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Karin's thoughts

Diamond Academy

Chapter 27-A Unique Worth

Karin ran out of her bathroom and began getting ready excitedly. Today was open house, the only day where parents and family members were allowed to visit the students. Karin was excited because she was going to go and show her family her school life. Even her big brother, Ichigo was going to be there!

Karin, now fully dressed in her uniform, went to the huge auditorium where all the parents were being held. She, being the student body vice president, had to be there for the welcoming.

She was determined not to be late for such an occasion as she walked swiftly through the halls. She then saw the student body president, Souma Chikaru, in her view.

"Chikaru-sempai!" called Karin as she ran to her.

"Karin-chan, you're early!" exclaimed Chikaru as she saw her coming.

"Yeah, I didn't want to be late" said Karin.

"Why?" asked Chikaru curiously.

"Well, my family's probably going to stick out like a sore thumb. I just wanted to make a good impression on everyone before they meet my whack-job of a family" explained Karin.

"Well your family sounds very interesting, I can't wait to meet them" said Chikaru.

"Yeah, but Chikaru-sempai, can I ask a favor of you?" asked Karin.

"Sure, Karin-chan" replied Chikaru.

Soon the two were called into the auditorium to do the welcoming. The two stepped on stage in front of everyone.

"Welcome parents and family members, I'm student body president Souma Chikaru" greeted Chikaru.

"And I'm student body vice president Kurosaki Karin. Welcome" greeted Karin.

As Karin had feared, her family was in casual clothing while everyone else was in stylish suits and dresses. It wasn't as bad as she thought though; they almost fit in as far as being normal goes.

Soon the welcoming was over and Karin and Chikaru were waiting by the doors of the auditorium to see their families. Karin then felt a tap on her shoulder. She then turned around to see her brother. She smiled and hugged him.

"Ichi-nii!" called Karin as she hugged the boy. In the beginning she had hated her brother, but they had talked on the phone a lot more often whenever he was on vacation from college. Karin had let her hatred known and slowly changed the hatred to love.

"What's up, Karin?" he asked as Karin finally let go.

"Not much. Oh right, this is my friend Chikaru-sempai" introduced Karin.

"It's a pleasure" she said to the Kurosaki Family.

"I hope you've been taking care of our little Karin-chan" said Isshin earning him a glare from Karin before she saw the principal.

"Yamamoto-sensei!" called Karin. Yamamoto looked over to her and watched as she walked over.

"Well if it isn't the student body president. Is there something I can help you with?" he asked.

"Actually there is, but it's a biggy" assured Karin.

"Explain" commanded Yamamoto. Karin smirked before telling him her request.

Toushirou was sitting in his room when he heard a knock on his door. He went to get it and the instant he opened the door he was suffocated by overly large breasts. Once he was let go he took in deep breaths.

"Oh my little Shirou-chan" gushed the strawberry blonde.

"Okaa-sama" said Toushirou. He then looked past his mother to see his father. He had white hair just like his son, but his hair was straight and his eyes were slits.

"Otou-sama" said Toushirou sternly.

"You haven't changed a bit, Ouji" said the man.

"Now let's not start this again. Shirou-chan, Gin" said the woman, instantly stern.

"Yes, this is a good occasion. Happy Rangiku?" asked Gin.

"I'd be happier if you were actually nice to your son" said Rangiku before turning to Toushirou.

"So honey, why don't we go to your classes. I want to meet that wonderful girl that you keep talking about as well" suggested Rangiku.

"Sure" said Toushirou as they left.

Karin was walking to her last class after a long and exhausting tour of her school. Why her family was so curious about her school she would never know.

"So what's your last class, Karin-chan?" asked Yuzu. Karin had to admit that her twin was the only highlight of her day so far.

"History" said Karin.

"Is that Advancement Placement, too?" asked Isshin.

"Yep" said Karin.

"When did you become a kid genius?" asked Ichigo.

"When you left for college" said Karin.

As they walked through the hallway Karin saw white hair and did a double take to see her boyfriend with a busty strawberry blonde and a tall white-haired man with slit eyes.

"Toushirou!" yelled Karin.

Toushirou stopped in his tracks, turned to her, and smiled. He waved her over.

"Wait here, guys. I'll be right back!" she told them before leaving. Karin then ran over to Toushirou.

"Hey" she said. Toushirou smiled softly.

"Hey" he greeted back before kissing Karin's forehead.

"Oh Shirou-chan, she's darling!" exclaimed Rangiku.

"Oh right, Karin this is my mother and father" said Toushirou. Karin bowed.

"It's a pleasure to meet you" she said.

"The pleasure is all ours" said Rangiku before bowing as well.

"So you're dating the student body vice president" concluded Gin. Karin looked up at him.

So this is Toushirou's father…

"Yes, I am" said Toushirou as he put his arm around Karin's waist as emphasis.

"Hmm… you're the scholarship student, correct?" he said looking at Karin with eyes open slightly. Karin felt a chill go up her spine.

"Yeah, that's me" said Karin. Toushirou, seeing that she was nervous, held on to her a little tighter. He could visibly see her calming down.

"So in other words you have no company or industry to offer to my son or his company. Seems like the pampered prince got what he wanted and not what he needed yet again" said Gin as his eyes shut.

"Otou-sama" Toushirou warned.

"Ouji" Gin replied.

"Gin" Rangiku glared.

"Do you mind if I steal your son for one moment?" asked Karin.

"Not at all" said Rangiku still glaring at Gin.

