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Chapter 1: Leaving

The wind blow softly as the moon shined brightly, giving us light and shining us from the night darkness. From where I was standing I could see him just a few feet away from me, His pale skin shined breathtakingly in the moon's light.

"WAIT!!! Please don't leave me!" I cried badly running toward the boy that I love so much, the boy that was always with me when I needed him, I tried to reach to him and hug him and never let go… but was stop when he said...

"I'm sorry, but I have to do this, in order to be stronger, in order to kill him. I must leave." He said sadly looking up at me first then slowly turning away.

"But why?? I mean can't you stay and train here? There so many powerful people here that can help you train.

" …….. Yes I know that, but I need to be even more powerful then that…" he said

"Please… please… Don't leave me… Don't leave me all alone." I feel on the ground crying harder.

" I..I'm sorry Hinata… But just know this." He turned toward me again and slowly walked up to me and closing the gap between us.

"I am thankful of you Hinata, I want you to know that I am happy for all the time I was able to spend with you. You're the only one that helped me out when my family was killed. You showed me light when I was trapped in darkness. If I leave after I killed him, then know this that I well come back to you." He said trying hard not to cry

"B-But…. But… hai…" I couldn't say anything. I knew he had to do this, and that there was no way I could stop him.

"Thank you Hinata, and I promise you that after I come back from killing him, I will marry you and then we'll be together forever, so please promise that you will wait for me/" he asked looking into my eyes

" H-Hai, I promise, I'll wait forever for you." I said as tears started coming down my cheeks again.

He hugged me one more time, letting me feel his warmth again knowing that we'll both miss this warmth.

" Goodbye…. Hinata…." was all I heard him say before everything went blank.

" Wait!!!! Come back!!!!" I yelled.

" Come back!! Please… come back…."


"NO!! Come back!!!" I yelled, causing myself to wake up. Another dream… I just had another dream of that dreadful day. The only guy I have ever loved was leaving me.

Brushing away the thought, I slowly wiping the sweat that was coated on my face, I looked up at the clock to see that it was only 5:34. Sighing slowly, I got up from my warm bed and went to the restroom and got ready.

Walking out of the restroom to where my mirror was. I sat down on the chair and brushed my hair. My hair has grown longer and now it flows down my back freely. I like having long hair but sometime during my missions I would prefer my short hair because I could move more freely. Many say that I look so much like my mother since I've grown my hair out. Oh how I miss her. The house never felt the same way since she left. How the house would warm up when she smile, how father would smile and happily eat the food that she cooked, how the house would feel so cozy with her just being here. Now , without her smile the house feels colder than ever, how father eats less than he did before, and how the house feel so empty without her. I shook myself from thoughts of her before I start crying again.

I walked down the lonely hallway of the Hyuuga household. It is just so quiet around here that people would think that everyone's died or something. I walked past the training room where my sister and father were training. I stood there for a little while and watch them fight.

One year ago, my father announced to me that I was no longer the heiress. But I wasn't really shocked, I knew that they been planning it for a long time. I just never knew that they would take this long. Whenever I see my sister or father, I would always see them smirking with satisfaction, while other pity me for being weak. My father hated me for being weak, while my sister hated me for being born first.

Looking at Hanabi's fighting style right now, I sighed. No one knew this but I could easily beat her in fighting. I had been trained by the Hokage herself which made me more powerful then the simple teaching my father taught me before. Why I never showed it? Simple, I never liked the idea of being a leader and the stress that came after it, I like being free more.

"HINATA! Do you hear me talking to you?!" a voice came yelling at me

I turned to see my father looking mad at me while my sister smirking at me

"Y-yes father?" I said. I had lost my stuttering a long time ago. But it always come back with I least wanted it to.

Sighing, he looked at me with a harsh look. "Never mind, so why are you here? Aren't you support to be training? Even though you are no longer the Heiress, I will not have anyone weak in this family!" He said.

"Yes father, I was on my way to the training ground-." I didn't get to finish when an ANBU poofed out of nowhere.

"Hinata, the Hokage has summand you. "The masked ANBU said.

"Hai." Was all I said before he poofed and disappeared.

"I will take my leave now, father, Hanabi-….sama." that last word stung in my mouth.


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