I was feeling a little uninspired so I thought I'd write a one shot from last week's episode. Thank you guys for being patient with me and my lack of updates. I would love to promise you some substance soon, but I'm still feeling the drought! I must have lost my muse. Hope you're all well

Penelope was straightening up in her office. Putting the case files she had put together filled with information on their last Unsub into archive boxes to be put away, getting ready for whatever was to come the following day.

It had been a tough day for all. Though it was tough not to have Hotch around for that whole month, it was hard to see him back on the job, obviously handicapped with grief and loss, one he tried so hard to deflect.

Penelope glanced at the photo of her, Jack, JJ and Emily the last time he came to visit. They had taken it her bunker. He sat between Emily and Penelope, with JJ on Emily's left while the four of them made funny faces in front of the camera for a good half an hour till they were happy with the level of insanity. Jack was thrilled when Penelope had printed each of them a copy and stuck hers on her wall along with other photos of the people she treasured. She knew that Emily and JJ had the very same photo sitting on their desk. She brought her fingers to her lips to Jack's head on the photo, her heart aching for her little man. She had stayed with him in the hospital while Hayley talked to Hotch, and it had taken all her strength and self control not to cry as she held him in her lap singing his favourite songs, knowing it would be the last time in what could possibly be a really long time.

"Penelope," startled Penelop almost dropped the file in her hands
"Sir," She said as she turned around to face him doing her outmost not to run over to him and throw her arms him.
"I wanted to apologise," he began dropping his gaze to the floor unable to look at her
"Sir, you don't have to really. I dropped the ball. It was a fair call."
"No Penelope, it wasn't. You do above and beyond what we ever ask you to do and you would have gotten his medical records in time. I was being an ass and I'm sorry."
"Totally unnecessary, but if you insist, apology accepted."
"Thank you. I'm sure I've raised alarm bells for all, not to mention Derek would probably like to take a swing at me for how I've been speaking to you and every one else."
"We're just worried about you, Derek too. We all know what your family means to you Aaron, and we don't want you to drown in this. We will catch him. You have a team full of people, friends, and family who will die trying to catch this man to bring your family back to you. I promise you that."
"Thank you Penelope, that means more to me than I can ever fully express." He said sincerely taking comfort in her words. It seemed easier to believe her when she said it.
"It's what families do Hotch." She replied handing him the box of cookies she had baked especially for him.
"I get rewarded for my bad behaviour?"
"What can I say, I have a soft spot for you Hotchner men." Aaron smiled his first genuine smile since his whole world unravelled and he was grateful.