Prompt #1: Sleep

In which Roji learns to overcome a worry.

Over time, Roji's gotten used to the fact that Muhyo sleeps a lot. A lot meaning more than the usual person. A lot meaning that the first time Muhyo slept for more than a day Roji got it into his head that the executor was in a coma, called the hospital, and was rewarded when Muhyo woke up with a good smack and a few choice insults.

Of course, he still gets worried when Muhyo sleeps more than two or three days, but his fears have never been warranted. Muhyo will without fail wake up, eat whatever Roji gives him while still rubbing the sleep from his eyes, read Jabin, and get on about his daily business by the time the sun reaches its peak. He's not a morning person, that's for sure. Sometimes Roji doubts that Muhyo's much of an anytime person. But that's Roji's job, and he's always happy to pick up the slack, in whatever area it may be.