WTHIGO sequel


Captain's Log, Supplemental: It has been five months since our encounter with the Colonials and their robotic creations the Cylons. It was during that time we discovered a special FTL device that was able to fold space and allow ships to instantaneously arrive their destinations. Among other special technology that was discovered was the organic resin which the Cylons use to repair their ships.

It is able to somehow repair outer structural damage. However it is the FTL they use which is the most important discovery just in time. For some time many in Starfleet had feared an attack by the Romulans after the destruction of Vulcan. This FTL drive could give us the primary tactical advantage in the quadrant.

We have just received word that one of our Starbases along the Neutral Zone has been attacked. They are defending as best as they can but the Romulans have superior numbers and fire power. We have been ordered by Starfleet to take the Enterprise with strike force with each ship modified with the new FTL drives from combined efforts of both Cylon and Starfleet scientists. We can only hope with the new FTL will allow us to show the Romulans that Vulcan's destruction as not weakened us as much as they believe.


Kirk walked onto the bridge which was fully manned. He sat down on the command chair and turned to Spock.

"What's our status?"

Spock turned to him before speaking.

"Comm. Reports that three Constitution class ships along with an Antares class ship have been assigned. I must ask you, Captain, why did you ask for a ship of that class?"

Kirk smiled.

"First call all the captains and patch them through." Said Kirk.

Uhura nodded and opened a comm. channel.

"This is Enterprise; all Captains listen closely to the plan. As you know I asked for the Antares to join the mission to rescue Starbase 64 from Romulan attack. They will go ahead of us at full warp and emerge close enough for the Romulans to detect her. She will then turn to flee and hopefully the Romulans will their attention to stop her.

When the Antares sends out the signal we will use the FTL to jump in right on top of the Romulans. Since the Antares is cargo ship with no armed weapons it is not likely they will raise their shields. This all depends of the element of surprise. Good luck." Said Kirk.

"All ships acknowledge, Captain." Said Uhura.

"Good, let's go to work." Said Kirk.

The Antares moved forward and vanished into warp space.


Commander Liviana Charvanek smirked as she observed as the shields of the Federation station began to approach the red line. After a few months of observing how thin the Federation fleet had become the senate had ordered her to take a squadron of their newest vessels to capture one of their outposts and test just how weak the Federation had become.

"Commander, the shields are at twenty percent. Estimated time of shield collapse is five minutes." Said her first officer.

"Excellent, Centurion, prepare the boarding party and take as many prisoners as possible." Said Commander Charvanek.

Her Centurion nodded and turned back to the main view screen. Suddenly a beeping sound was heard.

"Commander, a Federation ship has entered the system."

Charvanek turned to him.

"Show me."

The view screen switched to show the small Federation was ship.

"It's a cargo ship, Commander, no weapons installed on her. It's turning around."

Charvanek mused that is was here to deliver supplies and had no idea about her attack. That brought a smirk to her face.

"Tell our ships to intercept it and prevent it from escaping. We shall see what supplies this station was supposed to receive."

"Yes, Commander."


Captain Ramart watched the view screen as three Romulan warbirds began to close in on his ship.

"We have just finished scanning, sir. I count ten warbirds surrounding the station. The station's weapon system is out; the Romulan ships aren't running with shields on. Looks like Captain Kirk was right." Said his XO.

"Good, send the signal and all data to the fleet. Move at full speed so we can thin out their group." Said Ramart.

"Aye sir."

The Antares moved at full speed with three Romulan ships closing in with their weapons armed.


"The Antares has sent out the signal and given us sufficient FTL coordinates." Said Spock.

"Good. Send it out to the fleet and let's get underway." Said Kirk.

"Aye sir." Said Uhura.

"Weapons and shields are online and deflector dish charging." Said Chekov.

"Coordinates locked." Said Spock.

"All ships acknowledge." Said Uhura.

"Begin countdown to FTL jump." Said Kirk.

