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Here's Chapter 72!

"You can't leave. I'm not letting you. Anywhere you go, I'm going too. I'm not leaving you Jack. If you walk into that sea, I'm walking in after you. You walk to the top of a cliff and jump; I'm jumping right after you. Wherever you go, I'm going to be there too. You're stuck with me whether you like it or not because I can't leave you."

Jack sighed. He couldn't face sitting in that chair again so he had walked to the bed and lay down next to her, on his side and putting his arm gingerly around her, his forehead touching hers. "What happened to that promise, luv?"

Of course, he'd made his own promises.

"Bridget, you have to remember that if Nelson ever got out of that brig, you'd be the first person he'd look for. He's like your very own little Barbossa. I feel it's my job to incapacitate him because I am going to protect you no matter what."

"Hmmm, I couldn't even do that. He kidnapped you and you shot him. And what did I do? I got shot. Fat lot of help that did. And now, look at you. I always swore I'd protect you. Just like I swore I'd be a great Captain. And then me ship was stolen. Now you've been taken away from me. I've barely had you. A year. That's all. One year. That's all I got with you."

Jack's thoughts went back to that year ago. When they first met.

"Don't worry, luv. I'm not going to hurt ye'. I got lost."

"How could you get lost? Shouldn't you be in the ballroom?"

Jack smirked. "Okay, not the most romantic of meetings..."

"And what may I ask is the name of a vision such as yourself?"


"It's lovely to meet you, Miss Bridget. A pretty name for such a pretty girl. May I ask as to why you are up here on your own as opposed to downstairs enjoying the ball?"

"The ball? Oh, I take no joy from balls. I...I find them quite tedious actually."

Jack smiled. Little liar.

Not that he was completely innocent. He had been lying too. And trying to seduce her. He was so lucky his charms didn't work on her straight away. He was so lucky that Walter Savage was found quicker than he could leave. He was so lucky that Bridget was a maid. He was so lucky that she offered to help him. She ended up doing so in more ways than Jack could ever have imagined.

"You're like me very own guardian angel."

"I am the furthest thing from an angel, Sparrow."

"Sorry luv but you were wrong. You're the closest thing to an angel ever to walk the earth. To ever walk into my life. To ever walk onto the Pearl."

He was so lucky he came back for her. Not that it seemed like it at the time with her hating him. Until that night...

"Do you like me yet? I'm bringing you on the Pearl whether or which but just thought I should ask."

"I like you."

"I love you."

"You just said you loved me."

"I do. I love you. I am openly admitting it. Pride be damned. Actually I would think it would make me more of a man to admit I love a woman, I mean it's..."

"I love you."

"I know. But I wouldn't mind hearing it again."

"I love you."

Jack couldn't help but smile at the memory. He couldn't believe he'd said it first but of course he had. He loved her more than anything in this world. And while he was completely lucky to fall in love with her, Bridget was anything but when he walked into her life.

The curse.

That damn curse.

It nearly ruined them so many times.

"Hmmm." Jack said. "Nearly, luv."

"I don't want to hear an apology or a new plan and I definitely don't want to hear a choice. I'm staying here with you. I don't care about the curse."

"I didn't deserve you luv. I never deserved you. I can't believe you stayed after some of the things I did. Some of the things I said."

"I don't want you here. What do I have to do to make you see that? Tell you I don't love you? Fine, I don't. I want you gone. "

Jack closed his eyes tightly at the moment. He hated himself so much for that.

"Thank God you know me well enough to know that wasn't me. That I could never say that myself. Thank God you knew how much I love you." Jack faltered. "Except when you couldn't."

"I lost my ship because of you! I lost everything because of you! Because I have to care so damn much! If I had never walked into that mansion, had never walked in on you then I would be in my ship and everything would be fine! But no, you came into my life and since then...Since then it's been nothing but...Curses and Pirate Lords turning against me and...If you weren't in my life, I'd have gotten my ship and Barbossa would not have come back onto it, I'd have never had to go to Singapore and face Sao Feng, I'd have never had to go to Japan and I never would have had to go through getting a son only to lose him again. I wouldn't have had to turn Robins into an enemy and then kill him, leaving me with a deadly map I had no clue about and a crewmember who gave Lyons every single detail about us because he had a vendetta seeing as I killed his Captain for you, I never would have had to go through half the things this year that nearly killed me if...I would have been better off if I hadn't walked into that room."

