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Chapter 13: Damn you, Hanabi

As they transport themselves to the front entry of the hospital, Hinata couldn't stop worrying. Yeah, her sister was always mean to her and her father always treated her badly, but that doesn't mean she want them to get hurt. Scared as she was for them, she tried not to show it, bit fail miserably. As they enter the hospital and was heading to Sasuke's room, she keeps on falling behind and spacing out.

When they got to the front door, before the Hokage was even able to open the door, The door swung open and there stood a half angry half sad Sasuke, but Hinata was the only one who knew that he was sad because on his face, He had a cold facial one and only his eyes show anger, yet a tad sad.

"I wonder why he's sad, is it because I didn't come back early enough? I did promise to come back today, which I did…" She wonders.

"You're late." Sasuke seem to answer her question as if he was able to read her mind or something.

"Ah, Gomen Sasuke. It seems we kept her up." The Hokage said

Growling he glare at Hiashi and Hanabi. He said "why are they here?" before walking back inside as the other follows in.

"Well, you see Sasuke, as you know I assign Hinata a mission to be your caretaker. Yet Hanabi here wants to do it." The Hokage said gesturing toward Hanabi, who had a light blush on her face. He looks disgusted at her before turning his head as he thought of one thing "Fan Girls".

"H-hello… Sasuke-Kun…" Hanabi said as she was staring him with dreamy eyes.

Snapping his head toward her, he spoke in a deadly voice, " Do. Not. Call. Me. That."

"You are not to speak to the future heiress like that." Hiashi spoke back with a deadly voice as well.

"I can speak to her however I want to, I can careless about your clan, beside to me, you all are fools to let this little weak girl become your leader, and with her your clan will fall." Sasuke said with a smirk

"Why you little tra-"before he could finish his sentence, Hinata cut in

"Umm, Hokage-sama, Father I think that it's a good idea if everyone leave beside I have to do a check up on Sasuke."

"Yes, I think that's a great idea, I don't want you two fighting here and hurt or disturb my patients. "The Hokage stated.

"No! I don't want to go. Beside I want to stay and help nee-san with the work." Hanabi said when what she really meant was." Please let me stay and bother nee-san and to get close with Sasuke-kun."

"Will, since today you are off of training, I think that it's okay. What do you think about this Hokage-sama?" Hiashi asked

"I guess so, but I have to warn all of you. If Hanabi does something inappropriate, then I cannot promise that she will be unharmed but the end of today. Oh, and I am only letting her stay with them today. If you are to ask me again, I will deny your request." The Hokage stated.

"Yes, Hokage-sama." Hanabi and Hiashi stated.

And with that Hiashi and the Hokage left.

"Ummm . Will since they left... Sasuke... let me check your health. And if everything goes well, I think that you will be able to leave here." Hinata said. As she reached for the clip board and gave him a check.

After an hour Hanabi yells "This is soo boreding!"

"Well, if it is soo boreding to you, then you can leave. No one wants you to be here anyway." Sasuke stated calmly not even looking at her.

"Urrrgg! Are you done yet Hinata?" she ask

"H-Hai, I'm done. We just have to w-wait till Sasuke gather all his cloths and then we can l-leave to an apartment the Hokage has set out for h-him." Hinata said as she gathers up all her material.

"Really?" Hanabi said brightly. "Here let me help with you that Sasuke-k-san."

"No, Thank you I can do it myself." Sasuke said not even bothering to hide how much he hated her.

After 20 minute, they finally reached his apartment. The three went in and saw that it was very nice and big. The apartment was on the 5th floor. And they could see a great view of the village. It was well furnished with everything the he needed.

"Wow, this apartment is very nice, who knew that the Hokage could be so nice as to get such a nice apartment for you Huh? Sasuke-san." Hanabi said

"hn" was all that he said. Though the truth was that he gave her money to buy whatever she though he needed for, that was why his apartment seem so homey... more homey then he really want it to be.

"W-Why don't w-we go and shop for s-some food for him, hmm? Hanabi?" Hinata ask

"Hmm, I've a better idea! Why don't you go by yourself and I'll stay here with Sasuke-san" Hanabi ask smiling at Sasuke.

"Or better yet, why don't you go and let Hinata stay? Hinata go and make a LONG list for her?" Sasuke stated

"What? But wh-" she started but didn't get to finish because Sasuke sent a dark glare at her.

"Go." He said darkly one last time.

"Fine!" she said and went over to get the list from Hinata. Not forgetting to slam the door on her way out.

"Thank goodness she lifts, or else I would have to kill her before this day end." Sasuke said as he pulls Hinata into him for a hug.

"Sasuke, I know you dislike her and everybody in my clan for treating me this way, but they are still my family, and I don't want anyone of them to get hurt. Beside, since you've been gone, you might not have known this, but Neji and I are really close now. He is more brotherly to me now. "Hinata said facing him with a big smile.

"Hmmm, since I am back now, and got the title of official traitor off my back, and got a nice apartment, when are you going to leave that stupid clan and come live with me? You've suffer long enough, Hina, its time you move one and away from them." Sasuke said to her

"I know I have to get away from them, but I have to make sure that I get Neji out of it to. I've been working on a way to remove the curse seal from him, and pretty soon I well be able to do it." Hinata said as she looks into his eyes.

"My, My, you've become so strong, my little Hina-Chan." He teases her

"Oh, stop it! Beside we both know who's the strongest in this room." She teases him back.

"Oh really now, your lucky you the only one I show this side of me, if other try to act like this to me, they would be 6 feet under the ground by now, my dear." He said with a smirk gracefully on his mouth.

"HAHAHAHA, well you should feel lucky to, because no one, not even Sensei get to see this side of me either!" she replies back daringly.

'Hahaha, we'll see" and with that he tackle her into the ground, and they both rolled around laughing, tackling and tickling each other. But their fun was ruin when they hear the front door opening, and in a flash they were standing again. Hinata with her face still red from the fun they had, and Sasuke…. Well he was back to being Sasuke, and all the coldness that come from holding the name Sasuke Uchiha. But in his mind he was thinking, "Damn you, Hanabi, for ruining our fun. I swear one day I'm going to get you back for all that you've done."

Authors Note: Sorry that I haven't been writing. Though it seems that all I've been doing is saying sorry, I would say sorry again, but that would defeat the purpose wont it? xD hahaha. Anyway here is a chapter that I promise a while ago, but didn't get a chance to complete. So for all you readers out there that's worry about me deleting or stopping this story, don't worry about it cuz I promise you, I well, one way, or another I well finish up with fanfic! So thanks for reading!