She's All That

A/N: This idea has been running around in my head for weeks now, and I finally, finally convinced myself to push away my doubts and get it off my mind and onto paper. So here I am...I know, I know, you're probably thinking, 'not another high school fanfiction!'. What can I say? I love high school stories (despite the fact that my high school life actually sucked.)! This idea actually sparked my mind when I was listening to Taylor Swift's lovely lovely song 'You Belong With Me'. If anyone hasn't seen the music video, go to youtube and watch it right now! And as the title states, this story will be loosely/ strongly...haven't quite decided yet, based on the movie 'She's All That' from 1999. So I hope you all enjoy!

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Chapter 1

It's an amazement how time seems to fly by, the way its broad white wings flash suddenly before rushing away with the wind, and sweeping your feet away in the midst of it all. It really is amazing how it can all change in a single blink of an eye, from upside down to downside up, from brutally shattered to delicately whole and content, and from a blossoming summer love to an ice cold, heartbreaking betrayal. The changes in one's life were ultimately inevitable.

You just can't stop your life from changing. She knew that. She also knew one more thing…

When change decided to pay an utterly uncanny visit on her doorstep…

Tifa Lockhart would be ready.

And currently, a transition from the relaxed and boring summer holidays to a bustling school of busy days with homework and serious effort was to be made. Of course, Tifa didn't complain at all as she shut off her alarm clock, slid on her thick eyeglasses and headed off to her bathroom. She had prepared herself after all. She was ready to stay unaffected by this small change.

After changing out of her night dress and tying her hair into her usual two braids, she rushed down to the kitchen to make breakfast and pack lunch for her brother. Her father had to get to work early, he had told her last night and apologized for being absent on their first day of school. Tifa had rolled her eyes and waved it off, telling him that it was no big deal and she'd take care of it. The first day of school really wasn't that big of a deal, even if it was her last and senior year of high school.

"Denzel!" the brunette knocked on a shut door that sported a sign that clearly stated to keep out. Not that she even cared about what he kept in his messy room, anyway. She banged the door with her palm and hissed his name.

"What!" came a groggy and muffled voice.

"School is what! You'll be late. C'mon. Get up."

"Alright…gimme ten minutes…"

"Denzel, get up in ten and you'll find only broccoli and green beans for lunch."

"Alright, alright, I'm coming." And soon enough, footsteps sounded and the door yanked open to reveal a disheveled image of a boy around the age of twelve, with mussed auburn hair and pale blue eyes. He stumbled down past her towards the bathroom. "God, I hate school."

Tifa ignored him and proceeded back down the stairs.

Without the reliance of a vehicle to take her to school, her only option of transportation was to walk. It usually took her fifteen minutes to get to Midgar Academy. Denzel's school was on the opposite side and a little bit further than hers.

While Denzel left to the garage to get his bike, Tifa quickly made sure the stove was turned off and nothing else was left the way it shouldn't be before grabbing her school bag and closing the front door.

Suddenly, a door to her right loudly swung open and to Tifa's unfortunate distaste, a tall boy with unusual bright blonde hair dressed in preppy jeans and a hooded sweatshirt strode down the steps of his porch and over to his sleek silver car. Just the sight of him made her want to roll her eyes in disgust. He may look innocent, with those adorable blue eyes and messy hair, but she knew him for what he really was. A rude, good for nothing jerk. Sadly, Tifa had the absolute pleasure of having Cloud Strife as a next door neighbor for practically all her life. Joy.

After locking the door, Tifa made her way over to Denzel.

"Don't hang around after school too long. Dad said he'd pick us up so remember to wai—" Tifa blinked. Denzel stood frozen, hands loosely held onto his rusty blue bike. His eyes were transfixed with wonder at something behind her.

Tifa quickly spun her head around to see Cloud slip into the driver's seat and adjust the rearview mirror, one hand held a phone to his ear and the other leisurely resting on the top of the steering wheel. You've got to be kidding me, thought Tifa as she turned back to face her brother.

"Dude…he's awesome. His car is awesome…He's just... awesome." He said amazed, his eyes still glued to the blonde next door.


"What?" he blinked.

She threw up her hands in frustration. "You didn't even listen to a word I said! I told you—"

"That Dad's picking us up so remember to wait outside by the school parking lot." Denzel rolled his eyes and mounted on his bike. "I know. Jeez sis, don't get so worked up. You need to relax, no wonder you have no friends…I bet you just fire up at them."

"What? I am not getting so worked up! And I am relaxed! And I do have friends you twerp!" Yup. She was definitely getting fired up.

Denzel faked a yawn as he began to paddle away. "Whatever. See ya, sis."

And to further ignite the fire in her, a not-so-quiet-kind-of-meant-to-be-heard snort sounded from behind and she gritted her teeth before whirling around to face him. But he was already gone, driving down the street in his awesome, sleek, shiny car.

Rolling her eyes and resisting to growl, Tifa pushed her glasses further up her nose and stalked down the sidewalk. She really needed to relax.


History class was a complete bore. Tifa was seated at the back of the classroom, much to her dismay. First of all, she couldn't hear what her teacher was saying…he was much too soft spoken. Secondly, a couple of immature boys seated next to her kept snickering as they sent each other texts. And thirdly, a girl dressed in way too much pink sat in front of her and every thirty seconds, her hands would reach behind and fix her long brown hair…

Wait, what? What was wrong with her…this wasn't like her…complaining about the tiniest things. The day really hadn't started off as she had planned, well; everything was fine until he showed up. She didn't know why he got on her nerves so much. She sighed, this was really no excuse. She had to get back on track. Closing her eyes she took a deep breath. Relax, she told herself. Focus, focus, focus…!

