He entered the study breathing hard, his hands in fists. He looked around the room as if he'd never been there before and finally decided to close the door behind him. Lost at what to do, he sat on the chair that, to be honest, he rarely used, trying to breath deep.

It was a feeling he could recognize but different to anything he'd ever felt before, all at the same time. It was the same coiling monster in his guts he'd felt when he'd been jealous of random guys looking at Hermione in a too personal way, but mixed with something that, though expected, was new.

Had to be, for this time the guy—a boy, really—didn't seem to be interested in his wife, but in Rose.

His Rose, his beautiful Rose.

And she'd looked back.

He opened eyes he hadn't realized he'd closed and reached for parchment, quill and ink. Yes, he was incredibly jealous, but had something to be very grateful for.

He wrote a few lines and, with a much lighter heart, folded the parchment in four and put it in his breast pocket.


Several months later, Rose came to her dad's bedside table to look for a little box he'd told her she'd find there. She rummaged through the clutter, marveling as she always did at the little details that reminded her how different her parents were and how even so they'd had found a balance from where to love each other.

Bills, quills, photographs, different containers and boxes, but no sign of what she was looking for. She didn't really mind; she'd always enjoyed looking into this drawer, thinking it some kind of quest in which she'd always find something great.

This time it came in the form of a battered bit of parchment. It had caught her attention immediately, so rare was to see this kind of stuff in between her dad's things. But the real surprise was when she'd read it.

Sept. 3rd, 2020

It finally happened. A git has appeared in my little girl's life.

It's terrible enough, but the hurt isn't quite as heartbreaking as I expected.

Doesn't mean I'll make it easy for the bloke.

After reading it a few times, she put the parchment back to the drawer and gave up on finding the little box she'd come to get. She went out of her parents' room directly to hers and laid on her bed.

The note had made something click in her. True, he hadn't made it easy, but it was only fair she tried to be as understanding of him as she asked him to be about her.

She promised herself that the next time her dad acted like a git, she'd think of those lines he'd written and remember he was only afraid she didn't love him as much as she did.

Thanks to missgranger2 for betaing this story, which was the first one I ever wrote for the fandom :)