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Full Summary: It was all going perfect. His plans on becoming the God of the New World was just one step away. Until a weird girl from his past got her revenge by turning Light into a girl! He - or she will have to go through female problems such as blemishes, PMS, flirtatious boys, and our favourite detective - L.

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Chapter 1: Revenge

Light sat comfortably on his chair and smiled evilly. L had released him and Misa. Now that the Kira investigation had read the two fake rules of the Death Note, they had been cleared out of suspicion of being Kira and the Second Kira. He chuckled darkly as a plan to kill L formed in his head. The eccentric detective was already planning on testing out the Death Note to see if the 13 day-rule is true. Light was the only person he had told about this, and L was planning on telling the whole Kira Investigation as soon as possible. It was a good thing Rem wasn't there when L told him about his plan, as it would ruin his plan in killing L. So many planning going on around here.

"You seemed to be in a good mood." Ryuk said and munched on his apple.

"L is going to die soon, and I will be the God of the New World." Light exclaimed and laughed maniacally. The Shinigami stared at him.

"Yeah, I think I've heard of that one before." Light rolled his eyes at Ryuk. "What will happen when L dies? I guess things will be pretty boring, huh?"

Light chuckled darkly again before smirking at him. Or it. Is he having an orgasmic attack when he thinks about L dying?, Ryuk thought. "Trust me on this, it would be more interesting because all of my obstacles will soon be gone." Light grabbed the remote and turned his T.V. on.

"Kira's killings still continues. Today, ten criminals died of a heart attack."

It was a good thing Light had told Misa to kill more criminals, or else he would have to go with her on dates. He shivered inwardly at the thought. He yawned and turned his T.V. Off and got ready for bed.


Maya laughed gleefully as she tried to think of something to wish. A fat man with a black mustache was floating beside her, seeming unfazed by the girl's weirdness. Said man was bald and had a happy expression on his face. He was wearing a silver shining vest and underneath it was a long sleeve shirt. He was also wearing purple pants.

The red-blue-black haired girl was dressed in all black. Black baggy pants, black shirt and black socks. Her eyes were blood-shot and always had an evil glint. She almost look like a female version of Beyond Birthday. How eerie.

"Hmm... what should I wish? Make Light fall in love with me? Ha ha ha! That is a brilliant plan!" The man looked around the room and chuckled quietly. Maya's room was filled with photos of Light Yagami. The pictures had heart-shaped frames and red candles in front of them. He could tell that these pictures that she had taken was from following Light around.

Maya babbled on. "And after that we'll get married! Then I'd like to wish to meet Kira, too!"

The man snapped his eyes back at her. "Whoa there, creepy Light fan girl," he said the word creepy silently, "you only get one wish."

"What?! What kind of genie only grants one wish?!"

"The handsome kind, like moi." He fixed his collar. Maya gagged inwardly. She gave him a weird look. "Say that again?"

The man, or as she called him, the genie, sighed exasperatedly. "That's the rules. You only get one wish." She groaned as she thought of something better than making Light go loco over her. She felt her eye twitch as she remembered bad memories from the past.


4 Years Ago


Maya sighed happily. Today was the day she decided to ask out Light Yagami, a student who was handsome, popular, athletic, intelligent...Do I need to go on... I mean, all he was missing was a sparkling skin.

She had been crushing on Light ever since Grade 4, but he never noticed her. They both had been going to the same school for the past four years. He always seemed to be bored all the time. Well get ready to be entertained by me, my lovely Light! She mused. Only one thing could entertain him, my dear. The notebook.

Anyway, she fixed her hair as she entered the cafeteria. Her eyes scanned around and landed on a certain brunette. He was sitting with a couple of guys, who were goofing around with their food, while Light was eating his apple peacefully. Maya debated in her mind whether or not she should ask him out during lunch with a bunch of people that would might be eavesdropping. She sighed. I guess I should wait after school.

After school she hurried out of the building, looking for Light. She heard someone call her name. She spun around and her heartbeat accelerated when she realized it was Light who had just called her. Heat flooded her cheeks as he approached her. This is it!

"Ms. Maya, I want you to stop stalking me."

Whatever you say my dear Light, she mused. Wait, say what?! "Uh, w—what do you mean?" Why would he say the term 'stalking'?! I prefer it 'admiring from afar'. Weren't you cheesy.

"You know exactly what I mean." Light stared at her straight in the eye. She looked down. "I—I just really like you, Light, ever since we're in elementary."

