Chapter 6

"Miss Possible, we will be over the target in a few minutes," the helijet's pilot called back.

"Very well, remember the plan. Ron, Rufus and I will parachute in, since we don't know exactly what we'll be running into. Land in the open field nearby and send in the henchmen. With any luck, we'll have rescued Camille and they'll just have to help us get her on board."

"Wilco, Miss Possible."

"Man, I'm just glad we were able to talk Senior into staying behind," Ron remarked, turning Kim so that he could check her parachute again. "He kept demanding that his honor required him to come along. I just wish we didn't have to tell him that he would endanger the mission."

"It was cruel but necessary," Kim sighed, returning the favor for her PF. "I'm a little steamed at Junior. Sure, it's only a marriage of convenience but Camille is his wife. You'd think he'd want to come along."

"He wouldn't be able to hit on Elly if he did," Ron pointed out. "Of course, he would have probably spent most of the trip hitting on you."

"And gotten a hit of another sort," Kim finished. "I'm going to be so happy to get home. I wonder what Senior has planned to help us out of our housing ish."

"I don't know, but he assured me that it wasn't illegal."

"That's some comfort, time to fly!" With that, Kim leapt out of the aircraft. A moment later, Ron followed her, screaming in fear.

"It is time for the next step in the experiment, Frau Senior," Dementor sneered at his captive. "Here, things will get a little unpleasant."

"Like, how much longer am I going to have to keep this up?" Camille whined. "I mean, when am I going to have a chance to get my hair colored again?"

"What point is this hair coloring for a person who can change her hair's color at will?" Dementor's bluster was short-circuited by his curiosity.

"It's like, the process!" Camille insisted. "I like having the greatest stylists around working on my hair! It, like, shows that I'm worth it!"

"Oh for pity's sake," Dementor shook his head. "Never mind, Frau. You might want to brace yourself for this next step. I will have you morph into Hendle again, then I will pierce your abdomen with this gold pin!" Here, the mad scientist held up a needle.

"No!" Camille screamed in horror.

"Yes, Frau, it may be painful, but it is for science!"

"Oh, the pain isn't anything," Camille waved her hand. "I've had belly piercings before. I seem to lose them half the time I morph but they don't hurt that much."

"Then what is the problem? The pin is made out of gold, certainly you cannot protest that."

"I don't have a problem with gold."

"Then what is the problem?"

"It's this place!"

"What? Frau, I can assure you that this room is every bit as clean as an operating room. There will be no possibility of infection."

"What's infection?"

"Never mind, what is your problem with this place?"

"This isn't the place to get a body piercing! You're supposed to get your body piercings done in a trendy boutique, by a really cute guy. I mean, if anyone sees me getting a piercing here, from you, I'll never live it down!"

"So let me straighten this to be getting. This lair isn't stylish enough and I'm not cute enough to conduct scientific experiments?"

"Not if it involves a body piercing."

Professor Dementor stood stunned for over a minute.

"Okay, this was some sort of a secure facility back during the Cold War," Wade informed the Team Possible field operatives. "I haven't been able to find any schematics so I downloaded my ground penetrating radar results into the Kimmunicator. It's the best I could do."

"You rock, Wade," Kim assured him. "You're giving us a whole lot more than we could have expected. We're going in."

Just as Kim, Ron and Rufus approached the lair's door, a horrendous shriek sounded from inside. Kim burst into a sprint, determined to halt whatever horrible torture was taking place inside. Before she could reach the door, it flew open and Professor Dementor himself burst out.

"With it I have had!" He screamed at the top of his lungs. "I can deal multi-reality physics, electromagnetic fields and warped gravitational anomalies but with spoiled rich girls, I CAN NOT DEAL!"

The undersized master criminal looked around and spotted the team. "The two of you, you are here to recover Frau Senior, yes?"

Kim and Ron could only nod, dumbfounded.

"THEN ARREST ME AND TAKE HER AWAY FROM HERE! Better yet, I'll go turn myself in while you return her to her husband, yes?" Without waiting for a reply, Dementor spun and ran away as fast as his short legs could carry him.

"Uh, KP?"

"Yes, Ron?"

"Should we chase him? I mean, he is a wanted criminal."

"I don't think so," Kim mused. "The mission is to recover Camille. Let's not get distracted."

"Okay, are we going to have to fight our way through Dementor's henchmen?"

"No," Trudy informed the teens, stepping out of the lair. "You're more than welcome to her as long as you take her away."

"You realize that we can't just let you get away with kidnapping," Kim stated.

"Actually, I think you can," Trudy countered. "Think of it this way. Right now, we'll turn Frau Senior over to you without a struggle. I don't think you have any proof that we actually kidnapped the Frau, so you don't have the authorization to apprehend us. Besides, if things turn violent, you always take the chance that you'll fail in your mission."

"Okay, deal!" Kim agreed.

"Thank you," Trudy replied.