"I was praying you knew it was an act. But how could you? I hated saying those things. I hated hurting you so much because I love you so much. Even if I was bloody useless at showing it sometimes."

"Do you care about me? You're staying silent because either your answer is a no or because you don't want to admit it."

"I don't want to admit it."

"If you really cared, your pride wouldn't matter."

"You wouldn't admit it. You won't."

"I have admitted it."

Jack sighed. "I could be quite the fool, couldn't I luv? Though you never hesitated to call me out on it."

"No! What I know is that I was alone and scared and I needed you and you weren't there! And when you were, you made me feel worthless! People in love do not do that to each other! I could never have done that to you! Even if I had to. I could have never done it. And you did."

"Huh, it seems me plans to help you never really went that well at times."

"I'm not a victim, Sparrow! I don't feel sorry for myself and I don't like it when someone else does!"

"Why would I feel sorry for you luv? You're the strong one. You were always the strong one. Always kept me in line."

"You know I trust you, don't you?"


"You know that I know you wouldn't hurt me, right?"


"And you know that if I catch you up to anything with that woman, you'll regret ever giving me a sword, okay?"

Jack chuckled. "Could never stay mad at me for long though, could you?"

"Do you completely hate me now?"

"No I don't hate you. I love you. I'm just annoyed with your witchy women. And annoyed at you. If we're being honest."

"Just sort of mad." Jack chuckled. "Something I could never do. I could never stay mad at you, no matter how much I wanted to, no matter what you did. There was always a voice in the back of me head telling me you had a good reason." Jack smirked. "There was always your voice telling me there was a good reason. You could make me falter with one kiss. You always had an answer. You always got out of it."

"I'm alive, I'm safe, you want me in the pirate lifestyle? Sometimes that's the best you're going to be able to hope for and you're going to have to be grateful when you can say I'm safe."

Jack closed his eyes in pain. "I can't say that now, can I? What best can I hope for now? Hmm? Bridget? What is there to be grateful for now? That you're hurt? That I failed to protect you after saying so many times that that's all I was going to do? I put you into the pirate lifestyle alright. And I got you stuck like this. This is the best I could hope for?"

"Bridget, I would go to hell and back if it meant you were safe. You are the one person I would die for."

"Hell and back. If there was a way luv..."

Jack closed his eyes. There had to be some way he could save her. There was a way to do everything, a way to achieve anything. Nothing was impossible for Jack Sparrow. He wanted something, he went for it. He wanted to save her. He needed to save her. He'd promised.

"Your life is going to be whatever life you want because I am going to make sure of it."

"I am going to make sure of it luv. I swear. This isn't anything. This, this we'll get through. You'll wake up, somehow, you'll get better and these few days will be forgotten. We'll move on and never speak of this again. It'll be nothing but a scar, Bridget. Another scar. Another story. Another part of your body for me to love."

"You listen to me, you're mine. I know it and you know it. I'm possessive with you because I can be, not to keep you from straying to other men. I don't worry about you doing that because like I said, you're mine. And no one else's."

"How is it fair that you can be possessive but I can't be?"

"I never said I was a fair man luv. When it comes to you, I'm not."

"I wasn't a fair man when it came to you, you know. You got away with things no one else ever would have. I didn't care about anyone else when it came to you. You filled me senses and I didn't care what else happened. The world could be falling down around me but if you wanted me attention, you'd have it."

"But these bad things happen because I'm here. If I weren't here, no one would be in danger."

"Except for you and the thought of you being in danger and me not being able to help you is a thought that I don't even plan on considering. I'm also not considering the fact that you should be anywhere away from me."

"I don't plan on considering it. I'm not considering it. Bridget, we've beat a lot of enemies before and we'll do it again. Because you're the most important thing in me life and I'm not letting you go."

"You are the most important thing in my life. That's all I'm thinking. I still have you. I'll always have you."

"You will. I don't care if I lose everything now. I just need you. I love you."

Jack remembered when he realised that they'd be okay after losing Koji. And it was just hearing her laugh that convinced him.

"You should always be laughing. And smiling. And happy."

"We're going to be okay, aren't we?"

"Of course we are. This isn't going to hurt forever."

"Are you sure about that?"

"No. But we'll be okay. I know we will. We've proved it before and we'll prove it again that we're stronger than all that."

