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"And then what did she say?"

"She wanted to know if you would move in with her and her boyfriend…"

Slap! (My onomatopoeia of a slapping sound.)

"What the hell?" he complained. "Did you actually think I'd let you leave me, Rima!?"

I thought for a second. Nagi loves me. He wouldn't let me go that easily.

"Sorry." But I slapped him again anyway, just for my amusement.

"Hey, I got you something." He reached into his pocket, and half a second later, he showed me this heart-sticker thing that had the names "Nagi+Rima 4eva" in small white lettering in the middle. Am I tearing up? I felt my cheeks. Yep, I'm definitely crying. "It's okay Rima. I know it was so cruel of them to misspell '4eva', but that's forgivable, don't cry."

Idiot. WHat loser would cry over misspelled words?

"You're so stupid! I'm crying because I'm touched! I'm so grateful for this—Um, what the hell is this?"

The sticker, or so I thought it was, had a plastic covering on the surface, which Nagi easily peeled off.

"This will cover up your hickey. I'm taking you out tonight, Rima."

Holy cow. "Out"? He means like a date?

"Um, okay…" I answered. I was being too blunt. There was something else I wanted to tell him, but I really don't know how to say it. "I l-l lo--,"

"Yes, Rima-chan? Continue?~" He's obviously teasing me.

But I realize better.

"You've never told me you loved me." I started. "When you confessed to me, you explained how you felt. I wanna hear those three words, Fujisaki Nagihiko."

Haha, speechless.

"Rima, you already know how I feel about you."

"Yeah, well, saying it is like making a commitment! I wanna make sure you'll be committed to me, and only me! Just say it, Nagihiko!" Oooh. I'm snappy. *Snap*

"Hey, the sticker's getting a little wrinkled. Let's put this on that hickey and go."

"Okay, ready?"

"Yeah, just take off the freaking blindfold."

I felt some strands of hair from the back of my head being messed up. Soon enough though, my vision came back and I was amazed at what I saw in front of me.

"Oh my Kami. You did this for us?"

"Yep. This five star restaurant was easy to get. Asking for a private table under the stars on the balcony with an ocean view was a little bit harder." Sweatdrop. Wasn't this a little too much?

"Eh heh, Nagihiko, this is so…" I stumbled over the words I could use. "Enchanting. You're the best." I wrapped both of my arms around him, taking in his warmth, expressing my gratitude. It's not only because I want to show my compassion, but he insisted on buying me this blue minidress, and I'm freezing.

"Sorry, I should've bought you a jacket too, Rima." He said, as if reading my mind.

"You're too pricey. Aren't you the one saying love has no price?"

"That's 'cause it's priceless."

"Doesn't mean you have to spend a thousand bucks on me."

"I'm doing that to show you how much I adore you." He held my hand and gestured me towards the table. "Shall we?" Don't blush, don't blush, don't blush…


"We shall."

I don't think any moment in my life could top this. Being with Nagihiko in such a beautiful surrounding is…priceless, as Nagihiko had said. He was the prince charming I've always wanted, but could never find. If I were to die right now, like this, I think I'd be okay with it. Dying with a happy memory is all anyone could want.

"So later, we'll go to that teen's club you wanted to go to. You told me last semester you were dying to go, right?" How did he know…? Of course, I'd already been there once, but it wasn't with someone as dazzling as Nagihiko. This time would be different.

"Yeah, that's right." I looked at him. He's always so content in whatever situation he's in. He's a big ball of sunshine and happiness. But he'll probably be my eclipse. As soon as that abandoned broken heart comes for me... "Nagihiko…Are you ever going to leave for Europe again?"

"What? After us? Hell no."

"But it's your future…"

"No Rima, if you ask me to pick between my love and my future, I'll tell you my love is my future." Why does he have to be so darn alluring?!

Our food came.

Om nom nom.

Thirty minutes later, we were done with our meal, but Nagihiko wouldn't let me see the check T~T

"Rima, eat a mint."

"Why would you tell me to eat a mint?"

"'Cause I wanna kiss you, Rima."


"Gosh the music is on low volume today." I told Nagihiko. He kept silent and walked through the doors into the familiar, colorful room.

When did I become so obnoxious?

What is it with you that makes me act like this?


Don't tell me.

"I took these songs from that playlist on your iPod, and paid the DJ to play them."

"Yeah, but!"

"But what?"

"…I fell in love with this song thinking of you, Nagi…"



Freaking stupid silence. You can die in hell.

He walked me over to an empty seat. "Okay, Rima. We won't dance to this then. Explain to me how this song matches us."

I listened to the music for guidance.

I've never been this nasty…

"Nasty as in mean, Nagi. Don't think wrong."

Can't you tell that this is all just a contest?

Whichever one that wins the most will hit the hardest…

"You do hit pretty hard, Rima."

"I'm just going to pretend I didn't hear that." I knew the contest part was for Amu's friendship, which was pretty stupid now that I think about it. T3T

But baby I don't mean it…

I mean it. I promise.

"Mean what, Rima? Mean what?"

"I'm sorry. That's what I mean." I saw him smile so stilly at me, the kind of smile you'd give a baby after it was just born. What the hell? I'm not newborn.

"Let's go dance, Rima-chan."

Before I could give any sort of answer, he dragged me onto the dancefloor where a whole bunch of other couples were dancing. I lingered over my own steps, but since Nagihiko was a pro at this, it was nothing to worry about. For him, at least.

I felt him slip something onto my finger. It felt cold, and a little rocky.

"It's a commitment ring. Don't ever take it off."

You could probably see the heat waves coming off my cheeks.

