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A Lost Battle

While various people, well demons mainly, thought he was completely heartless and without any feelings what so ever, he was actually quite happy…
Well, there was a lot to be happy about!
First of all he had established himself with a perfectly good reputation as the meanest and most malicious demon to have ever been born,
and that, plus his ability to hold himself in battle against demons of any kind, had earned him the title as Overlord in one sweet blow. Now demons throughout the Netherworld acknowledged him for, what he wanted them to.

The second reason for his happiness was something he never said aloud and it was rarely a thought of his.
However, he had a good set of loyal vassals (as loyal as demons go) and could beat the crap out of them, were they ever to disobey. He never paid it any thought that he had never actually had to. Not once throughout his regime and even before that, had he ever had to even slap one of the vassals, which was quite extraordinary. Had he given it any mind, he might have wondered how that had happened. He might even have wondered how he had gotten to be known as the cruel demon he was.
But he didn't, and therefore he slept perfectly sound at night(or day, when he preferred it).
He was just happy, he knew the vassals as he did and knew what to expect from them.

There was a splinter in his happiness, however, and the eyesore stood right before him.
She had dared not to believe in his, oh so well-built reputation, and even called him pretty nice.
- Pretty nice! He was steaming!
She seemed to falter a little in the presence of his anger. However, she didn't move and she didn't look down or away from his fuming red eyes. They were at a standstill, batt­ling a silent war. He, emitting waves of pure loathing. She, as calm as a rock. He didn't know how to move from there and the worst part was, she was goddamn hot! Then the thought first crossed his mind, he couldn't help but blush slightly. She smiled. 'And clever too' he thought frustrated.
That was the first battle he ever lost. His pride took a minor blow. – Nothing he couldn't handle.

It was not until several months later he found, his pride wasn't the only thing wounded. By then it was far too late. His entire heart was bleeding out and she was the only one, who could fix it.

Luckily she said yes.

Afterthought: I just might find a way to make this into a longer tale... only might.

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