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A young girl of sixteen looks around at her now destroyed village. The Whirlpool village had been infiltrated and the shinobi of whirlpool had been unable to rid the village of the attackers.


The young girl was startled at this and let out a scream as she felt a hand on her shoulder.

'H-Hey I'm not here to hurt you!' the person stuttered, shocked by her scream.

The girl looked up to meet a pair of blue eyes. 'I'm a shinobi from Konaha, I'm here to help…'

The girl just stared unable to form a sentence.

'Can you talk?'

The girl shook her head, which made the young boy frown. 'So you can't say anything, not even your name?' he asked.



The said girl gasped and jumped, wiping sweat from her forehead.

'Hey Kush, what's up? You looked as though you were having a bad dream.'

'O-Oh… I-it was only a nightmare Kasumi,' Kushina replied with a weak smile.

Kasumi frowned, not yet convinced.

'Sumi, I'm fine okay? So just chill,' Kushina reasoned with a smile.

'Whatever,' was her reply.

'Besides… what the hell are you doing here? It's the weekend, and I was sleeping,' Kushina hissed.

'We are going the training grounds to watch those hot shinobi train' Kasumi replied with a smirk.

Kushina sighed. 'Why did my best friend have to be boy crazed? Kami, what on earth did I do to deserve this sort of torture!' Kushina asked in mock angst, which caused Kasumi to roll her eyes.

'All you need to do is say you don't want to go,' the brunette muttered as she stood up.

'Okay, then I don't want to go,' Kushina replied.

'Fine more boys for Ren and I,' Kasumi sighed as she started to walk off. 'Later Kushina.'

Kushina smiled and snuggled back into her pillow, awaiting sleep to take over a few minutes later. That was proved difficult as she then heard a loud banging on her bedroom door. She groaned. 'Go away, I'm trying to sleep!' she shouted.

'K-Kushina! Open up now, we've got to go!' she heard her older sister Mika scream.

Kushina instantly climbed out of bed and opened the door. 'Mika, what's going on?' Kushina asked with a slight frown.

'W-Whirlpools under attack, we've got to go now!' she cried.

Kushina quickly pulled on a pair of shoes and followed her sister. 'W-Where's mum and dad?' Kushina asked.

'They're out fighting.'

Kushina frowned and stopped. 'Wait, then why aren't you out there with them? You're a kunoichi aren't… you…' Kushina trailed off.

'Mika… what's going o- Mmph!' Kushina was cut of as her mouth was covered by a cloth. She started kicking and punching her sister, trying to get free.

'Oh Kushina… if only you had decided to become a ninja like the rest of the family… that way I could have spared your life. You could have joined me.'

Kushina felt hot liquid fall down her cheek as Mika cut her.

'Leave you sister alone Mika.'

'Oh hello daddy, where's mum? Oh… dead already is she? Shame,' Mika replied with a smirk.

'I don't want to kill you. Let your sister go and I may spare your life.'

'Spare my life?' Mika started laughing hysterically. 'It's your life that you need to worry about!'

Kushina let out a muffled scream as she saw her father brutally killed by her sister.

'Miss?' 'Oh I must be having that dream again' Kushina thought.

She went still as she felt a hand touch her shoulder… like in her dream. Yet she could actually feel the hand. It was a warm, strong hand, a hand of a warrior. Warrior… shinobi… ninja…. She let out a scream.

'H-Hey I'm not here to hurt you!' the person stuttered, shocked by her scream.

The girl looked up to meet a pair of blue eyes. 'I'm a shinobi from Konaha, I'm here to help…'

'Wait, this is exactly like my dream' she thought

Kushina found herself unable to say a sentence… 'I… can't talk?'

'Can you talk?'

Kushina sighed and shook her head, looking down, which made the shinobi frown. 'So you can't say anything, not even your name?' he asked.

Kushina just shook her head again.

'Can you write?'

Kushina nodded and wrote her name in the dirt on the ground.

'Kushina…?' He asked. 'Is that your name? Kushina?'

She nodded. The shinobi stared at her for a minute before standing up, holding a hand out to her. Kushina hesitantly took his hand and he pulled her up.

The shinobi was much taller then she was. He had bright blond hair, which was a strange colour, and he had blue eyes that made her wonder. She didn't know what or why but they just did. He looked around her age, maybe a bit older...

He led her to a large group of shinobi. 'What you got their Namikaze' a tall brunette asked. 'Shut up mongrel,' a black haired shinobi muttered.

'What'd you call be Uchiha?'

'Cut it out you two,' a blond woman snapped.

'Tsunade Sama, this girl is the only survivor. From what I know she can not talk, probably still in shock from what happened.'

'Does she have any sort of identification on her?' The woman, who she now knew was Tsunade.

'No but she wrote her name in the dirt for me, it's Kushina,' He explained.

Tsunade nodded and walked over to Kushina. 'Hello Kushina, I'm a medic. I just want to have a look for injuries,'

Kushina slapped her hands away in fear. She didn't know this woman and she hated medics.

'That has got to be the first time that has happened hime!' a white haired man laughed...

Tsunade turned to the man and went to punch him but had her hand caught. 'Tsunade, don't hit sensei in front of Kushina, it'll just scare her even more,' the blue eyed shinobi from said as he let go of Tsunade's arm. Tsunade sighed and turned back to Kushina. 'Kushina, I need to check you for any injuries.'

Kushina shook her head and wrapped her arms around her legs, burying her face into her knees.

'Minato, I can't do anything if she's like this. Maybe if you tried… she might trust you.'

Minato sighed and knelt in front of Kushina. 'Hey, you can trust Tsunade. She's the nation's best medic, one of the three Sannin. She won't hurt you,' he said with a soft smile.

Kushina shook her head.

Minato sighed. 'Are you hurt?'

Kushina shook her head again.

'Let's just take her back to the village,' Minato suggested.

'Fine, whatever.' Tsunade muttered as she and the other shinobi disappeared.

Minato gave Kushina a kind smile and picked her up. 'Okay, lets get you back to Konaha.'

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