Courage the Cowardly Dog JR.

By Technomaru

Chapter 1: The New Generation

Note: I DEFINATELY do not own "Courage the Cowardly Dog"

I realized that since the show is over John Dilworth probably has nothing better else to do... so I decided what if there was a sequel to the spooky Cartoon Network series and it involves the son of Courage the Cowardly Dog continuing his father's job... protecting those he loves from the supernatural forces of evil in a update to the classic series. Oh and villians from the old series might return so expect Katz, Cajun Fox, and that "naughty" barber to appear later on.

long story short... while Courage Sr. fought supernatural forces in a rural town... Courage Jr. will fight supernatural forces in the city.

Also there will be a new version of my Ed, Edd, n Eddy oc Edna, she will be portrayed as a 7 year old girl who adopts Junior... plus she has a Eustace-like brother. This will be the first non-Ed, Edd, n Eddy fanfic starring Edna.



We interrupt this program to bring you...Courage the Cowardly Dog Junior, starring Courage Jr., the son of Courage! Born in a puppy farm, he was raised by Edna, who lives in the City of Somewhere with her brother, Eric. But creepy stuff happens in Somewhere. It's up to Courage Jr. to live up to his father's name and save his new home!


(The Middle of Nowhere)

7 years have passed since the passing of Muriel and Eustace Bagge but that's not important... yet! A local neighboring Puppy Farm is preparing for a special event, one of the dogs in that farm is in labor and through hours of endurance. The mother dog has given birth to 4 puppies. The owner of the farm then sees this and says while petting his dog,

"Well little lady, looks like you got yourself some young'uns. Hmmm... that one puppy of yours resembles the dog from the Bagge Farm who screamed alot. Yeah he lived next door back when it was still in business... oh right he used to visit you now and then before he disappeared after the death of the Bagges. Supposed this is a sign that this is no ordinary puppy... maybe this is one special puppy, we should give him a special name... now what was that dog's name? Bravery? Confidence? COURAGE! Yeah let's name him "Courage Jr." Yeah, looks too much like his father."

The puppy looks up at the farmer and screams real loud. The farmer continues, "Yep... so much like his daddy..."

(4 months later)

The little puppy wears a collar with pride that reads "Courage Jr." As the months went by, Courage Jr. would engage in normal play puppies his age would play and on some nights he would watch scary movies in the owner's house because he was curious about them... but would end up screaming in fright each time.

One night before Courage Jr. went to bed, he askes his mother, "Mama... what was daddy like and where is he?" Junior's mother who isn't properly named yet then replies, "Your father was a great dog, back when his owners were alive he would protect them from all sorts of freaky deaky monsters despite how cowardly he was, he always knew there's something fishy goin' on here, or his name is Stinky Looloo, and thank goodness it's not... plus he did alot of things for love. He left us saying that being with us will put us in danger, I do not know what that meant but I believed him... he did keep a journal about all the things he encountered but I forgot where he put it. Courage Jr. then replies, "Well mommy I want to grow up just like daddy and not only have a loving owner like Muriel Bagg but protect you all from the scary monsters... " Junior looks in the mirror and not having seen his reflection before screams and faints. Junior's mom just roles her eyes.

One day, Courage Jr. strayed away from the other puppies and was playing with a ball. But then he sees a pink blurr whiz by him. Then as he catches up to whatever he saw, Junior sees a book on the ground. The book is called "Courage's Journal". Junior picks it up and says to himself, "According to mama, daddy dealt with supernatural beings as they constantly attacked the town and his owners. I might use this if it means living up to his name."

As Courage Jr. puts the book inside "pocket space", he hears a strange sound coming from the kennel. He sees his mother is tied up while something is putting the puppies in a sack. It was a fox who wears oval-shaped sunglasses that hide his big, bulging eyes and he spoke in a Cajun accent. The fox then says to himself, "I can't wait till I get me some puppy stew in mah belly... looks like I missed one!" Junior then screams really loud and tries to hide from the Cajun Fox but the fox caught him. The fox then looks at him and says, "Hey you cute lil' puppy dog! You look familiar... HEY YOU LOOK LIKE THAT RASCAL WHO STOPPED ME FROM MAKIN' MY CAJUN GRANNY STEW ALL THEM YEARS AGO! You will be the main course tonight since you look like that "stoopid dog"."

Courage Jr. then realizes according to the Journal that this was the "Cajun Fox", the same one who tried to cook Muriel into his "Cajun Granny Stew". Courage then feels something in him as he snarls and shouts, "MY DADDY IS NO STOOPID DOG! LET MY SIBLINGS GO!" Cajun Fox then replies, "Oh no no no no lil' puppy dog, thems my main ingredients for my cajun puppy stew! What would you do if I refuse?"

Junior then frees himself from the fox and bites his tail real hard. Then the fox started screaming in pain. This bought enough time for the puppies in the sack to escape and they all strike back at the fox by biting his tail. The excitement was enough to wake up the owners of the puppy farm and the minute the Cajun Fox sees the farmer with a pitchfork, he pulls out a white flag as he said, "I surrender! I think I should be a vegetarian from now on!"

Later that night, Courage Jr. is sleeping with his mother and all the puppies on the farm as they recognized him as their hero. Then the farmer gives him a huge bowlful of alpo dog food as a huge reward for his brav... I mean his "courage".

The Next Morning. Courage Jr. wakes up and sees a a seven year old hispanic girl sporting thick-framed eyeglasses and has a beautymark under her left eye, she has long black hair and she's wearing a blue dress with a red shirt under it and sandals. The girl smiles heavily as she sees Junior and she says to her father, "Daddy I'd like that one please, he looks so special!" Junior's eyes widen and he says to himself, "Special? I'm special? Wow!"

Junior's mother then says to him, "Well son, looks like you got your wish, you're going to live up to your father's reputation, you got a nice owner, now with a little practice you'll be able to protect them from monsters like your father did." Courage Jr. then says, "I'll make you and my siblings proud mommy."

The girl then adopts Courage Jr. as her father drives the car back to the big city that is far away from Nowhere... the city of Somewhere!

The girl shows Junior his new bed and she says to her, "Oh, my name is Edna, Edna Esmeralda Espinoza! Oh you are such the cutest thing." Then Edna hugs a very happy Courage Jr.. Junior thinks to himself, "Now I must know how daddy felt when he was with Muriel... umm is there a Eustace in the house?' Then all of a sudden Edna's older brother Eric shows up and says, "Hey stoopid dog, here's a housewarming present for you!" Then he puts on a scary mask and shouts, "BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA!"

Courage Jr. then screams very loud and then Edna retaliates by throwing a pillow at him and he says, "Owww... what did I do?" Then as Eric walks away, Edna continues hugging a very happy Courage Jr. unaware of the high percentage of weirdness in the city of Somewhere and a mysterious figure can be seen in puddles and wherever water can be seen at.

NEXT TIME: If the fanfic does continue as a series, The next chapter involves Courage Jr.'s first day in his new house with his new owner... then deals with a new and improved version of is father's first nemesis... THE GHOST OF THE CHICKEN FROM OUTER SPACE!"