"Thank you? For what?"

"For taking that irritating airhead away from here."

"Hey, you're here!" Camille exclaimed, stepping out of the lair escorted by Hendle. "Did Junior send you?"

"The Seniors sent us," Ron answered, diplomatically. "Our ride should be landing now, about a half-mile away."

"I have to walk that far?" Camille whined.

"We'll be more than happy to give you a ride," Trudy informed her former prisoner. "It's the least we can do."

"Why are you being so friendly, now that I'm leaving?"

"Trust me," Trudy grinned. "You seem like a much nicer person when you're leaving than when you first arrived."

Epilogue, mid-August in Upperton.

"I think that's everything, kids, now behave yourselves," Dr. James Possible handed the last box to his daughter. "Ronald, I want you to remember that my brother and Dr. Renton can free up enough space in the next comet probe to accommodate a passenger."

"Daddy!" Kim snapped.

"James!" Ann chided her husband. "Ronald has always been a gentleman around Kimberly."

"I'm just having some fun, kids," James admitted. "It was very generous of Senior to buy this house for you."

"Yeah," Ron admitted. "Who would have thought up the loophole he spotted? By buying it and donating it to the university, under the condition that the university allows us to live in it during freshman year, he figured out how to let us live in university-supplied housing while sidestepping the protests. I'm on the football team and Kim's on the cheerleading squad!"

"I'm willing to bet that he managed to use the donation as a tax writeoff," Mr. Stoppable added. "Now, I expect the two of you to study and practice hard. The first home game is in four weeks and we'll all be here to see how you're doing. If either of you fail to live up to expectations, either academically or on the field, I'll move in with you and keep and eye on you myself."

"Dad!" Ron protested. "We'll work hard, honestly! Besides, you can't just leave your job behind!"

"I'm and actuary Ronald, I can work anywhere."

"Don't let your fathers play you," Mrs. Stoppable instructed the two teens. "Remember that Middleton isn't very far away, so you can always come visit whenever you want. Now, why don't we leave so you two can finish settling in? Your chaperone will be here shortly and I'm sure you want a little alone time before she gets arrives."

"Mom!" Ron protested. After a round of hugs and good-byes, the four adults left their oldest children behind. Ann Possible noticed the poorly concealed smirk on her husband's face.

"Okay, James," she grilled her husband, once the adults had piled into her van for the trip home. "You seemed just a little too willing to let those two move into the same house. What's up?"

"Dear, is it so hard to believe that I've finally started to trust them, like the three of you have?"

"Yes it is," Ann countered. "Spill it James, what are you hiding?"

"Well, you know that the school is going to have one of its new staff members living with them, sort of a chaperone."

"I didn't understand that," Mrs. Stoppable cut in. "I thought that Dr. Phisley said that faculty and students weren't allowed in the same housing units."

"This chaperone is a new staff member, not a faculty member," James told his wife and friends. "Trust me, she's perfect for this job."

"Who is she?" Mr. Stoppable asked. "Besides, not to be suggesting anything but if Ronald and Kimberly decide to sidestep her, do you really think that any chaperone will be able to prevent them from...doing what they want to do?"

"Oh, she's a great deal more competent than you could believe," James informed his potential, future in-law. "Trust me on this, Kimmie and Ronald are going to behave themselves in that house."

"...and in international news, Professor Dementor, the cutting-edge physicist and international criminal who turned himself in to authorities last month, was convicted today." The television announced, prompting smiles from Kim and Ron. "Upon receiving his sentence, Dementor claimed that he was prepared to accept a prison sentence of any length, as long as he didn't have to associate with anyone who had inherited a great deal of wealth. On a more local note..."

"I wonder how long it will be before he escapes again," Ron grumbled, leaning back on the couch and draping an arm over his girlfriend's shoulders.

"I don't know," Kim confessed, leaning into her boyfriend's embrace. "I mean, he actually wants to stay in this time, so maybe the prison will hold him."

"KP, is it just me or have things been more that a little weird since we got back from Europe?"

"It isn't you," Kim retorted. "I don't know what's the weirdest. First, we get back to find that Senior found the loophole and set this house up for us. That was weird, but nice."

"Then we found out that your uncle is dating Felix's mom," Ron added. "That was weird and...well...just weird. How do you think they'll handle this now that Slim and Joss have gone back to Montana?"

"Probably better than Felix and Yori are handling being on opposite sides of the globe," Kim informed him. "Speaking of Yori and being on the other side of the globe, just what were you doing at Yamanouchi this past week?"

"A whole lot of running up and down the mountain," Ron answered, with a grimace. "As well as more morality debates and other training."

"So, you were learning more about channeling the MMP?"


"So why did they have you running up and down the mountain?"

"Sensei informed me that he will be most disappointed if I don't make varsity and run all over Montana U this year. Anyway, I think the weirdest part was how easy your dad agreed to the two of us living in this house."