The following words broke her heart. "I'm sorry, but I don't feel the same way." Her lips quivered and she took a deep breath. "Is it because you already liked someone else?"

"No, that's not it. I'm just not ready for relationships yet. I'm sorry."

"Well, that's okay. Don't worry, I'll be fine." She said the word fine a bit angrily. I guess I couldn't blame him... I'll just wait till he's ready.

Light said a quiet good-bye and turned around. She just stood there frozen, and felt nothing. Quietly, she went to the same direction as Light.

Meanwhile, Light saw her at the corner of his eye. Damn it, this girl won't quit. I need to find a way to make her stop following me. He smirked as he saw a girl from his class sitting on a bench.

"Hey, Arya." Her head snapped up from the book she was reading and turned to Light, who sat down beside her. "Uh, hi Light." They continued to communicate. Light was waiting for Maya to be close enough to hear them. He pretended to drop his phone and when he picked it up, he saw someone moved behind a tree.

"So, I was wondering. Do you want to go out with me?" Maya gasped and covered her mouth. I thought he wasn't ready for relationships yet!

Arya giggled. "Um, sure." Maya's blood boiled and her eye twitched. I should do something about this! She grinned evilly as she remembered the egg she brought in case of an emergency. Seriously, an egg? She also had other weird stuff in her bag.

Aiming at Arya's head, Maya snapped her wrist and the egg hit Arya on the shoulder, then she made a run for it. She heard Arya cry because of the pain, while Maya cried because of her broken heart.




Maya shook her head violently as she tried to forget the past. She realized now that she had been wrong about being in love with Light, even though he had broke her heart. Really, she just had realized that now?

She slapped herself a couple of times. The genie raised an eyebrow. "Uh... should I be afraid of you?" The girl shot him a glare, which made her a lot scarier. "YOU!"

The unnamed genie squeaked. "Me?"

"I want you to turn Light into a girl to make him feel the pain that every woman go through!"

He looked thoughtful for a moment. "Pain? Like... giving birth?"

"No, dumbass!"

"Cramps while having period?"


"Uh... popping pimples...?" Maya shrieked and threw a book at him, but she missed. "Just turn him into an 18-year old woman!"

"Okay, okay. I will. But are you sure you don't want something else? Like, turn yourself into a beautiful, not creepy, woman." Once again he said the words not creepy silently. He was trying to lighten the mood, but was failing as Maya's body shook in rage.

"Alright, jeez." He rolled up his sleeves and closed his eyes, trying to meditate.

"Ahmm......Ahm.....Ahem. Ahm.....Baba-bo-ee-baba-bo-ee tsk tsk." Maya stared at him. What the hell? "Ee-hoh. Ee-hoh. Arf, arf! Mooooo!"

A loud squeaked was heard from the genie as Maya slapped him. "What the hell were you doing?!"

"I was just warming up! Granting a wish is not an easy task. I'm not like those other genie you see in a Disney movie who snaps his fingers and make poofing sounds and sing!" She rolled her eyes.

"Just hurry up, then!" She sighed. This was supposed to be a peaceful night. Then this stupid genie suddenly appeared when she had come back to her apartment and ruined it. At first, she thought it was some kind of a joke, but with Kira around she was starting to feel that nothing was impossible.

The genie took a deep breath. "Your wish... is my command!" He clapped his hands three times.

One second, two seconds, three...

"What now...?" Maya asked. He smiled at her. "He he he. Light Yagami is now a female."

She laughed evilly. "So, is this whole female thing going to be permanent?"

"Nope!" The genie said enthusiastically. Her smile dropped. "What?! Then what do you do to make it permanent?"

He smirked and leaned in closer to her to whisper the rules.



Ryuk went back to Light's house after stealing some apples from the neighbourhood because Light 'forgot' to buy him/it some. He/it enjoyed munching on them as he/it, (let's just call him a he okay?!) floated back up to Light's room.

When he phased through the door, he froze. Do human's hair grow out this much after one night? He he he. Humans are so interesting. He floated beside Light's bed and dropped his apple.

Oh my Shinigami...

Light briefly opened his eyes when he heard a thud on the floor. He saw Ryuk staring down at him. He gave the Shinigami a weird look before sitting up. Ryuk picked up his apple and finished eating it. Light felt weird this morning. Very, very weird.

He stood up and stretched. He made his way to the door but when he caught his reflection in his mirror. He walked back slowly and stared at the mirror with his eyes as huge as plates.

"What... the hell?!" Light touched his face and screamed. Except his scream didn't sound like a man, he sounded like a freaking girl.

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