Chapter 1

"Oh, he's going to kill someone..."

"Gibbs, are you muttering to yourself?" Ana asked the portly man who had just entered the room. Gibbs looked up at her.

"Where be Jack?"

Ana sat up. "Oh no, you don't need to know that. Anything that's wrong, we can handle."

Gibbs looked at her fearfully. "You better come see for yourself if you think anyone can handle the Captain's anger when he finds this out."

Ana got up and followed him, becoming just as hesitant when she saw the reason for Gibbs' dismay.

"Yes, Jack is definitely going to kill someone. And mangle the rest of us."

"We should tell him now and get it over with."

"No, not now."

Gibbs frowned. "Why?"

"Because he's busy."

"Doing what?"

"See, luv? I told you this was a good idea."

"Okay, you win. I'm actually having a nice and relaxing time."

Jack kissed her shoulder from where he was sitting behind her. "I knew you would. Even if it makes you uncomfortable to talk to people."

Bridget chuckled at the memory. "That's because I'm naked. But seeing as you are too, I'm feeling more confident."

Jack peered over her shoulder to see her through the water. "Well, you definitely should be confident luv."

Bridget leaned her head back to rest on Jack as she felt his hands graze her arms as his arms were wrapped her around her. She closed her eyes. "It's so nice to be just us for a change."

"Aye," Jack agreed. "I've been trying to get around to this since we docked but the life of a Captain is a busy one."

"I've recently come to realise how true that is." Bridget said, her eyes still closed. "We've been here for three weeks and I've barely seen you. There are some days when I don't see you at all."

"I know luv, I'm sorry about that but Ching is very adamant about meetings."

"I know. No need to be sorry. It does mean I miss you a little but it also means stuff like this is so much better."

It was true. Jack and Bridget were currently sitting in the outside hot pool that occupied one of Mistress Ching's establishments. The were hidden by surrounding walls and plants and trees and in complete privacy. There were little tea candles floating around in the water and lamps to illuminate the night. Bridget was sitting with her back up against Jack's chest while his arms were wrapped around her. Jack hadn't told Bridget where he was taking her as he wanted it to be a surprise but she became hesitant when he handed her the silk robe to put on. But she hadn't seen Jack in three days so she was pretty much on board with whatever he wanted if only it meant she could spend time with him. Now she was glad she had, this little private cove was quite amazing.

"So," Jack asked. "What have you been up to while I've been gone?"

Bridget smiled. "Oh, not much. The crew and I invented a new game."

Jack chuckled. "Oh really? And what's that?"

"It's basically a drinking game where you split up into teams and someone gives a fact about themselves. The opposing team asks questions and have to determine whether it's true or not. Basically, we all have to lie to each other."

"And if you get caught out, you have to take a drink?"

Bridget smiled. "Aw, I thought you were savvier than that. Of course not. If you get caught out and the other team guess correctly, you have to fill up their mugs from your own bottle. First team to have empty bottles loses."

Jack laughed. "And how do you fare in this little game?"

"I'm quite good actually. I very rarely get caught out."

"Is that because some of the stuff you come out with is so absurd that it couldn't be true, only with you, the absurd happens on a daily basis?"

Bridget laughed. "I'm not that bad. And yes."

"So, have you all just stayed on the Pearl this entire time?"

Bridget raised an eyebrow. "Are you joking? Jack, Mistress Ching runs a brothel. The only person I see on a daily basis is Anamaria."

"Well, I promise that I'll try to be around more. I'm nearly finished me dealings and Ching invited us to stay a little while longer. Since you didn't really get to enjoy Singapore, I'll show you around Japan."

Bridget smiled. "Sounds good. It'll be nice to get out and meet the people and experience everything."

"You haven't even met anyone yet? But I saw you in Ching's tea house."

"Tea house?"

"It's a fancier way of saying brothel, it does serve tea though."

"I met some of Mistress Ching's women but oh, they don't like me."


"I think it may have something to do with you kissing me when you came upon me in there and ignoring them. I've heard some stories about you Sparrow."

Jack cringed. "Rumours, luv."

"Don't even try. I know you and I know that just like my absurdity, your rumours are more often than not, true." She smirked.

"Ah, but those girls would have tried to turn you against me if they were jealous. I'm not confirming anything."

"Well, lying or not, they do not like me. Actually, I've noticed a pattern. A lot of the women I've come into contact with since meeting you resent me. Is this going to be the case forever?"

