Greek - Two Shot.

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CHAPTER 1-------

It was cold. The weather, the darkness, the stars outside seem to all say the same thing. It was too calm a night for this. For him to be standing across from her, looking at her like that. It was too much.

"You can't keep doing this to me." His voice was rough, but laced with pain.

Hugging herself, she started walking again. She didn't know where she was going, but she had to leave. Anywhere was better than here.

He jogged up to her, blocking her exit. "Casey!" He grabbed her arms and looked down at her intensely. "We need to discuss this."

"There's nothing to discuss." She was looking at everything but him.

He laughed, his voice holding no humour. "Are you seriously standing there and telling me that nothing happened?" Shrugging him off, she turned and started walking again. "Of course." He said sarcastically. "Let me play yo-yo with Cappie. He's got nothing else to do."

She stopped, his tone hurting her. Without turning around, she whispered loud enough for him to hear. "I didn't mean it, Cap. It was a lapse in judgement." She hoped he didn't notice how her voice cracked in the end.

He was walking towards her, she could feel it. "Really. Then why aren't you looking at me?"

She started walking again, but he grabbed her arm turning her to face him roughly.

"Look at me, Casey."

Her gaze met dark brown eyes.

"A lapse in judgement is drinking while driving. Kissing me to make your recent boy-toy jealous goes far beyond what I signed on for as your friend."

She couldn't breathe. "Cap-"

"No. You listen to me." His grip tightened. "I'm done with this, okay? I know I've said it before -hell, I've said it a hundred times before, but this is it. I'm done being your friend, your rebound, your KT buddy." He leaned closer. "I'm done being there for you when it's convenient for you. It's been three years and still... still you pull me around like I'm some kind of pet. I'm done." He let her go and took a step away from her. He was turning to leave when her anger finally won out.

"Oh! So it's my fault then? Just because you drop everything to come and help me out, even though I didn't ask you to, it's somehow my fault." Scoffing, she looked at him in disbelief. "Seriously? And now you're giving me the 'I'm done' speech? Oh my God! Just get over yourself already." Her anger started to simmer down. "You played me too you know."

His anger was evident through his confusion. "How did I play you?"

"You don't remember? Hm. Let's see." She said with fake thoughtfulness. "How about the fact that you can't make up your mind. And I'm not talking about majors here, I'm talking about me. You like me. You love me. You ignore me. Then you're over me. Then you like me again. You love me again. You're over me. Again. It's like you don't know if you want me-"

"Of course I want you." He interrupted harshly, surprising her.

"Then why fight it?"

"Because." He began slowly, cautiously. "It's not going to work."

"You don't know that." She yelled, surprising them both.

"I can't..." He shook his head. "We're going around in circles."

"Maybe if you made up your mind..."

He scoffed. "Like you have?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" She asked feeling defensive.

"Every time it's me versus some douche, you always pick the douche."

"I broke up with Max for you." How could he not remember? "And you turned me down. Ring a bell?"

He faltered. "That was... extenuating circumstances... that was..."

"Oh please. You were scared to get yourself into a proper relationship again. You know the one, Cap. Where normal people decide to date for longer than a few days?"

"I was not scared at the prospect of a relationship." He snapped.

"Really? Then what was it? What thought was so horrible that it stopped you from coming to my room?"

His shoulders dropped. "You know what? This is going no where. I'm leaving."

It was Casey's turn to grab his arm. "What? No! You're not going anywhere. You wanted to talk, so lets talk."

"I've said everything I needed to say." His tone was composed, unfeeling. And it hurt.

"Well tough luck. Because now, it's my turn. And you're going to listen." She waited for him to object, however he watched her silently. Not expecting such attentiveness, she continued. "I'm still in love with you." He looked away. But Casey stepped forward and in front of his face. "And I know you love me. I just don't understand why we can't be together." He was still avoiding her eyes. "I don't want to not be with you, Cap." She tried her best to stop it, but a lone tear escaped. She watched him as his eyes followed the drop to her lips. She wanted him to kiss her, but he didn't.

"Case..." He finally looked into her eyes, and she could see the turmoil raging within him. "I can't."

She was full on crying now, and the embarrassment of it all made it worse. "But why not?" This argument was ridiculous. Wasn't it?

He shook his head again. "What makes you think we'll work this time around?"

She smiled through her tears. "Are you kidding me? How could we not? It's like.. no matter who I go out with, or whatever I do, I always come back to you." She shrugged. "I can't stop it."