"I hope you're right."

"Trust me."

"I do."

"We were going to have our own family luv. We proved we could do it. We proved that we worked. I know there's been...difficulties but it doesn't matter. If it's just us, that's perfect. Because I don't need anyone but you."



"You're staying with me forever, aren't you?"

"Of course."

"No matter what? What I do...or don't do?"


"You're happy with things?"


"And you're in want for nothing?"

"I want to know what's brought this on."

"Nothing. I just want to make sure you're always happy."

"I am."

"Then so am I."

"From the first time I met you, I wanted to make sure you were always happy. No matter what."

"I'll tell you what luv, when I get back me ship, I'll bring you aboard and make you a pirate."

"Okay, Jack, sure you will."

"No, no, no, no, luv! I'm serious! I'll make you a fearsome lady pirate, the likes of which grown men will shudder at!"

"I look forward to it, Jack."

"Should have believed me then and there luv. Things might have been so much easier."

"Aye, but we'll go anywhere you want. We can sail the entire ocean without a care in the world. Complete and utter freedom."

"It does sound nice."

"It is indeed, luv."

"You didn't get to experience it enough luv. I didn't get to experience enough of you. I was going to keep you around me forever."

"Truthfully Captain though, do you think you'll keep this one around?"

"The one I took on me ship, share me cabin with, took a man hostage for, brought a voodoo priestess and me sworn enemy aboard me ship to help her, went to Singapore for and decided to raise a child with? No, not at all."

"We went through some times didn't we luv? Some terrible things. Some great things. But I always had fun with you."

"I would think you'd enjoy the company of a woman who won't just swoon at you, Sparrow."

Jack sighed. "I did luv. More than anything."

From when he walked into that bedroom in Harrison's mansion to right now and for God only knew how long, Jack's thoughts were and would be of Bridget. He was in love with her.

"You do have a beautiful necklace. A claddagh, if I'm not mistaken."

"How did you know that?"

"I am a Captain, luv. I've been all over the world and learned a few things. Like for instance, the hands on your necklace symbolise friendship, the crown symbolises loyalty and the heart symbolises love. The pendant is usually found on rings though. Facing away from the body when the person wearing is unattached and facing to them when they've found love."

Jack remembered the radiant smile she had given him when he said this. The sheer delight in her eyes.

And then there was the ring...

"I couldn't get you your necklace back and I don't expect this to replace the memory of your mother but I hope it shows you how much I value you, especially our dedication to each other, our trust and loyalty and definitely, our love for each other. I gave it to you so everyone knows that you belong to someone and that very lucky someone is me. It's yours as a sign of my commitment to you."

"I love you. Thank you. I swear it'll never leave my finger."

Jack got up and paced. He felt like he was going through torture. All these memories of her loving him, him loving her, unfulfilled promises, questions, what could have been, hopefully what would be, their fights, the times where nothing was tearing them apart, their kisses, the nights they spent together, all these memories were killing him as much as seeing her in that bed.

"I can't do this anymore Bridget. I'm sorry. I can't. I can't sit here and watch you. I need to do something. But what? I need to think of a plan. I always have a plan. Why can't I have one now? Why is this the hardest thing I've ever had to beat? Why can't you be here to help me? Why couldn't you keep your promise?" Jack's strength left him as he collapsed back into the chair. His voice was completely weak. "Why couldn't I keep mine?"

"Bridget, I promise you, I'm not going anywhere away from you. We're going to end each day together and fall asleep next to each other every night and I mean every night. I'm not leaving and neither are you. Okay?"

Jack's attention was taken when Tia walked into the room. He sat up.

"What do you want?"

"Jack Sparrow is mad at me. I cannot have dat."

Jack's hope came back. "You're going to..."

"I cannot do anyting, Jack Sparrow!" Tia said, exasperated. "I cannot explain it anymore. I cannot save every life."

"Every life? No! Bridget's!"

"I just need you to understand dat..."

Jack got up and walked over to her. "Wake her up. Just..." Jack sighed, completely given up. "Just wake her up."


"I'll give you what you want!" Jack said desperately. "I'll get the Pirate Lords to give up their pieces of eight. You can have mine right now. You'll be free. I don't care what I have to do. Just wake her up."


