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Diamond Academy

Chapter 1- Welcome to the Academy

Karin hated her life, she just did. It was normal for her, a sixteen-year-old, to dislike times in her life but right now she hated her life because of what her father was making her do. He was making her go to Diamond Academy. Can you believe it! He was actually making her go to some rich snobby school for the rich and snobby not for regular people like her.

Karin sat in the passenger seat of the car. She had to spend her Saturday in a car no less. She could feel her suitcases bumping up and down behind her. She looked down at the brochure as if hoping it would burst into flames from her glare. But, unfortunately, it didn't.

She still couldn't believe she had to go. It wasn't even the fact that she would be surrounded by rich kids all day and night for two years but rather the fact she wouldn't be able to protect Yuzu for those two years. Yuzu was her other half, her yin. Now she had to leave her behind because of her father, who would let her go to an Academy that was across the country but wouldn't let her have a freakin' car of her own.

"Why do I have to go again?" asked Karin.

"Because it's a great opportunity" Isshin replied.

"Like I care about opportunities" grumbled Karin.

"You should" said Isshin. Karin rolled her eyes.

Soon, they were in front of the school. Karin began unpacking her stuff while Isshin went down a list of rules for her to follow while he's gone.

"No wild partying when you're supposed to be studying"

"I know, dad"

"No skipping classes"

"I know, dad"

"And no boys because you know they are only after your-"

"Alright, dad! I get it!" shouted Karin as she finished unpacking her things.

"Fine, fine, you know it's only because I worry about you" he said before going into complete girly idiot mode.


But Karin quickly silenced him with a punch in the face.

"Dumb goat-chin" she muttered before stalking off, suitcases in hand.

She walked through the halls of the female dormitory. When she finally found the office she walked in without knocking and there eating a huge bowl of rice was the female dorm leader, Karin knew this from the picture in the brochure. She looked down to the name plate on her desk to see the name 'Shihoin Yoruichi'.

"Um... Shihoin-san" said Karin. This caused Yoruichi to look up in surprise. She then placed her lunch down and then paid Karin her full attention.

"And you are…?" she asked.

"Kurosaki Karin" Karin replied.

"Oh right! You're that kid genius that's supposed to be coming today" she remembered before gliding over to her filing cabinet and pulling out Karin's schedule. She then went to another room to get Karin's uniform and dorm key. Karin thanked her before leaving to find room #385.

Karin finally found her room so she unlocked the door and the first thought was that she had accidentally gotten a boy's room by mistake. Half the room was covered in poster of world famous boxers and half the floor had clothes strewn about. The other half of the room was, quite frankly, blank. Karin then saw a girl come out of what she assumed to be the bathroom. The girl had spiky raven hair and a muscular build.

"Uh…hi?" greeted Karin causing the girl to look at her in surprise. Once the shock washed over her face she smiled.

"Hey, you must be the new girl right?" she asked. Karin nodded. Once the girl was done drying her hair with a towel and putting on some clothes she held out a hand.

"Name's Arisawa Tatsuki, but you can call me Tatsuki-sempai" she said with a warm smile. Karin threw her suitcases on her bed and shook Tatsuki's hand.

"Kurosaki Karin" said Karin proudly.

"Good to meet you. So… what's your schedule like?" asked Tatsuki. Karin handed Tatsuki her schedule and Tatsuki nearly fainted.

"What?" asked Karin in alarm.

"You have so many A-classes" Tatsuki gasped.

"A-classes?" asked Karin confused.

"Yeah, here at Diamond Academy we have a system. D-classes are for below average classes, I luckily have none of these. C-classes are for on average classes, I have three of these. B-classes are for advanced classes, I have two of these. Lastly, there are A-classes which are for like the little geniuses, I'm proud to say I have one of these" Tatsuki explained.

"Oh, well that's cool, I guess" said Karin before looking at her schedule:



Language Arts/A





Tatsuki was right; Karin really did have a lot of A-classes. Karin just put the schedule on her new dresser and began to unzip her suitcase.

"Want some help?" Karin heard Tatsuki ask.

"Sure" Karin answered. Soon, they were done putting clothes in drawers and began on tacking Karin's soccer posters on the wall.

"So Tatsuki-sempai, what are you rich for? No offense" asked Karin.

"My dad loves boxing and so do I so my dad has fifty percent of every boxing company: Boxing gear, Boxer owners, and Even boxing stadiums" explained Tatsuki as she continued to tack posters on the wall. Karin's jaw dropped. It didn't take a math wiz to know Tatsuki's family was loaded.

Once they were done Karin looked from her side of the room to Tatsuki's side. She realized they were very different and very alike at the same time. Karin knew she would grow to love her new roommate.

"Alright, now put on your good jeans and shirt" said Tatsuki.

"Uh, why?" asked Karin before walking towards her dresser.

"Because I'm going to show you a real Diamond Academy welcome" she answered.

"Sounds fun" Karin replied.

"Oh believe me, it will be" assured Tatsuki.

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