April 6, 2014.

Dear Faithful Readers,

WARNING: Long Read.

I apologize for not posting any new chapters in ages. But since I'm still getting reviews despite how long it's been, I guess it's only fair that I explain why I haven't posted anything.

Long story short, I haven't been in the mood, and naturally, life gets in the way...a lot. For the last year and a half, I've gone through so much stress and I get tired, depressed, and lazy. As some of you know, my previous laptop died, so I usually got on my mom's laptop (which was rare because she's always on it), and my time on it was short. Finally got a new laptop from my job at a grocery store. I suffered a couple of heartbreaks. The first was that our sweet ferret, Stimpy, died and I was distraught for awhile. Speaking of which, it's been almost a year this month since he's passed on. But anyway, the next heartbreak was when I was fired from said job, which was weird because it was first time I've ever been fired. So I was depressed about that, but it's not the heartbreak I'm talking about. The heartbreak is what it caused me to do, because I had rent to worry about. My last pay got me one month, but I had to worry about the next month, and I made the absolute sacrifice to sell my Playstation 3, and ALL my games, including PS1 (only being Final Fantasy VII T_T), my PS2 games, and my PS3 games. I've been somewhat poor my whole life, so you can imagine how hard it was for me to gain the collection I had, despite how small it was compared to some gamers. Certain luxuries are difficult to obtain, and video games has been part of my life since birth.

So, yeah, life and all that shit. Next came the stress of trying to find a job, which is difficult because I don't qualify for a lot of jobs that require experience in certain fields, like retail. I refused to go back to a Subway restaurant (I don't need to build on that stress). Meanwhile, I met an ex boyfriend, which eventually led to us getting back together, but I broke up with him because I don't feel anything for him and didn't want to drag it out, but the point is that I spent a lot of time at his place. His little siblings also annoyed me. But during that relationship, I found another job as a worker at a Candy Factory (I deal with Maynard's candy). Now, THIS JOB takes up a LOT of my time, and it leaves me exhausted all the time because the shifts are 12 hours each and it alternates between day and night shifts. So, naturally, when I get home, I just want to sleep. And when I do have days off, I just want to relax. Plus, a good deal of my spare time is taken up with errands, like groceries and picking up prescriptions for my mom because she can hardly move. Also, I get tired just looking at my apartment because it's a mess (neither of us are domestic and we hate housework). However, I'm starting to get the writing groove back, and even my drawing groove. So hopefully I will be doing both again.

For those of you who don't know, I have about 4 stories ongoing simultaneously. The first being Final Fantasy VII: Rhapsody of Chaos. This is the oldest one and I haven't posted for it for a few years. Recently I reread it, and I remade notes, and made new ones, including possible synopsis for the next forty or so chapters (I plan on making it 70 or 77 for allusion's sake). So, I may get started on that again in the next couple of months. Key Word: MAY (not the month). As for House Arrest, which is a FFVII AU piece, it's on permanent hiatus. It's not a story I'm proud of because it lacks any effort. It's a boredom piece, basically. However, if and when I finish Rhapsody and Erebus, I may work on it a little from time to time as a break from writing Arda Chronicles. Just fair warning.

The next story is the first book of The Arda Chronicles: Red Riding Hood. I haven't thought about it in awhile, so right now it's not on my mind, but again, there are some notes made for it, but the details are vague and I'll have to get around to finetuning the plot, but for now it's not a priority. I kind of want to save it for last (unless I get in the mood to write for it), mainly because it's part of a bigger series of books I want to write, which again needs a great deal of planning and finetuning. Also, I MAY revamp the story, because I don't feel satisfied with what I've written so far.

Finally, there's Hellsing EREBUS. I have SO MUCH PLANNED FOR IT, but I just haven't written anything for it. Honestly I'm a little more prideful of this one because I've actually been doing SOME small research for the plot to make it interesting and I made important notes of serious plotpoints. I'm trying to maintain the same feeling of epicness Hellsing always exudes, and it's actually a very challenging story for me to write to keep certain characters in character.

Anyway, there it is, and I hope it explains a lot. Sorry for the long note. Hopefully it won't be much longer until I can start writing regularly again. One day I'll get my life back on track. I already bought a new ps3 (with a bigger Hard Drive). Anyway, thanks for understanding.

Amanda Bloodhart