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Legs POV, based on the first chapter where Legs is introduced. My first ever FOXFIRE fanfiction, although I love the book and the movie. ~Foxfire never backs down! Foxfire burns & burns!~


I waited. Quietly, listening to my frantic heartbeat.

"Maddy, wake up!"

Still, nothing. There was no sound nor motion within the dark little room I had grown familiar to. I listened for her, watched for motion beneath her three quilts.

"Maddy-Monkey, if you don't let me in, so help me..."

Behind me, lights flashed. My hands, cold, shaking, sweaty; I somehow managed to hold onto the blade. My mind was clear, my body cold and far too touched by the oncoming winter. I saw a light go on. Thank god .

Her fingers hooked beneath the window and, without waiting, I fell inward, breathing hectic.

"Legs, what the-"

"Oh, Monkey, you should see your face," I whispered, moving my switchblade into my boot where it belonged. I held my fingers to her lips, smiling and letting the feeling slowly seep back into my body. Winter was wonderful when you didn't have to try to survive in it.

She led me into her kitchen, one I had never been in, but knew quite well through seeing it via the window. Her fridge opened loudly; I assumed her mother wasn't home. "Legs, where have you been? None of us have seen you in days." I tried not to laugh. She handed me a slice of cold meatloaf, a thin coating of grease on it. I ate it thoughtlessly with bread, hardly chewing. Tears ran from my eyes and my stomach didn't hurt so much.

"Around. Don't you even worry about it, Monkey." I smiled at her, gladly drank the beer she had offered to me. I drank a quarter of it before she was leading me upstairs to her bedroom.

She let me change clothes, eyes focused on me. None of the other sisters ever looked at me with such intensity; she said nothing about the scars on my ribs, my flat chest, the way my hair was a mess from running. My legs burned pleasantly, my heart rate finally normal. I was in an old t-shirt, boxer shorts.

Without permission, I crawled into the bed. Beneath her quilts I held my arms around her waist, burying my face in her mousy-brown hair and holding her closely, practically trying to absorb her inside of me, I think. "You know Maddy, you're my heart."

"Yeah, you're mine too, Legs," her voice was awkward; her face against my neck, I felt a blush.

"Love you, Monkey."

I slept that night.