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Justin has been any happier since his sister, Harper and mothe flew to Chicago for the weekend while the, his brother and father stayed in New York. A weekend without the women in the house, you can be sure the mice will play.

They were having the time of their lives. No Theresa, so the boys could talk about wizardry and magic and Jerry could break out some of the things he couldn't when she was around. No Alex, so guys didn't have to be on their feet trying to get her out of trouble and Justin was finally free of her constant mocking and insults. No Harper, so Justin doesn't have to watch his back or hear her voice. Can you say 'Oh happy day'?

The only problem they did have was Gertrude "Gigi" Hollingsworth. Well it's more of Justin's problem. Since Max was still kind of in love with her and their father didn't know much about her. Except the things he heard from Alex. Why did Justin have a problem with Gigi, beside her harassing the school and picking on his little sister? Glad you asked.

Gigi's parents went through a terrible and nasty divorce. Leaving Gigi and her mother with a little next to nothing. Damn those ironclad prenuptial agreements. This has caused Gigi and her mother, Myrtle "Mimi" Hollingsworth, to move out of their six-acre, two story mansion and into the Russo's building. That is a huge downgrade for Gigi.

Justin was glad Alex left before she moved in. Alex would have a fit and die if she found out Gigi moved into their building. Which would almost be the same reaction he had the day he saw her entering her building with boxes in her hands. No good can come from Gigi moving into the building. She was evil.

It was kind of funny to Justin seeing Gigi like she was. Where were her designer duds, her fancy car, perfect mani-pedi, the facials, her make-up, her wannabe's? It was all gone. Though Justin kind of liked the natural Gigi. She looked soft and approachable. Dare he admit he though she looked good. If this was the Gigi he had met a long time ago. He would have asked her out or would have been nice to her. Why does she have to be so mean?

As the day went on. The usual happened at the sub station. Justin and Max waited on tables while Jerry worked in the kitchen. The day seemed to go by a little slow without the girls. Theresa would be Jerry's eye candy and with her sex appeal that kept the male customers coming. Alex may get on Justin's nerves and never really did too much work, but at least she was entertaining with her misadventures. Harper, well Harper... Her outfits were something to look at.

As Justin was getting ready for his break Gigi walked in wearing a pair of black skinny jeans and fitted gray and white polo shirt and silver flats. Her arms folded across her chest letting a deep stressful breath. he spotted Justin and walked over. She cleared her throat as Justin raised his head.

"Maybe I help you?" Justin smiled at how plain Gigi looked compared to what she would usually wear. The flashy bright outfits that made her stand out and those red lips. Now she just blended in with the rest of them.

Gigi sighed looking at her feet not wanting to make eye contact. "I need a job." She mumbled. This was embarrassing for her.

"What was that?" Justin leaned towards Gigi holding his ear pretending he couldn't hear her.

Gigi closed her eyes sighing again. Then slowly raising her head while biting her lips as she finally making eye contact with Justin. "I said I need a job."

Justin smiled at Gigi. "Gigi Hollingsworth?" He put a hand over his heart. "In need of a job?" He gasped and stumbled back.

Gigi ignored his sarcasm, "Are you hiring?"

"Well this is a family owned shop so only family can work here." Justin smirked while crossing his arms.

"Are you hiring?" Gigi asked nonchalantly again.

Justin let out chuckle and walked around the counter, standing in front of Gigi with a smirk. "You really need a job?"

"Yes." Gigi nodded with a sigh.

"Beg for it." Justin smirked.

"What?" Gigi raised a brow.

"If you want the job. Beg for it." Justin was now smiling.

"Gigi Hollingsworth never begs!" She pointing to herself.

"She does if she wants this job." a smile crawled across Justins' face.

Gigi looked the room not ready to humiliate herself for a job, but this was the only place she could work at for now and she needed the money. She had to do something she never thought would do. She swallowed her pride and closed her eyes and slowly, very slowly kneeled down on her her knees in front of Justin. She let out a deep breath and looked at Justin holding her hands tight, clearing her voice. "Justin Russo, would you please give me a job... at this lovely establishment." She gave a fake smile and her body flooded with embarrassment as some of the students from school laughed.

