The skies above the Twelve Colonies blazed with fire. Thousands of fighters that resembled gnats attack each other viciously with lasers and bullets erupted between the hundreds of fighters. Capital ships fired their laser turrets, rail guns, and nuclear missiles which lit the void of space. On the ground of planets man, women, or children reached to comfort each other as they watched explosions that resembled small stars before fading.

Any Colonial pilot that avoided certain death like when a laser flew past their cockpit released the breath they did not know they were holding and held onto their controls for dear life when the explosion hitting a Battlestar or support ship sent them flying. People were dying from either explosions, fires, or from slow suffocation in the vacuum of space. The Colonials were fighting and they were fighting hard. The enemy fleet suffered more damage than it would have thought against the Colonials.

However the sheer numbers and advanced weapons had pushed the Colonial fleet back into the Colonies, but the Colonials still had an advantage. Through the use of missile platforms, defence satellites, planet wide defence grids, and quick planning the enemy invading fleet soon found itself surrounded with the Colonials trying to defeat them through numbers and determination. Anti-fighter flank endlessly erupted from the remnants of the Colonial fleet. However the enemy fleet was gaining ground even it fought for every bit of ground.

"Admiral Corman, the second fleet has sustained heavy casualties has sustained heavy damage. They're pulling back." Said the DRADIS officer.

"The enemy fleet is pushing for Caprica and Picon. How much longer can we hold out?" asked Corman.

"We don't know, sir. The enemy fleet is advancing again."

"Gather all remnants to us and get us back in formation. We can't hold our ground if they catch us off balance." Said Corman.


The Galactica and the Enterprise appeared in flashes of light and their sensors picked up signs of battle.

"Admiral, sensors show wreckage, leaked fuel supplies and ammunition. The enemy fleet has pushed into the outer defences of the Colonies. And the inner defences are being pushed back." Said Gaeta.

"We are being hailed by the Enterprise." Said Dee.

"On screen." Adama commanded.

Instantly Captain Kirk and his bridge crew appeared on the main viewer.

"Admiral, it looks like we arrived just in time." Said Kirk.

"It looks like that." Said Adama.

"Since this is your system I think you should be the one who decides our tactics. You can take command of the fleet and we can cover you." Said Kirk.

Adama thought it over.

"All right. First we need to create a perimeter around the surviving fleet. We'll worry about pushing the enemy out after that." Said Adama.

"Understood." Said Kirk.

Adama turned and nodded at Gaeta who spoke into the comm system.

"Action Stations! Action Stations! Set Condition One throughout the ship. This is not a drill. Repeat, this is not a drill."

"Raise shields! Charge phaser banks!" barked Colonel Tigh.

In the weapon station the gunners immediately began imputing the commands through the weapons console.

"Shields are up and the phaser banks are charging."

Gaeta turned to Adama.

"All sections report the crew is at action stations." Said Gaeta.

"Very well." Said Adama.

Both ships now ready for battle headed at full speed into the war zone.


"Admiral, new DRADIS contact!" shouted the DRADIS officer.

"Reinforcements?" asked Corman with a hint of fear.

"No. It's something . . ."

"One of the ships is broadcasting on an open channel."

"This is Captain James T. Kirk of the Federation starship Enterprise. As of now this system and its inhabitants are under our protection. We have no quarrel with you but we request you leave this system. You have one minute to comply before we are forced to open fire."

Everyone was silent as they heard. Out in space Kara Thrace and Lee Adama almost lost their breath as they saw the Battlestar Galactica with the well known Federation starship. Both of them had worried over what happened to the ship and her crew. She had disappeared and returned with reinforcements.

The Enterprise moved at full speed with the Galactica behind her. The enemy deployed a large squadron of fighters that fired on the ship. However the shields simply shrugged off the attack and the Enterprise returned fire with an endless stream of pulse phasers that made short work of the attacking group. The enemy fleet turned to meet the new enemy head on.

"Mr. Sulu, coordinate our attack pattern with the Galactica." Said Kirk.

"Aye sir."