Jack froze. Was he hearing things or did she really just say his name? He turned slowly and saw that though her eyes were closed, Bridget's eyebrows were furrowed and she was moving slightly. Jack ran over to the side of the bed and took her hand.


Jack felt as her hand, instead of staying limp as it had for the few days previous, grasped his. She opened her eyes slightly and looked up at him. Jack smiled down at her, never feeling so happy in all of his life.

"Jack? What happened? How am I...?"

Jack kissed her. "It wasn't our end."

Bridget looked up at him with a look that Jack could only describe as hope.

"It's not?"

"You're safe now." He said as he ran his hand over her hair. "You're safe."

Jack didn't even notice that Tia was gone. All of his attention was on Bridget.

"I feel...sore." Bridget said.

"I know, luv." Jack said. "But you're not going to be for much longer. I'm going to make you better. You'll be okay in no time."

Bridget smiled weakly. "I love you."

Jack closed his eyes. He thought he'd never be hearing that again. "I love you, Bridget." Jack opened his eyes. "Who did this?"

Bridget looked away trying to remember.

Jack saw recognition dawn on her face. She closed her eyes in agony.

Jack panicked. "Bridget, it's okay. I know it's painful. Terrifying."

Bridget opened her eyes and looked at him with a pained expression.

Jack frowned. "Bridget?"

Tears flowed from Bridget's eyes. "I can't remember. I remember everything so clearly. But the face...I can't see it."

Jack caught her hand. "Bridget, that's okay. We'll find out, don't worry."

"I need to remember!" Bridget sobbed.

Jack went and lay on the bed with her, being very careful with her. Her wound was still fresh. "Bridget, it's okay."

Bridget closed her eyes.

Jack continued whispering soothing words into her ears.

"It's all going to be okay."

Tia walked out of the cabin and was met by Teague on the deck.

"What did you do?"

"I gave dem de chance to say goodbye."

Teague frowned. "Goodbye?"

Tia looked back at him before she walked down below deck.

"Bridget is still leaving. But dey can spend dere last few hours together in happiness."

"Do they know that they only have a few hours?"

Tia turned and walked below deck without a word.

Teague shook his head and walked to the cabin. He couldn't leave Jack be blindsided like this. But he was stopped in his tracks when Jack walked out of the cabin himself.


Jack looked at his father. "She's awake. Tia did it. She's going to be fine."


"But she doesn't remember. She can't remember who did it. I need to ask Tia why..."

"Jack." His father said, cutting him off. He looked at his son and saw something he hadn't seen in Jack too long. It made Teague stop too. He had to tell Jack that all this wasn't real. He had to tell Jack...something. "Look, the reason Bridget don't remember is because you're not supposed to know."

"What are you..."

"If nature had run its course, do you really think Bridget would have woken up to tell you?"

"I don't..."

"You're not supposed to know who did this to her so Bridget doesn't remember because she can't. Jack, the world has a lot of mysterious twists and turns and sometimes, little miracles happen. You don't question them." Teague said. "You need to stop depending on things to work out for you. You need to stop depending on Tia to make everything that shouldn't work, work. Don't go to her anymore. Go into your lass and spend as much time with her as you can."

Jack frowned. "As I can? What are you..."

"Jack, go into Bridget."

Jack wanted to ask every question running through his brain but instead he just turned and walked back into his cabin.

Teague looked after him with an expression filled with sadness.

Jack walked into his cabin but froze when he saw Bridget with her eyes closed and a pained expression on her face. He rushed over and sat down on his side of the bed, taking her hand and stroking her cheek with his other hand. "Bridget?"

Jack panicked when Bridget groaned in pain.

"Bridget? What's wrong?"

Bridget was still groaning in pain. "Jack..."

"Bridget, what's..."

Bridget opened her eyes and looked up at him, breathing deeply to assuage the pain. "I'm awake, Jack. That's all."

"What does that mean?" Jack asked, feeling frantic seeing as he had a fairly good idea.

Bridget was looking at him sadly and tried to sit up but had difficulty. Jack took her into his arms quickly so she didn't fall back and hurt herself more. As she sat up in Jack's arms, she let out a hiss.

"What?" Jack asked quickly. "What is it? Bridget?"

Bridget hand went over her stomach and when she took it away, her hand was covered in blood. Jack's eyes widened at the sight.