Everything was goody-goody with Nagi and me until some couple started lip locking while they were dancing. When I turned my attention back to Nagi, he caught me by the chin and kissed me, much to my surprise and enjoyment. His lips were soft, warm, and they tasted like cherry. I bet mine still taste like mints. He's my Mr. Perfect.

Please don't leave me.

"Um, I don't really know the way home, Nagi…" I stubbornly admitted. I didn't walk home from here last time. I took a taxi. Nagihiko told me taxi drivers are insane and insisted on walking back to the hotel. Who's the insane one?

"It's okay Rima, I know my way." He held my hand throughout the whole walk. He barely spoke to me, so he's probably thinking about something. Or maybe he's just a listener.

"Nagihiko, I love you." Bleh. Tadase impression. Nice, Rima. It still showed him how I felt about him. Consider that a thanks for tonight, Nagi. He only just squeezed my hand.

We stood at the hotel entrance for a while.

"I'm sort of going to miss it here." Nagi spoke up.

"I won't. Gaylaroo's finally going to get out of my life."

I took one step forward, making the doors open automatically. The elevator shaft was already open, so Nagi and I walked in, noticing something really odd…

When was there a Floor 50? I thought this hotel only had 44 floors.

Reluctantly, I pressed the 50th floor button. Quickly, the elevator stopped.

"Freaking elevator jacked up my hair." Nagi and I complained.

When the metal doors open, uh, they didn't open.



"Not now, Nagi, I'm hallucinating."

"Rima, it's your mom." O_O What?!?!?!

"Mom, where are you?"

"I'm on the other side of this elevator door-thingy. I'll help you get out, honey."

My mom. In this hotel. Floor 50, which looked like some freakish dungeon. WTF IS GOING ON?!


"Rima, I got kidnapped ^^'" O_O Okay, big surprise. "They didn't want me to pick you up tomorrow, so they kept me in here."

"Why didn't they want me to leave?"

"I don't know. I think he said something like 'I LOVE MONEY!! :D~'" She did a perfect imitation of a fat dude's evil laughter, I'll give her that…

"Mom, who's the one who took you?"



"Okay, hunnie. I think….it might be Ivanna Suckhi Scock." Why would she assume that? Isn't she in jail? "I remember the familiar cry of 'You'll have the cutest babies!'"

I knew it. That waitress lady was totally my ex-tutor in disguise. Her whole friggen annoying perky voice, and her totally large ass… I should've known before.

"Rima…" Nagi whispered to me. "I only know one lady who's said that, and she's that annoying waitress…." Wow. You sure catch on fast. *sarcasm*

"And honey…" My mom continued. "I think…she might do me off for calling the cops on her."

Do me off…As in kill?!

"Mom, we've got to get you out of here, mom."

"Honey, I can't." Gosh…


"My pinky finger is chained to the wall."

Resisting…No yelling…At mommy…

"Nagi, maybe Mr. Panda can break the chain!" He looked at me and gave me that "Rima-You're-Retarded" face. "You know…people say weight can break a lot of things!"

"Oh my gosh, no Rima! The panda's in the hotel room!"

Oh yeah.

"Then what do you suggest we do, Einstein?!"

"I say you just let me take care of my business!" I had…no idea who said that. I turned around. Oh shit.

"When are you two having babies?"

"Amu-chan, are you sure you wanna do this?"

"Sure as hell, Suu, Miki. Don't worry. It's for the best."

"Amu-chan, I thought you liked how Ikuto stole the Amouro Embryo for you-desu."

"Well he stole love, and that's a horrible thing to do. Artificial love doesn't get you anywhere."

"But Amu…"

"I know, I know, Ran. I shouldn't be talking since I'm taking the Memioro Embryo."

"Ivanna! Just leave these children alone!" my mom defended. It was no use anyways. Ivanna's armed. With a freaking tazar. All we've got is: My mom's rusty emergency pocket knife, Nagihiko's long hair of doom, and my secret power to make people cry.

My mom got out her pocketknife.

"Take this, you cock sucker! (Get it? It has to do with her name! That pun XD)" my mom threw the knife with all her might, but it oxidized in the air the second after my mom threw it. "How embarassing…"

"You're a meanie head! Why are you such a bad person?" Um, you can probably guess who said that…

"Because, little girl, I'm bigger than you!"

"…" Everyone thinks. (XD) "We all know you're bigger than us…"

That crazy lady got fed up with our silence, and pulled the trigger. AT MY MOM.

Picking up the heaviest thing around me I could find, which happened to be a treadmill, and plunged it at her. Of course, being so accurate as I am, it was a direct hit.

"OH MY LORD, YOU DID NOT JUST--," I threw a beaker at her before she could continue. I made her bleed…

And all of these things happened next, all because I threw a stupid glass cup at her head, then her thick skull broke it:

She tried to shoot me

Nagihiko threw me to the other side of the room

He took the bullet for me

"Nagihiko!!!" I screamed.

"Nagihiko!!!" My mother cried.

I immediatley ran over to his side. Everywhere was a bloody mess on him. It was as if a massacre was played on his genuine body. And it was all because I threw a glass cup at that woman's head.

"Nagihiko…Don't go. Please don't leave me…"

"Rima-chan, I lo--," He didn't continue. Because he couldn't.

"Yo, egg. Wake up. I need your God damn help." An egg the color of blue and gray rose above the girl's head. It refused to reveal it's true face, because it was an Embryo.

"What do you want, commoner?"

"Uh, yeah. I have a wish to make."

"Be straightforward! You're lagging!" The pink headed girl was resisting with every urge in her body to grab the egg and toss it on her wall.

"I wish we went back to last week, when everything was normal."


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