Hey!! This is my first Shugo Chara fanfic and it's. . .


I wanna thank WantingFreedom for writing the story "Meet Nadeshiko" that inspired me to make this fanfic.

I don't own Shugo Chara or any of it's components. This is just a fanfic. You'd be absolutley retarded to think that a girl my age owns Shugo Chara. Seriously, just go check the credits of the show :P


"Rima-chan. . ."

"WHAT THE FREAKING HELL DO YOU WANT, NAGAY?!?!", half shouted the blonde petite.

It was pretty much a normal day at Seiyo. Rima sat next to Nagi in all of her classes, so this new school year is going to be real interesting…

"Rima, could I borrow your eraser, please?", Nagi asked politely.

"…" Rima's face was reddening with anger. "You actually bother me just so you could borrow an eraser, huh?". Nagi didn't know what to say. Rima's glare was so intimidating, that anyone who looked at it could get in a coma. Today, Rima gave Nagi a "minor" glare. "Do you think this is funny?!". Nagi felt like running away. 'Why didn't I stay in Europe as Nadeshiko..?' he thought.

"YOU THINK ASKING ME TO BORROW AN ERASER IS FUNNY, NAGAY?!?!". Rima's glare was slowly turning up to "major" now… Nagi didn't know whether to laugh, or to cringe, so he just kept silent, holding in severe laughter.

"Why you son-of-a—"

"ALRIGHT, CLASS!!!! Time to go home!!" announced the teacher. 'Saved by the bell' thought Nagihiko in relief.

As Nagi, walked out of class, he could sense Rima giving him the middle finger. It seemed funny to Nagi. Seeing such a small finger mean such big things!! Nagi thought everything Rima did was funny. She was so small, but so much went on in her brain!!! It was hilarious.

"Fujisaki-san, what's going on with Mashiro-san?", asked one of Nagi's best friends, Tadase. Nagi had a lot of friends, but when it came to best friends, he only had a few—Tadase, Amu, Kukai, Yaya, and. . .Rima. He had to admit, he couldn't get enough time with the girl who hated his guts more than she hated someone who disgraces the Bala-Balance. It was as if time together isn't ever quite enough. How was he going to respond to Tadase…?

"She's pissed at me cause I asked her to use the eraser.", Nagi responded, half-laughing. The concept just sounded too retarded to be true. And speaking of the word. . .

RETARDED: One who is mentally ill or mentally weakened.

Rima loved to insult people, and when she did, it was mostly "You're retarded". Was it because she thought she was so smart? We do not know. Nowadays, people overlook the term and don't even use it correctly anymore! Just like the word gay…

ANYWAYS!!!! BACK TO THE STORY!!! Rima knew she was wrongly using it, but didn't care. As long as it was an insult. People these days. . .

"Mashiro-san never got angry at me when I asked to use her eraser." Tadase said. "In fact. . ." he thought for a moment with a strange smug-ish look on his face, "She even gave me an eraser for Christmas! And another one for my Birthday!". Tadase seemed to be pleased with himself. Getting an eraser from Rima would be like seeing a cow actually fly over the moon. She hardly ever gave gifts to anyone, unless the gifts were unwanted.

"Are you shitting me?!?!", Nagi thought. "She gave me a freaking bra for my birthday!". He felt like screaming it out loud. He was angry that his friend had gotten better attitude from Rima than he did. But instead of cussing, he spoke what was on his mind.

"Well, that's what I would expect from a girl like her to a guy like you", he said with his trademark smile.

"What's that supposed to mean, Fujisaki-san?" said Tadase with a sudden anger. His face slowly turned into a pout, and his eyebrows edged. He looked like a rabic bull, but he tried to look like a tough guy, "I'm not interested in Mashiro-san, so don't go thinking I'm going to steal your girl, okay!?"

"Right, and that's cause you don't want your precious Amu-chan to think that you don't actually love her, am I correct?", he said with an icy tone. "But too bad Amu doesn't love, or even like you back, cause last time I checked, she and Ikuto are going hardcore." Out of nowhere, a group of people gathered around where Nagihiko and Tadase are, screaming the single word that could ruin their friendship: Fight.

The chanting grew louder: fight, fight, fight, FIGHT!! Somewhere among the crowd of people, Nagi felt Rima's presense and tensed. This was really embarassing. . .

But then he heard her chant for a fight as well! Along with Amu and Yaya, who were always seen with her. Nagi took this as a chance to show off to Rima.

'If they want a fight, then they'll get one" thought Nagi. "Rhythm.", he whispered quietly to his chara, "lone me your power for a moment"

"Okay", responded his always happy chara. Rhythm was born from Nagi's love of basketball. And in my opinion, Rhythm was pretty darn awesome! He looks NOWHERE near a rabid bull! Tadase should be jealous~

Anyways, in Beat Jumper mode, Nagi was, like, REALLY buff. Except you can't really see the muscles. They were like invisible muscles. Just when Nagi was about to put those invisible muscles to good use…

"ALRIGHT YOU FILTHY LARVAES, YOU GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HALLWAY!!!!!!", roared a deep, terrifying voice. Everyone knew the drill. Stay away from the school bully before he could get to you. This guy was really fierce. Naturally, he was told on many, many times, by he recieved excellent grades, so the teachers didn't bother to punish him. Also, all the girls loved him. They thought he was cute! Which was a reason why all the guys hated him. . ."DID YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID?! GET THE BOLONGA OUT!!!". From within the huge gang circling the owner of that voice, came out---

A seven year old boy?