*NOTE- These are just fun, little one shots I wrote for a friend. They are focused on the Cullen girls, Alice, Rosalie and Esme. There is no Bella. The men exist too, but are not written about (yet at least...we shall see). They are all vampires, but the teens are a bit younger. Alice is 13, Rosalie and Jasper are 15, Edward would be 14, Emmet is 16. Carlisle is 23, as usual and Esme is his wife, age 26!

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|Clothes Off Ones Back|

"Rosalie!" Alice screamed in horror as she caught up with her perfect, blonde sister and their mother at the super market. They were buying food and clothing for the Salvation Army Donation. Esme liked to do her part to help those in need. She dragged Rosalie and Alice along to try to drive that message home. Alice was waiting in the car, but something had urged her to come inside all of a sudden. A realization of some sort.

"Oh great…the annoying, pixie-turd has arrived!" Rosalie quipped sarcastically, granting a stern look from her mother. Esme then spun around to see her black-haired girl flailing towards them with a snarled face. It was very rare for Alice to be so unpleasant. It could only mean one thing….

Something was missing from her fashion stash!

"Alice, calm down. You're making a scene," Esme told her tiniest daughter gently, forcing a smile so that the humans standing nearby wouldn't be drawn to them. They were in line at the check out and Rosalie was smirking and flipping through the latest copy of 'People's Most Beautiful People'!

"I will NOT calm down!" Alice seethed as she pointed to Rosalie with an accusing finger. "SHE took my brand new cashmere sweater!"

"Alice, perhaps you have simply misplaced it. Rose knows better than to…" Esme began to resolve the issue, but Rosalie stuck her tongue out at Alice. It enraged the little vampire so much; she pulled at Rosalie's jacket to display her latest craze. Her soft-blue cashmere sweater!

"YOU SEE!" Alice proclaimed looking to her mother for some support. Esme shook her shock away and glanced around the room. A few other customers were staring. Esme took Alice's arm and pulled it down from its pointing position at Rosalie.

"That is Enough!"

"But Mom!" Alice cried. Rosalie smirked to herself gleefully, thinking she had won. She turned the page of the magazine Esme had agreed to buy for her.

"No buts! You two are the most ungrateful children. We are here to make a donation. Now, put that back!" Esme said in a low, angry voice. She snatched the magazine from Rosalie's hands and tucked it back in the display by the register.

"Aw…what?!" Rosalie complained, her mouth hanging open.

"And you, you behave yourself, young lady," Esme hissed at Alice, who coward slightly at the wrath that was her mother scorned. "I am not above taking you over my knee right here in public if I have to!"

Rosalie laughed at that comment. Alice snarled at her sister and then retracted her raised hand that she had been planning on hitting her sister with. She saw that her mother meant business so she tucked her arms in across her chest and pouted, looking to the ground.

"That's better," Esme said firmly as the reached the cashier and she paid for her purchases. "Thank you. We would like to make a few additional donations as well,"

"Aw, Mom! No, please! I beg of you!" Alice head shot up as she envisioned her mother's purpose.

"My daughters have a few items they would like to give to someone less fortunate than themselves," Esme said pleasantly. She reached out to Rosalie to step forward, " Your coat and that sweater please!"

"Mom…this coat is Marc Jacobs! It is worth a fortune and I have only worn it out twice!" Rosalie gasped. Her mother's eyes were huge and challenging. Rosalie decided it was best not to argue. She took off her coat and through it down in the donation bin in front of her with attitude. "Can I at least have the magazine like you promised?" she dared to ask. She loved trashy magazines with a passion.

Esme shook her head, no, and tapped at the blue sweater that Rosalie still wore. Alice dropped her face into her palms and moaned.

"This one too. I know you have a shirt on underneath," Esme sang, pleased with herself. She smiled at her daughters so that the people around would understand she was teaching her spoiled children a lesson. Rosalie sighed, but took off Alice's sweater as she was told. Alice reached for it, but Esme had it faster then she could grasp onto it.

"No, Mom! Please? Not the cashmere. Not the cashmere!" Alice cried. She had her hands clasped in front of her like she was praying for a miracle. And that is what it would take for Esme to cave. This was going to happen! Esme placed the sweater in the bin and thanked the cashier again for her time.

"Come along, girls. It is time to go home," Esme said firmly, but with a smirk on her full lips. She had really gotten her daughters where it hurts. Their fancy wardrobe! Alice longingly reached for her blue, cashmere sweater as she passed by it in the bin. Without looking down, Esme smacked her daughters hand away and continued walking. Alice and Rosalie followed behind with their heads hung low, bumping one another for spite as the headed to their parked car in the lot.

"You are both grounded when we get home! No magazines or sweaters for a month!"


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