"Thank you" said Karin before taking Toushirou by the arm and nearly dragging him away from his family.

"Thank you" said Toushirou.

"Don't thank me yet, you still have to meet my family" said Karin as she intertwined their fingers.

"How bad could they be?" asked Toushirou.

"I leave that for you to decide" said Karin.

"I'm back" said Karin. Her family looked up to see her. Karin then noticed Ichigo wasn't there.

"Where's Ichigo?" asked Karin, but her family was ignoring her and looking at Toushirou.

"Is this him, Karin-chan?" asked Yuzu looking at Toushirou. She had heard Karin talk about him but this was her first time meeting him.

"Yeah" said Karin.

"Wow he is cute!" Yuzu giggled.

"Who the hell is he?" asked Ichigo as he walked towards them.

"Where were you?" asked Karin.

"I had to go to the bathroom. Who the hell is he?" repeated Ichigo.

"This is my boyfriend, Hitsugaya Toushirou" said Karin. Ichigo then glared at Toushirou and gave him looks of total disdain.

"When did you get interested in rich snobs, Karin?" asked Ichigo.

"Ichi-nii!" Karin exclaimed.

"So this is your brother. He doesn't look so tough to me" started Toushirou.

"Toushirou!" Karin exclaimed. She really did not want her brother and her boyfriend to fight to the death, at least not on their first meeting.

"Ichigo, will you calm yourself down?" asked Isshin, his face serious.

"You too, Toushirou" Karin warned.

"Fine" both males replied.

At this time the clubs were performing. They had already had the science club, the drama club, the fashion club, and many others. The music club was performing last.

Karin went on stage to announce the next club seeing as that was her job as vice president.

"Alright, now it's time to hear from the musical department. Performing for them, we have the Rock Souls" announced Karin over the microphone before pulling curtains and showing the instruments along with the rest of the stage.

Toushirou eyes widened. He then rushed up to the stairs of the stage where Karin was leaving.

"Karin, what's going on?" asked Toushirou franticly.

"Well, I asked Chikaru if you could play for the music department seeing as Chikaru-sempai is the president of that club as well. Then I asked Yamamoto-sensei, if he would allow it and he agreed" said Karin.

"Why did you do this?" asked Toushirou.

"Because you deserve a chance to show your father what you love" said Karin with a soft smile. Toushirou sighed, but then smiled afterwards.

"Thank you" said Toushirou.

"Just get up there and show up your dad" said Karin. Toushirou nodded before rushing up to the stage, strapping on his guitar, and getting ready along with his other band mates. Karin went into the crowd so she could get a better view.

"This song is dedicated to my favorite girl in whole world" said Toushirou looking at Karin out of every other girl in the crowd.

Karin then watched as he began to play a slightly slower version "crashed the wedding" by Busted. She knew Toushirou was playing his heart out and she could see kids already dancing to his music.

"Hey Karin!" said Ichigo.

"Yeah" replied Karin.

"I guess that Hitsugaya guy isn't that bad" said Ichigo. Karin knew this was Ichigo-speak for he's a really good guy or He rocks at the guitar! Karin would have taken either one.

"Thanks, Ichi-nii" said Karin. She then saw Toushirou's parents in the crowd and walked over to them.

Gin watched his son. He watched him and he saw the passion in his eyes. How could he have never seen that passion before?

"He needs his music, you know" said Karin as she walked up to him. Gin looked down at her.

"Yes, perhaps he does" he agreed.

"Well done, Karin-chan. You've done the impossible" congratulated Rangiku.

"If there's anything Toushirou needs it's the impossible to become real" said Karin as they continued to watch him.

Karin and Toushirou were saying good bye to the Kurosaki family at the front of the school after the closing of the open house.

"Take care, Yuzu" said Karin.

"You too, Karin-chan" said Yuzu as she hugged her sister. Soon they let go.

"You better watch over her, Hitsugaya-kun" said Yuzu.

"Without a doubt" replied Toushirou as he took Karin's hand in his.

"But don't watch to closely" said Ichigo.

"Ichi-nii" groaned Karin. Ichigo then kissed the top of her head.

"Be good" said Ichigo.

"I will" said Karin before watching them leave and hearing her father's "Good-bye my precious Karin-chan".

"Oh dad" sighed Karin.

"Speaking of fathers" said a voice from behind the couple. They both turned around to see Gin and Rangiku.

"Okaa-sama, Otou-sama" said Toushirou.

"Goodbye Shirou-chan" said Rangiku cheerfully.

"Goodbye Toushirou" said Gin. Toushirou gave him a quizzical look as if to ask why his father did not call him "Ouji".

"You're not the pampered prince anymore" said Gin. Toushirou nearly laughed at this.

"It took you to just now realize it?" asked Toushirou. Gin shrugged.

"Better late then never" he said before looking at Karin with a look that said thank you. He then looked back at Toushirou.

"Don't loose this one, Toushirou. She has already proven her worth to me" said Gin before he and Matsumoto took their leave.

Toushirou looked at Karin confusedly and asked "how did you prove your worth?"

"Who knows?" said Karin as the two began to walk back into the school.

"You really helped us out though, my and my father" said Toushirou.

"I'm always here for you" assured Karin as she intertwined her fingers with his.

"And I'll always love you for being there" replied Toushirou as he kissed his girlfriends lips softly.

That was the 27th and last chapter of Diamond Academy. I hope you all enjoyed the story and I'll see you in my next one. Please review.