Author Notes: I know, I know! Do NOT start a new story without first finishing your existing ones but I did – well, what can I say? The muses dictate my hand and my train of (pervy) thoughts! -smiles- I added a hint in the very last chapter of Hold Me and have to follow it up, so here is the sequel to Hold Me, my very first VK fanfic.

ZeroxYuuki was my first love (as far as VK pairings go) but I have since been hopelessly in love with Kaname and Zero as a couple. I just can't see Kaname with anyone else and generally do not like OCs as a main pairing but I agree they're fine as villains or supporting characters :D I read, write and adore both KxZ and ZxK but I want to try my hand at the latter hence Hold Me Now will be predominantly ZeroxKaname. It will have its usual dose of angst, OOC-ness and sappiness galore but I hope you all enjoy it all the same :D

Spoilers for Hold Me: Yuuki is Kaname's younger sister but remains human. Kaname agreed to give Zero his pure blood indefinitely after Yuuki decides that she loves Zero.

This sequel is set many years after Hold Me ends, after Yuuki passes away due to old age and natural causes. Zero is devastated and wants to end his life but Kaname is desperate to stop him, knowing that he finally has a chance to experience the love his sister had.

Appreciation: To everyone who wanted a sequel and/or commented on Kaname's loneliness in Hold Me, hope you enjoy this and don't forget to review.

Warning: Character death remembered (Yuuki's).

Summary: For years he had watched and waited, hungry for the love Yuuki had and growing lonelier and sadder with each passing year. But now that she was gone, Kaname could finally allow himself to hope. "Hold me now, Zero," he whispered. "It's my turn." Yaoi. ZxK KxZ.

Rating: 'M'

Disclaimer: Vampire Knight could only and does belong to the great Matsuri Hino.

-- Chapter Start --

This chapter is just a teaser to whet your appetites. I'm sure you'll recognise the (slightly edited) excerpts below from Hold Me :D

Chapter 5: All Souls Day

Zero looked wildly from one man to the other, before the pureblood's dark compelling gaze held his again. The fierce gaze had softened slightly with understanding and something faintly resembling respect.

"Yuuki will be fine, you know I would never hurt her." Kaname stood up with Yuuki in his arms, not really sure why he even bothered explaining his actions to the ex-human vampire, only there was a desperation in the suffering eyes that called out to him.


Chapter 6: May I Have This Dance?

The pureblood's gaze was steady on him. Zero returned his look, hesitated, then nodded his head once. Briefly. Kaname inclined his head in return, gracefully. Ichijo's face was almost comical in his surprise at he witnessed the subtle masculine exchange. Then the pureblood vampire turned and left the hall, followed by Ichijo. Zero stared after them for a moment before Yuuki tugged on his hand, and he only saw her and no one else.


Chapter 14: Going Too Far

Zero's jaw clenched even harder. The way Kuran walked - it just had to be a put on. No one, particularly a male, should ever walk that well, that gracefully.


Chapter 17: Holiday Break

They stared at each other for a long moment - the dark haired pureblood, dressed in white. The silver haired ex-human, in black. Mirror images of each other. Both of them loving Yuuki and reluctantly accepting that the other loved her just as much, if not more.

Then the pureblood sighed softly. "Sometimes, we hurt the ones we love, Zero-kun... even though it is the last thing we intended," he murmured, half to himself.


Chapter 20: Yuuki's Decision

"Promise me that you won't do anything stupid." Kaname's voice was harder now, compelling. And his meaning was crystal clear to both of them. He was telling Zero not to end his life because they both knew how it would devastate Yuuki. Zero found himself staring at the pureblood again, mesmerised. The stern look softened.

"For Yuuki. For her sake," Kaname murmured as he took a step closer. Zero wondered if he were dreaming - the pureblood was as close to pleading as he had ever seen him. There was a long moment of silence as they looked at each other. There was a world of things unsaid but somehow, they both understood. Everything they thought, or said, planned, or did - everything was for Yuuki. No one else.

No. The pureblood didn't need anyone to tell him that Zero hadn't deliberately drained Yuuki. Despite the ex-human's expressionless face, his anger and his moodiness, anyone who cared to look at him hard enough couldn't have failed to see, especially in recent months, that Zero Kiryuu was completely and irrevocably in love with Yuuki Cross.

Kaname paused. "My dear," he murmured, his dark eyes filled with sudden pain. "You have to choose - it's time."


"Choose between Kiryuu-kun... or me, Yuuki," he said.

"You - you wanted Yuuki to choose me? Why?" Zero asked dazedly. The world was spinning dizzily; nothing made sense to him anymore. Nothing except Yuuki trembling in his arms, still sobbing quietly against his chest as he leaned back against the wall. And that strangely compelling look in Kaname's eyes as he smiled.

Because Kiryuu, I would only relinquish Yuuki to the one who loves her as much as I do.

Kaname's hand threaded through the silver hair, his eyes closing as he held the boy's head to his neck. He leaned forward, balancing his weight with his other hand pressed flat against the wall beside Zero's head. Even though his eyes were closed, his ears and senses were open and on alert, fully aware of his surroundings. He knew Yuuki was kneeling beside them now, her wide eyes taking in the sight of Zero's face buried in the pureblood's neck, a sight she'd never before imagined. Kaname tried hard to stop his body from trembling because giving blood was new to him. It meant giving in, betraying weakness and loss of control… but he knew it could also mean love... trust... understanding.


