Komui absolutely did NOT have a sister complex.

Yes, he loved his sister.

Yes, he loved it whenever Lenalee hugged him, showed affection to him, presented him with a gift, allowed him to call her his 'pooksy-schnooku'-

Moving on.

No, he did not get irritated with Allen and Lenalee started dating.

And of course it didn't bother him when they shared their first kiss.

He might have tried to slip poison in Allen's food though. Only might have.

Yes, he had to admit he shed a few tears when they got engaged. Who did that Allen boy think he was?

And yes, he had to admit it warmed his heart (only a little) when Lenalee expressed her love for her dear Allen-kun.

And no, it didn't cause a pang of jealousy to appear.

And of course, he didn't go to the bathroom to vomit afterwards. That's just disturbing.

No, he did not rudely disagree to walk with Lenalee down the aisle only to embarrassingly succumb to her puppy dog eyes.

No, he definitely didn't scowl as he did so.

No, he didn't inwardly cringe with Allen and Lenalee shared a passionate kiss right in front of him.

Yes, it made Komui groan with disgust. That one's only natural, right?

No, he didn't try to plant those man-eating plants in Allen's room in an attempt to get him killed when Allen got Lenalee pregnant.

And of course, he didn't put those land mines there either. Or that poisonous apple (which didn't work very well because it turned an ominous black). Or all those other cliché things.

Of course not. He wasn't that cruel.

No, Komui did NOT, absolutely NOT feel a twitch of adoration when he saw his newly born nephew.

No, he did not squeal.

Yes, Allen laughed.

No, Komui did not try to bash Allen's head inside out with an oversized mallet and a large drill afterwards.

Of course he didn't fail miserably.

And no, he didn't go straight back to the baby boy to cuddle.


Yes, Komui's a liar. How did you figure that one out?