"No." He said. "That's supposed to be..." He looked up to her eyes to see her looking down at her wound in fear, her face pale. "Bridget, nothing is going to happen. I'm not going to let you leave me."

"Jack..." Jack felt her clutch to him tightly. "I don't want to leave you. I'm not ready to leave you."

"You are not leaving me." Jack said as his hand grasped her cheek. "I just got you back. I need to..."

Bridget looked up at him sadly and shook her head slightly. "Jack, don't."

Jack looked at her. "What?"

Bridget looked up at him, her face pale and her expression weak. Nothing could help them. Tia woke her up but she never healed her. Bridget was still dying, she was just conscious while she did it. Bridget realised that now. "Just...Just talk to me. Please."

Jack's heart broke. "Alright."

He took her into his arms properly and kissed her forehead as he felt his own eyes begin to tear. She laid her head on his shoulder. "You know," Jack said. "I heard this very interesting conversation between a pirate and a prostitute the other day. They were going on about a fearsome lady pirate with her dashing Captain, lot of hair."

Bridget chuckled weakly. "Oh?"

"Aye, the men were going on about the lady pirate's astonishing beauty. 'Oh, but I can't have her.' The pirate said."

"She belongs to Captain Sparrow..." Bridget finished. "Completely."

Jack held her closer, he was in absolute agony. "And then...the..."


Jack closed his eyes, grief stricken. "Bridget I need you to do me a favour."

"I'm not really up for doing favours at the moment Sparrow..." She joked.

"It's a simple one luv." Jack said. "Tell me who you belong to."

Bridget looked up into his eyes. "Jack..."

"Who do you belong to?"

Bridget looked at him sadly. "You, Jack Sparrow. Always. I love you."

Jack kissed her gently. "I love you."

He wanted to beg her not to leave him, wanted to make her feel guilty about leaving so she wouldn't but he couldn't do it to her. But he couldn't be strong either.

"I love you Bridget."

Bridget took a deep breath, something she seemed to need to do before every time she spoke. "I'm sorry, Jack."

Jack stroked her cheek. "Oh, shut up you fool, what are you sorry for?"

Bridget laughed weakly at the words. "For making you fall in love with the worst person possible..."


"And not regretting it at all. The only thing I regret is what's happening now because I don't know what will happen afterwards and you know how I always want to know everything."

"You do."

"So, you have to promise me that you'll realise that even though this didn't end how we wanted it to, while it did end, it gave us something amazing for a while and that means amazing things are still capable of happening for you."

Jack's breath caught. "I wouldn't be so sure..."

"And that instead of looking back on this with pain, you might one day, be able to just be thankful it happened and that you could move on."

"But I wo..."

"Promise me that, you have to. I have to know you'll be okay."


"Jack, please."

Jack kissed her. "I promise."

Bridget smiled weakly. "This is..."

"Don't say our end."

Bridget shook her head. Where could she possibly be going when her heaven was right here? She took Jack's face in her hand. "I am going to see you again. It's just a matter of time."

"Time lasts too long."

"Remember when I told you about how I used to look up at the stars and wondered if anyone was looking at the same star?"

Jack nodded. "Now I can't look at the stars without doing the same thing."

"Well," Bridget said before stopping and having to take a deep breath. "Well like you said, now you'll know there's someone looking at the same star as you. Every single night. And every night isn't going to be another night without each other. It's going to be one night closer to when we can see each other again."

Jack felt as his eyes got more painful.

"I'm really tired..." Bridget said.

Jack looked at her. "Not yet."

Bridget sighed. "When?"



"Sorry, luv."

Bridget couldn't be strong anymore. "I'm so scared. I don't want to leave. I don't want this to happen. I'm terrified."

Jack couldn't do this. He just couldn't.

"Jack? It's going to be okay, isn't it?"

Jack held her. "Of course luv. It's all plain sailing from here, nothing to be scared of. Remember what I told you? Fiddler's Green? Sounds like a grand old place."

"I don't want to..."

"I know luv, I know. Just remember that I love you. You..."

"Shh." Bridget said softly, closing her eyes. "That's the last thing I want to hear."

Jack felt the agony become physical pain. "I love you. Bridget, I love you. I lo..."

Jack saw her eyes become lifeless and her body went slack in his arms as she let out one last breath.

She was gone.

Jack closed his eyes as the tears came down and then kissed her forehead longingly, holding her close to him.


The End.