"Jump in 3, 2, 1." Said Sulu.

All Federation ships vanished in a flash of light.


Just as the Antares was in range of Romulan's weapon the USS Exeter emerged from its jump just above the Federation cargo ship. The Romulans were shocked and that gave the Exeter the time it needed to fire three photon torpedoes at the incoming Birds of Prey. All three pursuing ships ignited into three small super novas. At the same three more Federation ships emerged from their jumps and opened fire on the Romulan fleet.

The Romulans were still in shock and that was what cost them nearly half the fleet. Phasers and photon torpedoes destroyed another surprised Warbird by the time the shock wore off. Frantically the Romulans quickly fired back to fend off the attackers but the Federation ships were already taking their fleet down fast and hard. The USS Constitution fired two torpedoes that struck a Warbird hard and sent it tumbling through space before exploding into a massive fire ball.

"Direct hit, Captain." Said Lieutenant Gary Mitchell.

"Good, bring us about and target the nearest Romulan." Said Captain Darien Page.

The Constitution turned around and moved to intercept the nearest Romulan ship. Two Warbirds formed up and flew straight at her. The front shields glowed bright as the ship shook from the assault. The Constitution fired her phasers that slammed into the right warbird's shields before three photon torpedoes fired and destroyed it. The Warbird on the left fired a plasma torpedo that hit the ship's shields head on.

The ship was hit hard as the bulkheads groaned.

"Return fire!"

Lieutenant Mitchell increased power to the phasers by taking it from the thrusters and nearly overloading them. The Warbird was sent spinning as phasers slammed into its shields hard.

"Torpedoes locked. Firing."

Five torpedoes shot out of the ship's neck and slammed into the warbird. The ship exploded at few second later unable to take the attacks any longer.

"Two incoming Warbirds. They've locked disruptors on us." Said Lieutenant Mitchell.

"Full power to shields and lock phasers on the nearest warbird." Said Captain Page.


"Where did they come from?!" demanded Commander Charvanek.

"Unknown, Commander, there was some sort of space time distortion just before they appeared."

The ship was rocked as a Federation ship fired on it.

"Full power to weapons. Fire!" shouted Charvanek.

The Romulan ship fired her disruptors just as the Federation ships fired her phasers and three torpedoes that dissolved her ship's shields.

"Engage the cloaking device! Full retreat!" shouted Charvanek.

She needed to make a full report to the Senate about the Federation's new technology.


"Romulan ships are cloaking. The fleet reports that seven of their ships were destroyed. It appears the FTL drive caught Romulans completely off guard." Said Spock.

"And they have been pushed back for now. Contact Sickbay and tell them to start sending medical over to the Starbase." Said Kirk.

"Aye sir."


"Well done, Jim. You'll be pleased to know that Starfleet has decided to modify all of our ships with FTL drives. It could well revolutionize everything for exploration and military agendas. The Cylons have settled in on their new home planet and we have scientists working with them on their resurrection technology. "Said Pike on the monitor in Kirk's cabin.

"Great but when word gets about the new drives we might have the Klingons and the Romulans working to build or steal an FTL drive for themselves. And I heard that the Colonials have been building up their fleet and spreading through the Cyrannus Sector and they have outposts on the outer regions of the Prolmar Sector." Said Kirk.

"True but Starfleet has not done anything about it and they are not worried because the Colonials are still ten thousand light years away from any of the major powers. In the meantime we are working to make use of the Cylon Raiders and we are building our own version of the Vipers. Despite being primitive both the designs of the Cylons and the Colonial's ships are impressive and if we built them with the technological edge we have it would be extremely useful." Said Pike.

"What exactly is it you have in mind?" asked Kirk.

"Well, the basic design of the Battlestar and the Basestar is something that I believe can fit very well into the fleet. Their point defence capability armed with phasers, combined with the main weapons could give us a lot of fire power. Both ships would be extremely useful in patrols along the Neutral Zone along with front line repair capabilities." Said Pike.

