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"Okay class, after lunch we'll work on our times tables. Have fun," Ms. Delacroix said to us as she let us go eat. I grabbed my superman lunch box and ran out the door. I don't have many friends here but I'm okay with that.

I sat in my usual spot under an oak tree where a girl was sitting on the other side. She sat there with her knees pulled up against her, arms holding them and hiding her face. She was in my class. I don't know her name but I see her by herself a lot too. She didn't have a lunch again today. Why would her momma let her leave without her lunch?

I looked in my lunch and saw momma made everything in halves. I looked up at the girl from my class as she hugged her knees. Momma and Ms. Delacroix say it's always nice to share…

I closed the lid and got up to walk to her. Once I reached her, I sat down and opened my lunch box between us. She looked at me over her arms as she hid behind them.

I smiled at her. "I'm Jasper William Whitlock, Jr." I opened the package of cupcakes and offered her one.

She looked up at me a little from over her arms. Her eyes were big and blue, bluer than daddy's uniform. "I'm Mary Alice Brandon," she said softly.

Yay, I got her to talk. She was really quiet in class, so I was proud. "Want a cupcake Mar?" I asked her.

Her eyebrows met in the middle as she looked at the cupcake. "What's that?"

"Uh..." How does she not know what a cupcake is? "A baby chocolate cake with cream in the middle?" I tried to explain. "They're good I promise."

When she reached out to take to cupcake she made a noise and pulled back. "Okay...." she said softly.

I moved closer and put the cupcake in her hand. "Do you like chocolate?"

"I dunno..."

I looked around in my lunch box. Momma gave me my peanut butter and banana sandwich, orange slices and two juices. "What about.... peanut butter and bananas?" She smiled and nodded. Her smile is pretty.

I smiled back. "'Kay cause that one," I pointed to half of my sandwich, "is yours. Do you like oranges? I got lots of them too. Momma scolds me when I make orange teeth but my daddy laughs."

"Um," she said softly and I looked up to see her looking at her cupcake. "You don't have to..."

How did I make her sad? I don't want her sad.

"I'm sorry; I was just trying to be a friend."

"No one likes me," she said softly as she looked at the kids on the play ground. I frowned at them. What was so important about what they think?

I looked at her to see her looking at me so I smiled. "I like you."

Her face turned pink as she smiled a little, "Okay."

It was quiet while we ate our cupcakes. I kept looking over at her to see her lick the chocolate off her fingers. I think she liked it.

I bit my lip, wondering if she wanted to be friends. "Can I be your friend?"

She looked over at me and nodded as her face turned pink again. I smiled. I have a friend.

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