"We will have a chaperone," Kim reminded him.

"Still, don't you think it was a little out of character?"

"Now that you say so, yes. I mean, I think he trusts us more than he used to but he seemed to give in way too easy. Of course, he insisted that he pick out everyone's room, putting the chaperone's between ours."

"Speaking of the chaperone, when is she supposed to show up?"

"Nine o'clock tonight," Kim answered. "That's three hours from now."

"You know, KP," Ron drawled, theatrically rubbing his chin as if in deep thought. "Here we are, all alone in a house that's, for all practical purposes, ours. Practices don't start until the day after tomorrow, so we're kind of on our own right now."

"Gee," Kim replied, matching his tone. "How should we kill the next couple of hours? I mean, we've already eaten and we don't have any homework. The house is cleaned and we're all moved in."

"I have an idea," Ron whispered, huskily, as he shifted slightly on the couch, laying back and drawing the unresisting Kim on top of him.

"I'm beginning to get one, myself," Kim purred, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling herself up his body so that their lips could meet.

The sound of the front door banging open killed the budding mood, prompting the two teens to spring to their feet.

"Always be early, that's my motto," a gravely, yet vaguely feminine voice, announced from the front door.

"No, it can't be..." Kim groaned, as the two sprang apart. A heavy tread sounded from the hallway, announcing the arrival of...

"Ms. Hatchet!?" The two teens gasped.

"That's right," she announced. "Some benefactor is paying my wage to act as head librarian for Upperton U, this year. That same benefactor provided Middleton High with a sizable donation in order to keep my job available for me, after this year. I don't know everything, but I can tell that the whole idea was to make me available to keep you two under control in this house. So, I want the two of you to keep one thing in mind."

"What's that?" Kim asked.

"As a lifelong librarian, I can hear a flake of dandruff landing on a deep-shag carpet from a hundred paces away. Think about that before either of you tries to sneak by my door on the way to the other's room. I don't think we're going to have any problems with the two of you behaving in this house. Now, help me with my bags."

"Oh, and Mr. Stoppable?" Ms. Hatchet caught Ron by the shoulder as he trudged off to grab some of her luggage.

"Yes, Ms. Hatchet?"

"We never had the chance to discus you introducing an unapproved book into my library, back in high school. Trust me, we will be discussing that incident, in depth, sometime this year."

Vice-Principal Steve Barkin took a great deal of pride in his professional demeanor but he had to admit that he was having some trouble maintaining he proper bearing in front of his latest interviewee. It's not that he was out of control around the ladies, just that this particular potential teacher had an appearance that appealed to him.

"I don't mean to pry," he told the young woman. "But you look somewhat familiar. Have you been to Middleton before?"

"No," the potential science teacher answered. "But I get the comment all the time. Apparently, I bear a strong resemblance to Shego, the woman who used to assist Dr. Drakken, before they both vanished."

"Ah, you do, indeed. You realize that Kim Possible, Dr. Drakken's greatest nemesis, graduated from this institution just last year?"

"Yes," she answered with an alluring smile. "I understand that this might make things a little awkward, but I'm willing to try."

"Very well," Mr. Barkin commented, reviewing her resume. "Your education is most impressive..." here, he gave his guest a prompting look.

"I prefer to be addressed as Miss Go," she supplied. "At least in a professional setting."

"Miss Go," Mr. Barkin repeated. "Like I said, your resume is most impressive. What teaching positions do you see yourself assuming?"

"As you can see, I've specialized in genetics so while I'm most at home in a Biology Classroom, I'm perfectly capable of teaching any science class. I'm willing to teach Basic Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics on a regular basis. I'm also willing to substitute teach math classes. However, I'm not going to be much use teaching other subjects." Miss Go gave her potential colleague a shy, yet alluring smile. "I'm afraid I didn't pay much attention to creative writing and government."

"That's perfectly all right," Barkin informed her. "We're looking for a science teacher, not a social studies teacher. Now, I'd like to ask you a question about your motivation."


"Yes, it's obvious to me that you could make a very good living in the genetics field. As intelligent as you are, you've obviously checked the standard pay for a first-year high school teacher in Colorado. Why are you turning your back on the potential wealth in order to teach?"

"Mr. Barkin..."

"Steve, when there are no students present."

"Steve, I'd like to say that money isn't relevant to me but that would be a partial lie. I have an...alternative source of income. This allows me to pursue my other goals without worrying about money."

"You're honest, I appreciate that. Well, let me be the first to welcome you to Middleton High School." The big man stood and offered her his hand, both to shake her hand and to help her to her feet. "Teachers' orientation is Monday and classes start a week after that."

"Thank you, Mr...Steve."

"By the way, why did you choose Middleton? With your education, you could pick almost any place in the country."

"Oh, I have a few connections to the area and there are some people in the community who I'm looking forward to getting to know a whole lot better."

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