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Oh was there someone you were thinking of?
Someone more complete
Was there someone you were thinking of?


'Hokage-Sama, it's here.'

Minato closed his eyes, hitting his clenched fists on the table as he did. He was hoping that his suspicions were wrong. In the end…it was he who was wrong.

'Get the civilians out of the town! We cannot let them intervene,' Minato ordered.

'Yes Hokage-Sama,' and with that said, the ANBU left in a puff of smoke.

Minato ran a shaky hand through his hair. 'This can't be happening…it just can't,' he whispered over and over again. But no matter how many times he said it, the words didn't sound right. He knew it was all over. He wouldn't be able to save the village from that…monster. He wouldn't be able to save Kushina… 'Kushina!' He thought in panic. He hadn't seen her since he was called to his office over two hours ago. He ran to the apartment he and Kushina owned, in a yellow flash. Arriving to see her crying out in pain.

'Kushina!' he knelt down and lightly gave her shoulder a shake.

'I've gone into labor Minato. It hurts so much,' she whispered.

Minato nodded and scooped her into his arms, before disappearing in a yellow flash, yet again to get to the hospital. 'This can't be happening. This just can't be happening.'

But if you're fighting against the wind
You know that we can't wake up
(We can't wake up)

'Minato,' Jiraiya murmured as he entered the room that was currently occupied with the screaming red head and her blond haired fiancée.

'What is it sensei?' Minato asked, not taking his eyes from Kushina's.

'We need you. We need a solution now. I am aware that Kushina's gone in labour but the village needs you. The Hyuuga clan can't stop the beast. The Nara's have tried, as have the Yamanaka's. Uchiha's and every other fucking clan in the village. We just can't win!'

Minato looked at Kushina before opening his mouth to reply, but Kushina got there first. 'Go Minato. The Konoha needs you.'

'You need me too,' he argued.

Kushina gave a smile. But it didn't reach her eyes. 'I'm a big girl. I can do this by myself, now go.'

Minato sighed, seeing that arguing would get him nowhere. 'I'll be back,' He replied before leaving with Jiraiya.

Kushina watched him go before crying out in pain once more. The contractions were only minutes apart now. The baby was coming.

She glanced over at Tsunade and saw the grim look on her face. Kushina closed her eyes and gave a dark chuckle. 'So this is it huh?'

We can't wake up
We can't wake up
It's turning and turning inside my head
So we will sleep alone

'Your not going to die Kushina.'

'If not during childbirth then by some other means. Both Minato and I are to die tonight. It cannot be prevented.'
Tsunade shook her head. She didn't want to listen to this nonsense. 'Okay Kushina, here's the hard bit. You're going to have to push really hard to get the baby out, got it?'

Kushina closed her eyes as she felt pain enter her body. It was excruciating. She wanted to die. And she would.

(We can't wake up)

We can't wake up
Inside this machine
We can't wake up
We can't wake up
Just to wake up
We try endlessly
Just to wake up
We can't wake up

Minato went through book after book, looking for an answer but only one answer came to mind. He just couldn't do it.

'You have to do it Minato. If you don't I will.'

'Minato spun around to see the owner of the voice. 'Sarutobi Sama…'

'Being Hokage means protecting your village, no matter what the cost is.'

Minato clenched his fists. 'And if it meant sacrificing your only child, would you still do it?'

'If it means the protection of my village then yes,' Sarutobi replied.

But if you're fighting against the wind
You know that (we can't wake up)

'Then I don't want to be Hokage.'

'Then I'll do it.'

Minato slammed his fist onto the table, breaking it into two. 'NO!' he roared. 'Not my son!'

'He is the only one which is born tonight. The child needs to be a new born… I'm sorry Minato.'

Minato held back the tears that were threatening to fall. 'Kushina won't allow it-'

'You have no choice 'Nato,' Jiraiya murmured.