"And the Vipers and Raiders?" asked Kirk.

"The designs for these fighters themselves make them excellent fighters. Combined with the Battlestars and Basestars we would be able to make any Klingons, Romulans, or Orions think twice about attacking us. They would make perfect system defence ships. We could build the fighters with miniature shields, phasers, and a small torpedo launcher.

If they attack in large numbers combined with our fleet we would gain the advantage." Said Pike.

"In the meantime we know that the Romulans will back off once the survivors in their attack fleet make their report. We have to show them that we are not going to take this without letting them off the hook." Said Kirk.

"What do you propose, Jim?" asked Pike.

"We have the location of Romulus. I propose we use the FTL drive and jump into orbit and take out their defensive stations before they have a chance and broadcast a message threatening their home planet if they decide to mount an invasion or another attack." Said Kirk.

"That's a pretty crazy suggestion, Jim." Said Pike.

"I know but the Romulans only ever backed down when their home planet was threatened. We show them we mean business and they might back off." Said Kirk.

Pike was silent for a moment.

"All right. I'll talk it over with the other Admirals first and see if they approve. Pike out."

The image of Admiral Pike switched to the Starfleet logo.


Romulus, the Romulan homeworld and capital planet of the Romulan Star Empire. The Capital City of the Romulan Star Empire was located on Romulus where the Hall of State was situated. The Imperial Romulan Senate met there in the Senate Chamber. The Romulan Senate chamber is a large, circular room located within the capitol building of the capital city on Romulus.

It is within this grandiose building that the senate of the Romulan Star Empire convenes. Within the chamber, there is a large statue of the Imperial Symbol over the main entrance to the room. The symbol is a Bird of Prey holding the two planets of the Romulan system, Romulus and Remus. Today the senate had called for an emergency meeting.

The main body of the Senate sat in three rows near the entrance of the room. The Praetor and the Continuing Committee sat on the other side of the chamber. The floor in the center of the room had a map of the Empire that also shows the Neutral Zone, this area is used for anyone wishing to address the Senate. On the wall opposite the main entrance there was a large display screen where the Senate can review information or communicate with anyone outside the Senate Chamber.

"Bring forth Commander Charvanek." Spoke the Praetor.

The Romulan commander stepped into room and stood at the very center flanked by two body guards.

"Commander Charvanek, you have been called forth to explain the events of the failed attack on the Federation Starbase." Said the Praetor.

"As ordered I personally led the attack on one of the Federation Starbases residing along the borders of the Neutral Zone in order to test the strength of the Federation after the loss of Vulcan. In the opening attack we had assumed complete tactical surprise. Our weapons were weakening the station's shields and it was only a matter of time before they would fall and we would be able to beam boarding parties aboard and get as much information as we could from the database. A Federation cargo ship arrived and as soon it saw what was happening it turned and to retreat back into warp space.

I ordered the ship destroyed but suddenly a Federation starship suddenly appeared in a flash of light." Said Charvanek.

"It emerged from warp space?" asked a Senator.

"No. The scans showed no warp signature as it appeared. The scans only detected some kind of space time distortion as the ship appeared. Three more Federation ships all appeared the same way and using the complete element of surprise attack our fleet before we could react.

Half of our warbirds were destroyed in the attack and I was forced to call a full retreat." Said Charvanek.

"I now direct all your attention to the view screen to see what had happened." Said one of her guards.

The view screen switched and played a recording of the attack, the cargo ship, and how the Federation ships had appeared so suddenly and attacked the surprised Romulan ships.

"Have any of your scientists been able theorize what this new piece of technology is?" asked another senator.

"Yes. They have a theory that the Federation ships were some able to fold space, allowing them to travel instantaneously from one place to another." Said Commander Charvanek.

The senate suddenly went into an uproar and was instantly silenced when the Praetor opened his staff to reveal four very sharp spikes. The senators calmed as the Praetor addressed Commander Charvanek.