"It's the same for me." He said seriously. "Which is why I can't get involved in this again."

She hadn't expected that. "What?" Her voice quivered.

Cappie sighed as if this was hard for him to say. "Every time you leave, I'm a wreck. And the thing is, Case. You do the leaving. I can't be left behind, not again." He took a step back. "I'm sorry." Turning around again, he started walking away.

"Coward!" She yelled at his back. "You just reminded me why I chose Evan in the first place."

Cappie turned back and advanced towards her, his back rigid with rage. "You chose me over Evan first." He snapped.

"No." She said slowly, standing her ground. "I chose a gentleman over you the first chance I got."

"A gentleman?" He leaned forward, his face contorted in anger. "The guy cheated on you. Something that, I might add, I have never done."

She moved in closer. "How do I know you didn't cheat on me? You were spending all of your time at the KT house. You could have easily hooked up with some floozy around there and I would have never known."

"You really think that I would cheat on you." He said disbelievingly. "I have never cheated on you. Never. And I never will."

"Is that the same level of honesty you tapped into when you said you loved me?"

"Of course it is. I never stopped loving you."

Casey smiled as she stepped forward and circled her arms around his waist. "I knew you'd admit it."

"Casey." He pushed her arms off him. "Getting me jealous over the past is not going to change my mind."

Her smile dropped. "Fine. You obviously don't want to be with me because.. " She stopped, and looked curiously at him. "Why don't you want to be with me?"

He looked around, as if looking for an exit. "I told you. I don't want to discuss this."

She took a step forward, placing her hand on his arm. He flinched. "I know. But.. I need to know."


"I'm serious, Cap. Whatever reason you tell me, I'll respect it. It's not like we both have feelings for each other, and you're just not letting us be together because you're afraid of us breaking up right?" She ended laughing lightly. "What's the real reason for you to not want me? Is it the way I'm superficial sometimes? Or the way I jump around and act all girly? Is it the way I snore?"

"You don't snore." He mumbled softly as he looked away from her.

"Then what is it?" She watched him carefully as he mulled it over. His eyes never stayed on her for more than two seconds. "Cap." He finally looked at her, and for some reason, she understood him. She felt her jaw twitch. "You're seriously not going to be with me because we might break up?"

"No." He said forcefully. "I'm seriously not going to be with you, because I can't handle the drama anymore."

She was confused. "The drama?"

Moving away from her, he started, what sounded like a well rehearsed speech. "It's always drama with you. And somehow, I end up with the short stick. Like today. You're always using me to even the score with a cheating boyfriend, or even play the role of the perfect boyfriend when none is available. I can't be your second choice." He stopped, his eyes suddenly clouding over with determination. "Besides... I don't know if my feelings for you are based on our memory together or..." He looked at her seriously. "or.. because it's you."

"Wait a minute. But you just said.." She stepped back, feeling like he just slapped her face. "So you don't have any feelings for me." She deadpanned. "And here I am throwing myself at you, who I was convinced felt the same way as me, but you don't." It sounded like a question in her mind. A question she hoped he would answer with a negative.

He just watched her silently, which fuelled her anger. Why wasn't he saying anything?

"So that's it? Your feelings might be based on some memory?" Her anger was boiling. Had she wasted over a year dreaming up the possibility of them together, while he was so sure that he didn't have feelings for her? "I..." She looked around. There has to be somewhere to go. Somewhere to forget all this that happened. "I have to.." She ignored the concerned look he gave her. "...go..I have to...go.." She started walking backwards, away from him. She couldn't stand to be around him anymore. He had dashed her dreams, proved her wrong, and made her break down in front of him. She was going to cry and throw something at him if she didn't leave now.

He moved towards her, his arms reaching out for her. "Casey."

"Don't." She kept moving back. "Just don't." She needed to breathe. She couldn't breathe. Somehow through it all, she smiled. She was Casey Cartwrite after all. She needed to keep up appearances. "I'm sorry for kissing you back there, and for this." She gestured around them to a night that should have been romantic. "You can be sure, it will never happen again." He winced when her voice cracked with emotion. Moving back, she turned on her heel and ran. Anything less and she would have cried herself into a ball in front of him.

Maybe it was her mind's eye that was playing a trick on her, but she thought his face filled with hurt just before she left. But then, that can't be right. She was giving him what he wants. Freedom away from her.