Justin tapped his foot shifting his head to the side. "Wow. Take away everything that's Gigi and you're just as vulnerable as the rest of us." He shook his head as Gigi hung her head. "Can you take orders as good as you bark them out?" Justin took another stab at Gigi as she slowly stood up dusting off her pants. "Your shift starts now." He tossed her an apron and went to wait on another table.


"May I take your order." Gigi said with her pen and her pad readying to take an order.

"Yeah, I would--", the boy stopped speaking when he saw who was taking his order. "Gigi Hollingsworth?" Dederick Grimsley smirked as Gigi rolled her eyes and shook her head. "What a surprise." He smiled at his friend, Navid Ishmael, sat across the table from him chuckling. "Gigi Hollingsworth serving us food like old serving wench. I can die now!" They laughed.

"Are you going to order or not?" She asked frustrated.

"I want to watch you sweat you like a hog and squeal like a pig." Navid laughed.

Justin watched as the boy harassed Gigi.

"You think you can wear a skirt tomorrow, so we can see those legs." Dederick grabbed at Gigi and she smacked his hand.

"Those jeans makes your butt look big." Navid laughed, and Gigi rolled her eyes.

"I like a big butt." Dederick smacked her butt and Gigi smacked him.

Just as he was about to get up and hit Gigi. Justin stormed over. "Is there a problem?" He stood in front of Gigi.

"You waitress is the problem." Dederick yelled. "She hit me!" he touched his face.

"Yeah I saw that." Justin looked back at Gigi. "And I also saw you put your hands on her and you know you're not supposed touch the employees." He said defending Gigi.

"Whatever!" Dederick shook his head as he pushed a chair to the side as he and Navid left the sub station.

Justin took a deep breath and glared at Gigi.

"I am so sorry." Gigi apologized holding her pad to her chest.

"It's okay. What that guy did was wrong. You don't need to apologize." Justin started walking towards the counter.

"Thank you." Gigi said turning to Justin.

"You're welcome." Justin gave a hand gesture as he kept walking.


The day was done and the shop was closed. Gigi stayed to help Justin clean up.

"For this to be your first time you did a pretty good job." Justin said a little shocked.

"Thanks." Gigi looked at Justin.

Justin watched as Gigi stacked the empty trays behind the counter. She really did do a good job with the orders, only making a few minor mistakes. Who knew Gigi could make a decent waitress? Not him, he didn't think she would last a second. He started to feel a little guilty about how he treated her earlier today.

"I want to apologize." Justin sat at counter.

"For what?" Gigi said with her back faced him.

"For earlier. When I made you beg for the job." He sighed.

Gigi turned towards Justin. "It's okay." She smiled. "I kind of deserved the humiliation." She gave a nod.

"No." Justin shook his head and thought about it. "Yeah." He nodded as Gigi laughed. "Still I shouldn't have done that."

Gigi hung her head and Justin walked around the counter.

"C'mere." He pulled her into a hug.

"Apology accepted." Gigi pulled away from the hug. She smiled at Justin and pressed her lips against his.

Justin jumped back staring at Gigi. Did she just kiss him? Did Gigi Hollingsworth just kiss Justin Russo? His breath got caught in his throat and he bit his lip. Gigi stood in front of him, he could hear her breathing become heavy just as his.

Gigi wrapped her arms around his neck pulling his lips to hers. Their lips brushed against each others before Justin pressed his against hers. Gigi moaned into his mouth as she let his soft smooth wet tongue explore her mouth, caressing her tongue. He cupped her face and closed his eyes as he broke their kiss. He began biting and sucking her bottom lip before kissing her again.

She raked her fingers through his hair moaning as Justin trailed kisses down her neck. She arched her back as Justin lift her letting her wrap her legs around his waist. Things started to get heated as Justin sat her the counter taking off his shirt, showing off his buff body as the both panted from the lack air from the kissing.

"Wow!" Gigi admired Justin's body.

