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Summary : Yamato was forced to go to America after he graduated from high school because his mother wanted him to. After a year, he came back to Japan to continue his study at Todai. Surprisingly, he met Ren. Could he tell Ren his feeling?

Meeting You Again

Chapter 1

Ogata Yamato sighed heavily. He looked around and realized that he really missed Japan. It have been a year since he left Japan to study English and now he came back to continue his study at Tokyo University. Good thing that he was good in language, so he wont disappoint his mother after his parents divorced. He would proof his father that he could be like his brother too.

"Yamato…" Yamato turned his head to see his mother ran to him.

Yamato quickly ran to her and hugged her. A smile made its way to his cute lips while his mother looked at him lovingly.

"So, how was America?" His mother asked as they got into the car. Yamato sighed but answered it anyway.

"America is good but Japan is better." He said. His mother nodded.

Yamato looked out the window. Japan was as beautiful as he remember. He missed everything here. He missed his home, his old school, his friends, Yankumi and … Ren. It was not a secret between him and his mother that he liked Ren. His mother even found out before Yamato realized that he liked Ren. He just hoped that Ren would be the same Ren he knew.

"We here…"

Yamato go out from the car and stared at his house. His house was not as big as before but he was happy and comfortable with his new house. He made his way to his bedroom and threw himself onto the soft material. His mother just chuckled at his attitude, knowing that he was tired.

The next morning, Yamato woke up with a little headache. He went to his bathroom and took a cold bath. Once he done, he made his way to the kitchen and saw that his mother already left for work but didn't manage to make a breakfast since she already late. Yamato looked at the money his mother left him and grabbed them. He smiled and went to a place that he knew he would really enjoyed it.


"Welcome..." Kuma said as the door of his ramen shop was opened. He looked up to the customer and his eyes went wide.

"Ogata!!" He greeted.

"Kuma-san" Ogata greeted back. He walked over a chair and sat down.

"A salty ramen please…" he ordered.

'Of course" Kuma said and went to his wok. Yamato looked around. There were no many people here. Maybe because many of the had to work or school. He looked up when a big bowl placed in front of him.

"Thank you Kuma-san…" Kuma smiled and sat down.

"I heard you went to America" Yamato nodded.

"Un… but I don't really like there. So I come back to Japan and finished my study here. How's Yankumi?" Yamato asked. Kuma laughed.

"She's fine of course. She still have some problem with her love life and teaching at Akadou still. Oh, your friends still come here too. You know your Kazama and the other…"

"Really? I want to meet them"

"They said they missed you too. I'll tell them that you have come back so you guys will meet." Kuma said, smiling.

"Arigatou Kuma-san." Yamato smiled back.

"You're Welcome. Ah Welcome~" Kuma stood up to greet the customer. Yamato looked at Kuma while he eat his ramen. How he missed this place and his friends. He wanted to meet them, especially a certain someone. He had to give an answer for him.


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