Ok my first crossover so be nice.

Tayuya was bored why cause her cellmate and only friend would not talk to her instead he kept toying with some kind of drawling on the ground.

"Yo Shithead can you at least tell me what the hell your doing"yelled Tayuya as said Shithead turned around revealing the whiskered face of Naruto Uzumaki.

"But Tayuya-chan I said it would be a surprise just waurk"Naruto was interupted by Tayuya grabbing him by the neck and shaking him like a rag doll.

"No I will not fucking wait you will tell me what the hell its for now"demanded Tayuya, sadilly she shook him so hard he had swirls in his eyes.


"SHITHEAD"yelled Tayuya. Dropping him to the ground she waited for him to collect himself.

"Naruto before you finish the seal make a kage bunshin using only my chakra"said Kyuubi inside Naruto's mind he nodded before he got up and looked to see if there were any guards outside the cell. Seeing none he went to the middle of the cell and the famous seal which caused Tayuya to wonder what he planned to do whille the chakra cuffs were attached to his wrists. Her went wide though when she sensed Kyuubi's chakra and a cloud of smoke came up next Naruto but what emerged was not what they expected instead of a copy of Naruto there stood a very beautiful woman with long red hair her red hair went all the way to her waist her was skin tanned, she red eyes with slitted pupils, but what caught the two teens were the nine tails flowing behind her and the fox hears on her head.

"Kyuubi what the hell your a girl"yelled Naruto.

"Yes now let me see something real quick"said Kyuubi crouching down she quickly drew out a smaller seal next to the one Naruto had made before making the kanji for dragon on top of it. She then pressed down on the seal feeding it chakra the seal flashed white before changing back To normal.

Fives seconds later the seal turned a sickly yellow color causing Kyuubi to frown the two teens watched as Kyuubi seemed to think deeply before she started to make a similar seal but changed the kanji from dragon to wolf. This time instead of yellow the seal turned bright blue before it merged to the larger seal.

"Kyuubi what was that"asked Tayuya making sure not to curse in front of the bijju queen.

"That Tayuya is a surprise but the seal I had Naruto draw up is your way out of this prison, but Tayuya you wont be in this world anymore are you alright with this"asked Kyuubi. Tayuya got a clouded look in her eye as she felt her strange hat before she seemed to make up her mind and nodded.

"But Kyuubi what were those other seals for"asked Naruto but before Kyuubi could answer they heard a guard calling for lunchtime as footsteps could be heard coming closer.

"No time get on the seal Chandak will tell you everything"yelled Kyuubi as the footsteps started to pick up the pace both the teens scrambled onto the seal as Kyuubi started appling chakra causing the seal to glowSuddenly Kyuubi poofed away and they were enveloped in a blinding white light.

On top of teliphone pole a white wolf with nine tails stood watching as to a blue and yellow dragon like aura clashed with a red one above a factory.

"I wonder what Rei wants"thought the wolf as the same seal appeared in front of it before the wolf leaped into it causing both to vanish.

It was midnight over Karakura Town most people were asleep so no one noticed when a white light flashed over the forest by the graveyard neither was there anyone to hear the two screams of Naruto and Tayuya but before they knew it they riding on the back of a large wolf that was jumping off tree branches before it the ground hard knocking them off.

"Ow what the hell was that"yelled Tayuya looking up at the sky.

"That would be me saving you from breaking a few bones"said the now normal sized wolf causing both teens to face him.

"You can talk"asked Naruto.

"You have been talking to a fox only minutes ago and I am the one that seems strange to you"asked the wolf with a sweatdrop.

"Ya but Kyuubi is a demon fox with nine tails"stated Tayuya.

"So your saying that fox with nine tails can but a wolf with nine tails can't right"the wolf asked spreading out his tails causing both of them to shut up.

"Good now my name is Chandak as a favor to Rei I will be helping you get used to this world but after a year I will be on my way, any questions"asked Chandak.

"Who is Rei"asked Tayuya.

"Kyuubi"Chandak simply stated. Suddenly the ground shook as heavy footstep could be heard turning around the group saw two beady yellow eyes.

"Whats that"asked Naruto narrowing his eyes.

"A hollow"as if it heard a loud wail came from the beast before it charged.

"Oh shit"yelled the two ninjas before jumping out of the way. Tayuya seeing how she did not have flute started doing handseals for a genjutsu when she found her chakra was almost nonexistent but felt something else but when she tried to used that energy nothing happined.

Naruto had a similar problem wondering why he had trouble making only five clones instead of the armys he had always made.

Pushing it to the side he hade four of the clones distract the hollow while the other started forming a rasengan in his hand before it poofed away charging towards the hollow thats just now noticed him turn towards him as Naruto heard Chandak yell that the white mask was its weak spot jumping up he drived the rasengan home as the masked broke and the hollow slowly turned to dust.

Ok you two sit down maybe its time I explained the all situation"

ok well thats chap 1 future note is that later on in the story their will be five other Naruto charicters introduced see if you can guess who they are