"Thanks." Justin smiled.

He pressed his lips against hers as he slowly slid off Gigi's top revealing her black and pink laced bra with a skull placed right in the middle of the bow. He could not help but smile before he gave chaste kiss on the crease of her chest. Gigi arched her back running her finger through his hair, down his back, and up his arms before letting out a soft moan.

She arched her back a little more propping herself on her hand as she let out another moan at the touch of his tongue trailing its way down her stomach. She gasped as he traced the ring around her belly button. Placing chaste kisses just below the navel, Justin placed a hand on each side of Gigi's waist.

"JUSTIN!" His father yelled at the bottom of the stairs.

Justin and Gigi stopped as they turned to Mr. Russo. Gigi quickly covered her chest with her arms grabbing her shirt.

"I think you should leave young lady." Jerry glared at Justin as Gigi put her shirt over her head.

Gigi slid off the counter and walked towards the door.

"It's late out, just take the stairs." He told Gigi, but kept his eyes on Justin and Gigi ran up the stairs.

Jerry waited until he heard the door close, he has very good ears. Once he knew Gigi was gone, he walked to his son with a look that could kill a blind man.

He stood face to face with his son as Justin became nervous. Jerry could hear his heart beat as his breathing became heavy and uneven. Jerry shook his head as a smile appeared on his face.

"My boy!" He nodded as Justin closed his eyes letting out a deep breath and his father laughed.

Justin smiled as he father gave him a pat on the back. "You scared me for a minute."

"Good!" Jerry smiled and grabbed the back of his sons neck. "Now put your shirt on and go to bed." He gave Justin a hard pat on the back as they walked towards the steps.


Did what happened last night just happen? Did it really happen? How did that happen? Why did it happen? Justin doesn't like Gigi. He hates Gigi. So it should not have happened. But it did. Why? He is so confused. All his time at Tribeca Prep she has been a bitch to him and especially to his sister. So what caused last night to happen?

Maybe it was when he stood up to her and made her beg for the job and she started to feel inferior to him and that turned her on? Was it when he stood up for her against those guys at the sub station? Was it when he apologized to her? Was it all three combined?

Justin racked his brain thinking about it. He was ready to give up when he saw Gigi in the hallway waiting by the elevator.

"Hey." Justin stood next to Gigi as he waited for the elevator.

"Hey!" Gigi glanced at Justin.

"Look about last night--" Justin started.

"What about it?" Gigi asked.

"I want to apologize." He said looking at his feet.

"Why?" Gigi shift her head.

"I have a girlfriend." Justin sighed.

"Lucky lady." Gigi smiled.

Justin caught her smile as the elevator door opened. They entered the elevator and Justin pushed the button for the first floor.

"You sound disappointed." Gigi spoke.

"I'm not." Justin shook his head as the doors closed. "I love my girlfriend."

"Good for you." Gigi nodded.

"I really do." Justin looked at Gigi.

"Mhm!" Gigi nodded.

"I do!" Justin eyes widened

"Okay!" Gigi smiled.

"I mean, I really do love her." Justin said nervous and unsure.

"Are you trying to convince me or yourself?" Gigi glared at Justin.

Justin looked at Gigi confused. He really did love Juliet. She was his everything. Wait. Did? Was? Why is he thinking of Juliet in the past tensed? He looked over at Gigi again, she looked so pretty. She wore a green fitted tee with white and pink writing, a green and white scarf, a pair of light grey fitted jeans and a pair of green and white converse with pink stitching. Her hair was ina messy, but wavy ponytail. Her lips glossed with a nude shade of gloss. She was beautiful. Why she never dressed like this before, he only wish he knew.

"You like nice." Justin gave her a compliment.

"Thanks." Gigi kept her eyes on the doors.

Justin bit his bottom lip as he stared at Gigi. Gigi shook her head before grabbing his hand. "Don't worry your girlfriend doesn't have to know." She whispered and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I'm sure she loves you too." She pulled away biting her lip.

The elevator door opened and Gigi walked ahead of Justin as they exit and went their seperate ways.


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