His blush decreased to only taint his cheeks, when he felt his own desire kicks in. The contact was affecting him. He had never been this close to a person like this… physically. His body wanted more, even if his pride and mind screamed to get away. That's why, almost unconsciously, he opened his legs under water, to feel at ease, and wrapped them around Sasuke's waist, completely sitting on the raven's laps. He didn't think about the consequences when he brought his hips closer, seeking contact. And he couldn't stop the loud gasp that escaped his mouth, when his dick rubbed against Sasuke's.

"AH!!" The friction was so sudden and felt so good that he wrapped his arms around the pale boy's neck, head snapping back, bringing the Uchiha's face near his jaw line, where the said raven muffled his own groan of sudden pleasure with an open mouthed kiss followed by a slight suck on the tanned skin, which earned him a soft sigh of contentment.

When Naruto understood the situation, he froze.

"Do it again." The husky voice made him shiver… but he was now scared. He hadn't felt the tiny disgust or regret when he non-intentionally pleasured the both of them… He even liked it! Actually, he was disgusted of himself that he appreciated the turn of events.

"Do it!" the voice was harsh and dangerous. That's when the blond understood the difference between a lover and a slave. He vaguely wondered if Sasuke will have a lover… a true one… and if he will, how will he act towards them? Would he be sweet and nice? Will he order them around? Just like he is doing with him right now? 'No! I don't want that! Don't look at anyone but me! Please, that gentleness, just show it to me only! I've waited for you for such a long time… don't forget about me! You're my only proof left of my previous life…'

At the thought, Naruto hugged Sasuke more tightly and closed his eyes before placing a soft kiss on his cheek. The tender action startled the raven a bit, but he quickly composed himself before he lifted one of his hands up and caressed the blond's back gently. He kissed his slave's ear before trailing butterflies kisses down to his jaw line. Naruto titled his head to the other side, giving his ex-best friend more access to the skin covering his neck. Sasuke didn't waste time and attacked the tanned flesh, sucking and nibbling, making the blond's breath hitch.

A tanned hand went up and tanned fingers tangled themselves with black hair, massaging the scalp. Another groan of appreciation escaped the raven's throat, while a soft moan came out from Naruto's mouth at how silky and soft his partner's hair was. His head bent lower and he whispered in the Uchiha's ear.

"I like it… your hair."

When he heard the little confession, Sasuke stopped his previous actions and looked up to deep blue eyes. In those eyes, he could read lust, fear, regret, confusion… but the most obvious one was tenderness… Naruto's gaze was gentle and tender… it's like his skin was caressed by a soft feather.

If Sasuke was taken aback by those eyes, he didn't show it. In fact, when both pair of eyes met, he wore a serious expression. No teasing, nothing.

Naruto felt like he was being judged by the onyx orbs that surely can read his soul –even without the Sharingan. He averted his eyes from Sasuke's before closing them. He kissed the raven's forehead, while at the same time, stroking his master's cheek with his knuckles. Doing things like that… the fact that Sasuke allowed him to cuddle against him made him feel like he was a special person. Everyone knows that Sasuke wasn't one to like hugs and others marks of affections. Actually, he thought that the raven will just fuck him and make him cum without too much contact. So, one can say that it was a pleasant surprise for the blond.

His thoughts were stopped when a pale hand cupped his own cheek. His lips left the raven's forehead, where they were resting for a while, and his blue eyes met charcoal eyes again when they were freed from the heavy eyelids.

"What is it?" he had asked softly, almost inaudibly.

"Naruto…" a thumb stroked the tanned cheek before the hand brought the blond's face closer to the raven's.

Pink lips met pale ones in a languorous kiss. It didn't last long though, because Sasuke withdraw suddenly. A loud 'slop' could be heard in the silent bathroom.

"Sasuke?" Naruto was confused now… did he make a mistake while kissing back?

Without a word, Sasuke pushed the blond away and stood up, heading towards the 4 stairs to get out of the bathtub.

When he was at the 3rd stair, he turned towards the lost and confused blond.

"Umm… I'm sor-"

"If you stay longer in there, you're going to catch a cold." The voice was smooth, with no hints of anger nor irritation in it.

Naruto didn't know what he should be feeling… embarrassment, for the fact that Sasuke was showing him his manhood again? Nervousness, from the heavy stare the onyx orbs were sending him? Or happiness… Because Sasuke remembered that he always sneezed when he stayed too long in the water… Or blushing furiously at the atrocious sound that came from his hungry stomach?

Either way, Sasuke didn't wait for his reaction, for he walked out of the bathroom, leaving the blond alone, with his internal storm of emotions.

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