From the moment the hospital doors opened, flashbulbs blinded anyone and everyone. All of Seto Kaiba's professional security personnel were on hand, keeping the press a safe distance from both them and the dragon. But that didn't stop reporters from trying to get an up close and personal look at the world's first Blue Eyes White Dragon egg. Questions flew in rapid succession.

"Mr. Kaiba, when will we be able to see the dragon?"

"Mr. Kaiba, are you hatching this dragon just to make it into an attraction, or do you actually plan to care for the beast?"

"Are you planning to step down as Kaiba Corporation president in order to raise the dragon? And who will be your successor?"

"Is it true that you underwent plastic surgery as well as having the dragon egg removed?"

"Mr. Kaiba, what do you have to say to those who still believe this is a massive hoax designed to sell more of your new advanced duel disk systems?"

"Enough." Seto addressed them sternly.

To Dr. Wu's surprise, they obeyed almost immediately. Pens pressed against paper, waiting for a statement. These, however, weren't exactly the questions he felt like answering.

"We're going home." He announced. "As you can see, I've had an exhausting couple of months. Therefore, I will answer any and all questions at a press conference in a couple of weeks, at which time…"

He paused, mid-sentence. Something in his lap moved.

"Time for what, Mr. Kaiba?" a couple of the journalists in the back started shouting.

"Mr. Kaiba?"

"Seto? Is something the matter?"

He didn't answer any of them. Instead, he just held the egg. It was shaking. It was hatching…

"The dragon…" Dr. Wu gasped.

It seemed all too apropos for the Blue Eyes White Dragon to be born this way, the center of attention in a carefully crafted media circus. 'Like father like son' quickly beget 'Like mother, like dragon.'

He cradled the egg as tiny cracks began to form around the top. An assassin could have leapt out in broad daylight, and he never would have known about it. He didn't notice anything – not the scramble of the journalists trying desperately to find a better vantage point, not the roar of the crowd, not even Mokuba or Dr. Wu hovering overhead. His focus was one place and one place alone, on his baby dragon.

The cracks grew larger, and after a couple of exhausting minutes, a tiny claw broke through the shell. It wrapped around the edge, trying to tear it even further. And then it cried. The shrill was reptilian, but high-pitched. It vaguely resembled the holographic design that Seto had programmed years ago, and because of that, it sounded remarkably unnatural. But to Seto, it was the most beautiful sound he'd ever heard.

"You need some help, don't you…" Seto cooed.

The dragon wailed again, perhaps in response.

He gently started to peel back the eggshell. Claws wrapped around fingers as the two worked together.

Dr. Wu was astonished how calmly maternal the CEO was. Everyone else was literally shaking with excitement as Seto finally pulled off a large piece of shell.

The dragon hid in the shell for a moment, getting accustomed to the light. But it wasn't long before it peeked its little head out. It looked up at Seto and cried. Somehow, it understood. It knew this was its mother, and it immediately felt safe, even in the middle of such a strange environment.

"Here you go. Here you go..."

Seto continued to pull apart the shell, assisting the dragon as it kicked and thrashed at the pieces.

The dragon stumbled into his lap, shaking off the rest of the shell. Seto instinctively rubbed its back. It cried, and snuggled close to Seto's chest in return.

"… wow…"

He glanced up at Dr. Wu.

"Can you tell if it's a boy or a girl?"

He and Lee were already studying the dragon as best they could.

"I think, sir." Lee answered. "I think it's a girl."

"Yes!!" Mokuba cheered.

"All right, Uncle Mokuba. You win." Seto smiled. "What are we going to name her?"

Mokuba stepped out to address the crowd. They all fell silent.

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I present, the world's first living Blue Eyes White Dragon… Kisara!!"

"Kisara?" Seto raised an eyebrow. That name was so bizarre, he wondered if Mokuba had gotten it from one of Yugi's ridiculous Egyptian fairy tales.

"You said I get to name her, big brother." Mokuba replied fiercely as he bent down to look at the dragon. He put his finger under the dragon's neck, and scratched it like one would a small dog. "Besides, I think she likes the name. You do like it. Don't you Kisara? Yes, Kisara… you do…"

He immediately regretted that.

Seto was too late to stop the baby dragon from snapping at him. Fortunately for Mokuba, she wasn't born with teeth. Unfortunately, her jaw still had the strength of a snapping turtle, and that meant he was very lucky to escape with his finger still partly attached.

"Mokuba!!" Seto shouted.

The boy screamed, and fell back against the hospital doors. The cameras zoomed in and the crowd began to roar again. Lee rushed him inside. Seto, meanwhile, closed the dragon's beak and turned its head towards him. If anyone could do that and live, it was Seto Kaiba.

"No. Kisara. We do not bite our family." He spoke softly, but sternly, to the dragon. Then he looked back at the horde that still huddled at the hospital steps. "We only bite our enemies, and reporters who don't know when to GO AWAY."

The dragon whimpered in return, and Seto released her.

He glanced at Dr. Wu, who only nodded as he turned the chair back around. The press would probably have a field day with that. The doctor waited until the hospital doors had closed before he spoke again.

In the midst of supervising the most difficult, most groundbreaking pregnancy in the history of mankind, he didn't even had time to consider what might happen if Seto actually made it through. If a developing egg was dangerous, a developing dragon was almost unfathomable. What just happened to Mokuba could easily happen to any of them… or worse…

"Mr. Kaiba, are you sure you want to go through with this?"

Seto looked down at the dragon in his lap. Kisara looked back up at him and whimpered.

"Of course. Never a doubt in my mind." Seto replied, cradling the little creature. It bit into his tie and latched onto it like a security blanket.

"Would you at least like me to have Isono fetch that binky?"

"…Shut up."