"How could the Federation manage to create that kind of technology? We had experimented with this method of travel before and it was deemed too dangerous." Said the Praetor.

"We should also consider that the Federation now has the power to mount an invasion of Romulus itself. With this new method of travel the Federation could a strike force to Romulus before we can do anything and attack the empire at its very heart." Said Charvanek.

"She speaks the truth, Praetor. If the Federation does indeed now posses the ability for point to point travel that means they would now have the primary tactical advantage in the quadrant. Not even the might of the Romulan and Klingon Empires would be able to stop them. They could just send their ships into orbit around Romulus and Qo'nos and bombard them before either of us could mobilize a counter attack.

Thus crippling both of us." Said a senator.

Everyone in the senate chamber shared uneasy looks. What the senator said was true.

"We know the situation but the question is what we can do to ensure that does not happen?" asked a senator.

"I believe we should offer a formal apology to the Federation for the attack."

"That would make us look weak!" argued another senator.

"We should offer them a scapegoat. I believe we should off them the survivors of the failed attack as an apology."

Commander Charvanek did not even blink as the senator said this.

"Even if the Federation has a new drive that could give them the advantage they are still no match for our fleet. If we push for a full scale invasion now while they are celebrating their victory we could catch them off guard and learn the secrets to their new drive!" said a military commander.

Suddenly an alarm was sounded. A security guard ran into the room panting.

"Praetor! Nine Federation ships have appeared in orbit!"

Everyone's eyes widened.

"On screen!" said the Praetor.

The view screen switched to show nine ships clearly Federation ships in orbit around Romulus. The Federation ships open fired on the small defence satellites around the planet.

"Launch all ships to repel them!" shouted the Praetor.

Just as he said that the image was replaced by a human's face that was being broadcasted from one of the ships.

"Praetor, I am Captain James. T Kirk of the Federation starship Enterprise." Said Kirk.

"I do not care for your name, Captain! You dare to attack the capital of the Empire! You will not leave here alive!" shouted the Praetor.

"I am afraid you are mistaken. If a single shot is fired on my ship than the strike force will begin bombarding your planet before you can get a single warbird in the air." Said Kirk, smirking.

The Praetor gritted his teeth and sat down.

"What do you want, Captain?" asked the Praetor.

"Despite what it looks like I am not here to kill you or bombard this planet. What is going on here is that I am giving a warning." Said Kirk.

"A warning?" asked the Praetor.

"Yes. A warning that if the Romulan Empire violates the Neutral Zone again we will use our new FTL drives to send an entire fleet into your space and destroy every outpost, starbase, and ship you have and proceed to take the planets occupied by the empire before we bombard Romulus back into the Stone Age." Said Kirk.

The Praetor's eyes widened.

"Your bluffing." Said a senator.

Kirk glared at him.

"Am I? I have ships in orbit of Romulus just waiting for me to give the next order. Would you really call that a bluff?" asked Kirk.

The senator sat back down but half the Romulans threw defiant glares at the Captain.

"It's your move, Praetor. You can listen to us and halt anymore attacks you and the Senate have planned or you can go to war with us. We invite you to try and I should also mention that we'll put up a hell of a fight before we let you win. We are here because of you attacked us believing us to be weak from Nero's attack. Now you know that the reports of the Federation being crippled were greatly exaggerated." Said Kirk.

Kirk vanished from the screen and a few seconds later the Federation ships vanished in flashes of light just as Romulan ships began to move towards them. The Praetor sat down and sighed.


In orbit around Earth the Colonial Battlestars that were captured when they invaded Federation sat in the dry docks as Federation technicians moved back and forth, tearing out the old systems and replacing them with current up to date Federation technology. The crews on board these Battlestars had mostly evacuated in the remaining Raptors or Vipers but some were left behind until the Enterprise and her sister ships returned them to the Colonies five months ago.