"Not all of the women ever."

Bridget laughed. "I wouldn't care if it were all the women. Who needs them when I've got who I want right here with his arms wrapped around me?"

Bridget felt Jack turn her so she was still in his arms but facing him. He smiled at her. "Now, that's what I like to hear."

Jack kissed her longingly. He really did regret not being able to spend more time with her lately. He loved the fact that she was looking at things in a more positive light after everything she'd been through. She could have hidden away but once again, she didn't. It wasn't like when they went to Tia Dalma's for the first time and she got mad because he and Tia had a history. She was focusing more on the fact that she had Jack to herself forever now as opposed to focusing on how those women might have had him for a night or two in the past.

The two parted and Bridget started playing with the braids on his beard, her eyes on them also. "So," She asked, trying to sound casual. "Are you free for the entire night or do you have to get back at some point?" She looked up to his eyes.

Jack smirked. "I'll have to wait and see which option is more fruitful."

Bridget pretended to pout and floated away from Jack. "You'll have to wait and see? I already have no clothes on. If that's not enough for you..."

Jack swam over to her quickly and grabbed her tightly. "Oh, it is more than enough. But..."

"But what?"

"Take your hair down."

Bridget smirked. "You don't like my hair up?"

"Well, it does have its advantages, like making it easier to get to your neck." Jack started planting kisses on her neck and Bridget closed her eyes at the feeling.

Jack took the clip out of her hair, letting it fall down in its thick curls and some of it into the water. "But I also want to be able to run me hands through it." Jack did so, stopping at the nape of her neck where his hands stayed as his lips went back to her neck. She inclined her neck back slightly to give him better access and one of Jack's hands went to her back, the other staying at her neck.



"No, Jack."

"Oh, what?" Jack looked at her, realising that she was actually just talking to him.

"Can you hear that?"

Jack stayed silent and pressed her closer to him. He could hear whispering and he definitely did not want anyone but him seeing Bridget right now. Jack relaxed when he heard a soft giggle from outside the walls.

Bridget sighed. "They've been trying to get onto the ship since we got here."

Hidemi and Hina. The playful twins that couldn't grasp the fact that Jack was only with one woman now. Either they couldn't grasp it or they didn't want to. But either way, they'd be trying to get at him since the Pearl had docked. Bridget couldn't even be annoyed anymore; they genuinely didn't seem to see anything wrong with it. They were also actually really nice to her. They just thought that it was a case of Jack having Bridget and them. They'd even named Bridget, calling her Erina instead of her own name. But tonight, tonight it was annoying. Tonight it was only supposed to be Bridget and Jack. Why did they have to come and ruin that?

"I'll go get rid of them." Jack said but Bridget stopped him. She looked him up and down with a raised eyebrow. "I'll get dressed first."

Bridget let him go and Jack swam over to where his discarded clothes were, putting on his pants and shirt before following the whispering out of sight.

Bridget looked around. Not including mischievous twins trying to get in, the place really was secluded. Bridget didn't feel insecure here at all despite the fact that technically they were outside. Bridget submerged herself under the water fully and came back up, smoothing her now wet hair back.

"Well, if I had to wait and see, I've definitely seen enough after that."

Bridget opened her eyes and saw Jack smirking at her from where he was standing at the side of the pool.

"So, does that mean you're going to join me?" She smirked.

"I don't know. I quite like the view from here."

Bridget smiled. "Did you get rid of them?"

Jack sat on the edge of the pool, his feet hanging in the water. "I did indeed. I just had to threaten them with Ching and they ran. Took all of five seconds."

Bridget floated over to him, crossing her arms over his thighs. "Well done. Now, I'm getting quite cold in here all by my lonesome so are you getting in?"

Jack smirked. "You look like a mermaid seducing a sailor."

Bridget smiled. "I'm sure they always succeed at seducing their sailors." Bridget unfolded her arms and travelled up to clasp Jack's hands with hers. "Whether the sailors like it or not." With that, Bridget kicked against the wall and Jack was sent into the water, clothes and all. Jack emerged from the water and looked at her. She smirked and wrapped her arms around his neck. "You made me do it Sparrow."

"Oh? And how's that?"

"You were being a tease."

"I am no tease luv."

"Yes you are. You're even still wearing your clothes."

"You dragged me in here with them."

"Don't split hairs tease."


"Love you."

Jack chuckled. "You better."


"Love you too."

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