The Galactica came into firing range of several enemy cruisers and fired its front phaser banks. The phaser banks were the same type that were used on the Kelvin, even though they were outdated by Federation standards they were more than enough to punch a hole in the enemy ships. The blue proximity phasers fired on the smaller destroyers and fighters with the Enterprise weaving in and out of the line of fire attacking with her phasers. Kara shook her head and shouted into the radio.

"All fighters form up and move into assist."

The fighters formed up and flew with the remnants of the Colonial deciding to add their own two cents to the fight. The Vipers fired off their kinetic weapons on the fighters that flew out of the line of fire of the two new ships. Despite being heavily armoured the enemy fighters were destroyed with enough hits.

"Attention all remaining forces, concentrate all your fire on the nearest enemy ship." Said Corman.

The remaining Battlestars complied with the order and fired their guns on the nearest enemy ship that was distracted by the two advanced ships. Nuclear missile slammed into the armoured hull which caused damage even with the reinforced shields around the hull. Galactica fired her newly installed phasers on the two nearest enemy cruisers and took out the shields and weapon systems instantly. Proximity blasts slammed into the disabled ships and destroyed them in a few shots.

"Enemy vessels are pulling back and regrouping." Said Gaeta.

"What's our shield status?" asked Adama.

"Shields at 67 percent, sir." Reported the officer from the weapon station.

"Dee, put me through to the fleet." Said Adama.

"Yes, sir." Said Dee.

"Attention Colonial Fleet, this is Admiral William Adama. I have negotiated with the United Federation of Planets and they have agreed to offer assistance. You will reassemble the fleet and stay behind while we make a run on the enemy." Said Adama.

"The fleet acknowledges, Admiral." Said Dee.

"Helm, bring us into the largest concentration of enemy ships. Target weapon emitters, powers plants, and engine arrays." Said Adama.

"Yes, sir."

Galactica surged forward with the Enterprise moving beside her as a wingman. Pulse lasers and missiles slammed into the forward shields of both ships. The Enterprise shrugged off these attacks but the Galactica's shields weakened from the endless attacks due to the power generators straining to hold up under the attack. Her main long range phasers fired endless streams of orange light that slammed into escort ships, frigates, and destroyers that lasted for only a second.

The Enterprise took on the larger cruisers and disabled their weapon system instantly.

"Admiral, phaser power down to twenty percent. We need to recharge or the phasers will burn out."

"Enterprise is offering to cover us as we find a gap." Said Dee.

"Signal affirmative. Helm find us a gap, Dee when we do send coordinates to the Enterprise." Said Adama.

"Yes, sir."

The Enterprise continued to fire her phasers at the enemy ships.

"Sir, the enemy armada is in full retreat." Said Gaeta.

"Well done." Said Adama.


"Lt. Uhura, open a channel to the President." Said Kirk.

"Aye, sir." Said Uhura.

A few minutes later a voice was heard over the speakers.

"This is the President." Said the voice of Adar.

"President Adar, funny how we keep running into each other." Said Kirk smirking.

He was met with silence from the other side of the line.

"Captain Kirk."

"Admiral Adama and Miss Roslin came to us for a assistance. In fact she's aboard this ship and is waiting to speak with you." Said Kirk.

Roslin stepped forward.

"Hello, Mr. President. I believe we need to have a talk."


Needless to say the next few days were busy. Adar and the Quorum wanted Adama court-martialled for disobeying orders however enough people in the military stopped that from happening. In the meantime Roslin had called for a vote of no confidence in Adar's abilities as president. Nearly everyone agreed which Adar had desperately tried to prevent.

"Miss Roslin is asking for a Federation presence to be established here to help the Colonies while they rebuild and keep an eye just in case the invaders ever return. It looks she's the one who will be the next president." Said McCoy.

"Good. If anyone who can fix their government it's her." Said Kirk.

"I think we will be establishing closer ties in the future." Said McCoy.

"That's good. In the meantime let's head back to Federation space. We still have plenty of exploring to do." Said Kirk smiling.