Zero looked at the floor as he licked his lips self-consciously, trying not to remember how Kaname's lean but strong body had trembled against his as he drank, and especially as he licked the swiftly healing puncture wounds on the pale skin. Zero's body was also shaking but it was from the pure rush of Kaname's intoxicating blood in his body, stabilising his body and his mind, driving away the impending shadow of madness.


Chapter 21: Zero's Promised Absolved

There was no reason for Zero to be rude to the young pureblood, just like there was no reason for Kaname to dislike Zero either. But still, the amethyst gaze resting on him now was almost fierce in its intensity and after a moment, the pureblood realised why - Zero had actually held out his right hand towards him.

"Kuran... sama," he said, a slight flush creeping up his pale cheeks. This was embarrassing... he could feel Yuuki staring at him. Heck, Takuma was staring at him too. But he'd struggled with himself just now as Kaname was talking to Yuuki and yes, this was what he wanted to say. From the heart.

Despite his habitual reserve, Kaname's eyebrows rose a little as his gaze dropped to the offered hand. There was an uncomfortable look on Zero's face now and the pureblood knew it hadn't been easy at all for the ex-human to say and do that. It took courage... and honour... two things Kaname understood and respected.

The pureblood reached out to grasp Zero's hand firmly in his own elegant one, his eyes warming with respect. "Just 'Kaname'... Zero-kun," he offered quietly.


Chapter 26: Man To Man

Zero flushed even deeper at the unmistakable meaning in Kaname's words and the pureblood smiled a little.

"You don't have to be embarrassed, Zero. We are vampires, you and I. Taking the blood of another person, whether human or vampire affects us psychologically, and it gets even more intense when emotions or feelings are involved."

Kaname made sure he kept his voice level and matter of fact. After all, Zero had taken from him once too, and would continue to do so indefinitely.

No need to freak the boy out.


After a couple of minutes of battling with himself, Zero finally forced his gaze to meet Kaname's again. "I can't tell you that, Kaname. But I promise you this - I will not take Yuuki's virtue until the day we are wed."


Chapter 29: Promises and Vows

The room was redolent with the perfume of the fresh roses and air conditioning kept the interior comfortably cooled. Again, Chairman Cross' eyes were suspiciously moist behind his glasses as the door opened and Kaname walked Yuuki down the four metre long carpeted aisle to where Zero stood waiting with Yagari, in front of the candlelit table. Kaname had Yuuki's small hand tucked into the crook of his right elbow and as they stepped up to the table, the pureblood raised his younger sister's hand to his lips, his dark eyes locking onto Zero with a brief flash of fierce protectiveness. Then Kaname smiled and stood aside, his gaze on the graceful figure of his younger sister, standing hand in hand beside Zero at the front of the table.


Chapter 30: Epilogue

It had been almost a year since he had last been here last but every time he set foot in here, it always felt like... home. A place that he felt safe in, a place that was still safe - a haven where little or none of the never-ending political dealings of the vampire world touched. Kaname was determined to keep it that way and even more so now, when Cross Academy was also the home of the people he cherished most in the world – his younger sister Yuuki, her husband Zero, their adopted father Kaien Cross and of course, little Yuko Kiryuu.


Standing in the doorway, Kaname watched them silently. He had deliberately hidden his aura and was enjoying the loving scene in the kitchen with a wistful smile on his face. It was good to know that Zero and Yuuki behaved like this when they didn't know he was around. Kaname knew that the young hunter loved his younger sister and their daughter with all his heart but witnessing their open affection for each other still warmed his heart. He knew he no longer needed to worry about his sister's happiness – she was brimming with it.

Ah, I envy you your happiness, Yuuki...

Without making a sound, Kaname turned around and walked back to the living room.


Halfway through the meal, Zero noticed that Kaname had stopped eating. The pureblood was observing each person seated at the table, taking a moment to study each of the familiar faces. When he came to Zero who was sitting beside him, he paused. The young hunter had raised an eyebrow slightly in a silent enquiry but Kaname only shook his head before resuming eating again.

I envy you your happiness too, Zero...


While waiting for Aido's family to arrive, Kaname and Zero had taken the opportunity to hold their blood sharing session. With his fangs buried in the pureblood's pale neck and their bodies pressed close together, Zero could feel that Kaname's trembles were a little more pronounced than before. After he had taken his fill of that rich, pure blood, the hunter licked the wounds on Kaname's neck closed and murmured his thanks. But when he asked if Kaname was OK, the pureblood had just shrugged before turning away to button up his shirt.

Yuuki didn't say anything and Zero cuddled her closer. "He has us, Yuuki... and he'll always be welcome here, you know that."

His words made Yuuki blink back sudden tears. She loved the fact that the two most important men in her lives no longer had any enmity between them. "You're right, Zero. But I do hope that he won't remain lonely forever... that there will be someone to love him some day."


-- Chapter End --