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I walked up, waiting for my turn to walk in my daughter, when I saw her. She looked so beautiful in her white wedding gown. She smiled up at me as she extended her hand and I held it in mine.

"Are you ready for this?" I asked, making sure she didn't feel like she was making a mistake. She cut through all my worries with her bright smile that glowed on her face.

"Never been more ready. I love you Daddy." She said pulling me into a tight hug. I held her for the last time as a single woman. I was giving my daughter away. Of course I trusted her soon to be husband, it just felt weird to give her away.

"I love you too!" We ended the hug just as it was time for us to begin walking down the isle. She held my arm and I could feel her exuberance as we approached the front. I got the feeling today would be an emotional day.


I hugged my dad and then began to walk up the aisle. I looked at Banner to see his overjoyed smile that just made me even happier. I felt light as I approached the man I loved more than anyone. He seemed so cocky standing up there. I didn't really care for the wedding part but I knew it was important to him. All I really wanted was to be married and have the reception party. I couldn't help but laugh from the joy that had been building up inside of me since my dad woke up. IT made Banner laugh as well.

When we reached the front I gave my dad a small peck on the cheek and then turned to grab Banner's hands.

"Ready for this!" He whispered as he gently squeezed my hands.

"Better than ready." I laughed again. His laugh sent butterflies free in my stomach.


They faced the Priest still holding the others hand. The Priest read a few verses from the Bible and then began their vows. They had chosen to make their own vows to make it more personal. Banner started with his vows.

"Eva, ever since the day I met you I knew there was something special about you. I always wanted to be your Prince in all of the games we played and today I get to be your Prince for real. I want to be there for you forever and support you in all that you need support in. I want to be there when you are sick and I can help you get better. Eva, I love you and I wish to always be by your side as your husband until the day we die." I saw Eva's smile even from behind. Next it was Eva's turn to say her vows.

"Banner, I didn't always like you. Sometimes you annoyed me but you grew on me," She joked, "I always admired your honesty and I knew you would always be there to help me when I needed it. Even through my awkward stage in middle school you still stuck by my side. You're my best friend and I couldn't imagine anybody who could possibly be a better husband for me than you. I love you as much as I could possibly love anyone and hope to be by your side til the day you die." I felt tears falling down my cheeks but I still couldn't help but laugh. Eva seemed to have a funny way of explaining things.

They said their "I do"s and I was done for. My little girl was not a little girl anymore. She was married now and starting a new life. A life that still included me, just not as much. Though she didn't need me as much anymore and she could rely on Banner when she needed help. Of course I would always be there for her if they couldn't handle something on their own. Next step was the reception.

At the reception while everybody was finishing eating the best man gave his speech and then they started to play music for dancing. I looked over at Temperance, remembering the day I was lucky enough to get her to marry me. She smiled up at Eva and Banner as they laughed at the couple table. I placed my hand on hers and she turned her head towards mine, the smile still lighting up her face.

"Would you like to dance with me?" I asked politely, an offer she couldn't refuse. She grabbed my hand with the hand that wasn't under mine.

"Of course!" She laughed as we walked to the dance floor, hand in hand. We were one of the first couples on the dance floor but as soon as we got up others began to follow. Jared and Marie, Parker and his wife, even Zach asked a girl to dance.

"This is all so unreal isn't it?" She spoke softly into my ear as she brushed her cheek against mine.

"It is pretty strange. It wasn't this difficult when Parker got married."

"You are right. It was more normal when Parker was getting married. But Eva? She's an adult now and it shouldn't be strange, but it is." I nodded moving to give her a kiss on the cheek. I held her close as we swayed to the music. I couldn't help but remember our wedding day. There had been a few problems like my best man went missing and then one of the women who was attending had their dress rip. She had been wearing a small dress and nobody was surprised when the purple fabric presented a hole as she sat down in her chair. Overall though, the day could not have been more perfect. I was finally able to make Temperance mine and she was happy about it.

The time came for the couples dance and I knew my time was coming. The song I had picked wasn't one of my favorites but it held fond memories for me. Ever since Eva had heard it playing on the radio when she was ten she couldn't stop singing it. After that every time I heard the song I couldn't help but smile thinking of my little girl in the back seat singing her song.

When the song came to an end they announced our dance and I got up and took my little girls hand as they started the her song "There Goes my Life" by Kenny Chesney. At first she began to smile even greater than she had before but as we both began to sing along to the song she began to cry quickly followed by my tears.

"There goes my life, there goes my future, my everything, I love you. Daddy, goodbye." We both sang. When the song was over she grabbed me and held me. I reached into my pocket and found the small gift I had thought was perfect. It was a small heart locket on a silver necklace. I opened it up to show a picture of her and me on one side and on the other a picture of her and Banner. In small lettering it said, "I give you away" and the date. She put it on and grabbed me around the shoulders.

"I love you Daddy." She said to me again.

"I love you too." I wasn't sure how many times that day we had shared those three small words that meant so much to both of us and I knew we would have a million more chances to say the same words without ever losing their meaning. My little girl was growing up and I had to let her go.

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