'He'll never forgive me… neither of them will,' He whispered before looking up at his mentor and the former Hokage. 'Fine. Just let me… spend a few minutes alone… we'll spend as a family.'

Sarutobi nodded. 'If you wish.'

We can't wake up
We can't wake up
It's turning and turning inside my head
So we will sleep alone

It had been painful, but she did it. Kushina had delivered of a baby boy. She held him close to her chest, ignoring the blood that continued to flow from her body. 'Naruto….' She whispered as she pressed her lips to his forehead. 'My little Naruto.'

Minato ran in and was by her side in less then a second. 'Kushina.'

Kushina gave him a weak smile. She was ghostly pail and there was blood everywhere. '…No,' Minato thought in panic.

And as if she could read his thoughts Kushina nodded. 'Yes…'

So in the morning when we lay here dark and still
We wait for sunrise
Familiar voices tell us tales of what's to come
As they pass on by

That's when the tears fell. His body shook as he cried. She was dying. 'No, no, no,' he cried over and over again. Kushina ran a small fragile hand through his blond hair. 'Minato. Look at our son… He looks just like you.'

Through his tears, he finally saw the blond haired baby in the arms of his love. He lightly placed a hand to hi head before kissing his forehead. 'N-Naruto…' He whispered with a wavering smile.

He looked back at Kushina, only to see her still. Her chest moved slowly, showing that her deep ragged breaths would soon end. 'T-They wouldn't stop th-the bleeding…' She whispered.

His beautiful fiancée… he remembered that he once gave her a flower. It was a lily.

"'This is for you, my beautiful flower,' he had said.

That caused Kushina to laugh and complain that he was too cheesy. 'Minato, where the hell did you get that line from? The back of a cereal box?'

Minato frowned at the comment, saying how he had a hard time thinking that up. 'Some times I wonder how you're a genius Minato.'

Minato shook his head. 'Just let me finish. This flower represents my love for you. Its been enhanced with Charka so that it would never wilt.'

Kushina laughed at this, but accepted that it was sweet."

Yes…Kushina was his precious flower, and now that flower was falling. 'Kushina…I-'

'I know Minato. I love you too. You were my hero. So many times you put your life on the line to save mine. You made me fall in love with you and to prove it, we have Naruto.'

Minato closed his eyes and braced himself for whatever happened next. 'I have to seal the Kyuubi into him.'

Kushina stared at him in horror. N-No, you can't.'

'…I have to,' He whispered as he took Naruto from her arms. 'I'm sorry…'

Kushina closed her eyes, trying to stop her tears from falling. 'Okay…I just… don't want him to have a burden on him. He needs a father and if you seal that-that thing inside of him-'

'I know… I don't want to leave him a lone but… I love you Kushina and I'll see you again soon,' he left after that.

We can't wake up
We can't wake up
It's turning and turning inside my head
So we will sleep alone

Minato summoned Gamabunta with Naruto in his arms. 'This is the last battle we'll fight together Gamabunta,' Minato said softly.

Gamabunta sighed. 'It was nice working with you Minato. You'll die a hero.'

Minato let out a sigh of his own as he came closer and closer to the Kyuubi. Its red charka choked him but he ignored it. He needed to make the seals. He drew a seal on Naruto's stomach before making hand signs. While in the process of the sealing, he saw him. A man in a black cloak wearing an orange mask. This man was behind everything. He brought the Kyuubi here. He's destroyed his family. 'You…' he hissed through his teeth. As he finished the seals, Ignoring the growls and howls from the Kyuubi he remembered the last words spoken to by the man in the orange mask. 'The day your son finally takes his last breath will be the day I admit defeat!'

With the last of his strength he held his son one last time and kissed his forehead. 'Prove him wrong and defeat him…Naruto. Prove that man wrong….'

Yeah We...
We can't wake up
We can't wake up
It's turning and turning inside my head
So we will sleep alone

Yeah we will sleep alone

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