They tore out the DRADIS, the primitive doors, the engines systems, and worked to install new systems. The new power systems were being powered by fusion reactors, the new engines would run matter/anti-matter reactions like Federation ships, shield generators were being installed on the front section, the aft section, and the two hanger bays due to their size. It was agreed that the Colonial Battlestars, while primitive had a good design that would benefit Starfleet. There were only five Battlestars that were salvageable after the fight but they would be put to good us.

The kinetic turrets were removed from the ships and replaced with phaser turrets on the front, aft, and sides. With these new modifications, including the inertial dampeners the Battlestars would be of great use. Not too far from the planet the Federation flagship herself along with three more of her sister ships and three just recently built Miranda class destroyers emerged from their jump and approached the planet. After the destruction of Vulcan Federation engineers had been working day and night to improve the planet's defences so they could avoid the close call with Nero and Narada and avoid risking what happened at Vulcan.

Earth along with the other founding planets of the Federation Tellar Prime and Andoria were now protected by a planetary energy shield along with newly improved surface weapons and updated defence satellites.


"Well, Jim you'll pleased to know that we have begun reinforcing the Neutral Zone and that the Romulans won't be calling our bluff." Said Pike to Jim and Spock in his officer.

"That's good. I was really hoping to avoid having to use force." Said Kirk.

"Vulcan scientists have arrived on the new Cylon homeworld to conduct research into the resurrection technology. They believe it could be of great use in rebuilding the Vulcan civilization as well as the Cylons. We are also studying their logic bomb. As you know logic bombs were theorized to be learning programs and not true AI's but the logic bomb created by the Cylons can act independently and deliberately toward a goal.

Against Colonial ships it could shut down an entire fleet in a matter of seconds but against us or any of the space faring species it would not be effective because it would not be able to understand such things as our language and the system would be too advanced. We believe we can upgrade it." Said Pike.

"That's good. If the virus can be used to shut down Klingon and Romulan ships than that's another advantage to add with the new FTL. It'll show them we're not going to take let them walk all over us." Said Kirk.

"In the meantime our probes in the Cyrannus sector gave us an update. The Colonials are working day and night to develop new technology to catch up with us. I think our visit scared them a lot." Said Pike.

"Welcome to the real world. I know a lot of people were scared when the bastard Nero nearly destroyed the Earth. We're pretty much doing the same thing, trying to come with new technologies to better defend ourselves." Said Kirk.

"Indeed. Despite the belief of our neighbours being evil and cruel it is merely a clash of cultures that are strange and different to each other. The Klingons disagree with us in the matters of peace and they disapprove of the Romulan's version of honor and the Romulans while wishing for reunification with Vulcan believe all other races are inferior and believe the Klingons are barbaric. The Cylons attempted genocide just as the Colonials did and we gave them political asylum. Despite fighting them none of these powers are necessarily evil." Said Spock.

"He's right about that." Said Kirk.

"In the meantime we have just bought ourselves time to get the fleet back together. In these times it's important that we all come together." Said Pike.

"You're worried about the Colonials." Said Spock.

"I'm worried their fear and distrust of other species might prompt them for a pre-emptive strike. They don't like us because we don't follow their ways, they know the Cylons are rebuilding themselves and they are afraid they will come back for revenge, and they are also afraid because we have shown them that they are not as mighty as they believe. They now know of other human worlds that they believe can be converted. Some of them will be curious to what is outside the Colonies." Said Pike.

"Then we might have a problem if they come across any civilizations that haven't achieved warp or worse one that has achieved FTL and more advanced than they are. Either they might be end hurting someone or themselves. "said Kirk.

"All we can do is keep an eye on them and hopefully they might calm down." Said Pike.

"And what if the Romulans or the Klingons learn about them? They might try to conquer them and get the FTL." Said Kirk.

"Then we will have to protect them. We can't allow them to be subjugated by any of them." Said Pike.

"Agreed." Said Spock.