"…many people say, 'why need history?', and 'who cares about the past', but you know what? Where would we really be without the knowledge of our past? With lack of knowledge concerning the history of our world, we may not be able to comprehend why things are the way they are today. Am I correct?"

Tifa nodded enthusiastically as she jotted down notes. Her lips pressed together in concentration, that's more like it.

For the remaining of the period, Mr. Bennett handed out worksheets and textbooks while the students filled out forms and such that were compulsory for the beginning of the school year.

As soon as the bell rang, pens and pencils dropped, chairs screeched against the floor, and feet shuffled as students rushed out classrooms and flooded throughout the hallways. Tifa clutched tightly onto her books as she was swept away with the crowd.

And as if the hallways weren't already a blur due to loud and impatient teenage boys and girls bustling through to get to their next class, something hard impacted with Tifa, and in a heartbeat and a whirlwind of dizziness, she landed on the floor, with her books and belongings scattering across the floor.

Wincing in pain, she rubbed at her side.

"My bad—oh, it's you." He sneered.

Ruby eyes met an icy stare of beautiful blue.

Cloud shook his head before offering her a hand, "Watch where you're going next time."

Tifa silently eyed his outstretched hand, before lifting her own. But before she could grasp it he withdrew from her reach. A smirk played at his lips as he suddenly turned on his heel and disappeared into the crowd.

Shock impaled her as she was left there, in the middle of the hallway to stare disbelievingly at the back of that brutal jerk.

"Why do you take crap from that guy?" someone sighed as she bent down to pick up the history textbook lying on the floor. Tifa turned her head to see Jessie, her best friend since freshman year. She had wavy brown hair and hazel eyes and had an obsession for anything that was hi-tech and mechanical. She was much shorter than Tifa, measuring to about 5'4" as the latter was a couple inches taller.

Tifa shrugged before standing and swiping the dust off her overalls and adjusted her glasses. She took a breath before speaking, "Just keeping it cool. First day of school, right?"

Jessie groaned and handed Tifa her textbook as they both began walking down the hall. "Don't remind me…"

Tifa shook her head as they went their separate ways, Jessie to the Tech wing and Tifa towards her French class.


The cafeteria was almost full by the time Tifa made her way in and stood in line to buy her lunch. While waiting, she turned her head and scanned the large room for Jessie.

"No! Are you out of your mind? I said I'll do the shopping, Godo. Aerith and I plan on going next week!" A small girl with short black hair stood in line before Tifa, she held a phone to her ear with one hand and tossed a glowing blue bouncy ball in the other. She wore a black tank top and tiny grey shorts with striped knee socks and boots, and a bandana tied around her head. Her name was Yuffie Kisaragi. She was originally from Wutai and claimed to be a ninja princess, but her and father escaped to seek refuge in Midgar when Wutai was taken over.

Yuffie was so busy talking on her phone she didn't realize she was holding up the line, nor did she noticed the lunch lady's angry remarks regarding the fact that all cell phones were to be turned off at all times inside the school building.

"Dad, your choice sucks ass, no offense. Leave it to me! I told you that I'd take care of i—"

"Miss Kisaragi! You are breaking school rules!"

"Dude, move it, you're next!"

"—Don't worry! Jeez, Godo—I mean, Dad. You're such a worry wart.

Tifa cleared her throat and pushed her glasses further up her nose before reaching out and tapping the girl's shoulder. She didn't even notice. She tried again. Fail. And again. Still no good. Tifa sighed before finally, left with not much choice, she stiffly smacked a hand on her back. A bit harder than intended.

"Ow!! What?!" The girl hissed as she whirled around to face the braided brunette. Tifa gave her a bored look.

"I'm hungry."

Yuffie raised her eyebrows in question before realizing what Tifa meant, eyes moving down the long line of students behind her. An embarrassed laugh escaped her as she abruptly stepped aside. "Heh, sorry about that," she said before she quickly walked out of the cafeteria and made to go outside, so she couldn't be disturbed.

Jessie had rushed in fifteen minutes later, apologizing for being late with the excuse that her teacher had a technical difficulty with the computers and asked for Jessie's help.

Tifa raised a brow. "Isn't he supposed to be helping you and not you him?"

Jessie only waved it off and excitedly told her she had received bonus marks due to her ingenious knowledge on 'how things work'.

Some teacher, thought Tifa wryly as she finished off her yogurt.

After lunch period ended, Tifa trudged up to the third floor. She had English now and to her delight she had one of the best English teachers in this school, Ms. Shera. She was actually the head of the department and Tifa had only ever heard positive things about her.

But when she stepped into classroom number 302, she saw not the young and beautiful face of Ms. Shera but a blonde man with light stubble and a butt chin. He smelled strongly of tobacco and carried a frighteningly chilly aura with him.

He turned his head towards her and she noticed a badly chewed ballpoint pen hanging loosely between his lips.

"Welcome," he grunted. "Now sit yer ass down" he demanded as he wacked a ruler against his desk.

Eyes wide, Tifa turned stiffly and made her way to an empty desk near the doorway and dropped her bag on it.

"Hold it!"

She blinked.

"What are you doing?"

Tifa glanced at the chair before meeting eyes and speaking slowly. "Sit-ting…?"

"Did I give you permission?" he asked as he chewed on his pen.

"Yes…" she could hear the silent snickers echoing from her classmates.

"Did I tell you where?"


He folded his arms and continuing chewing. "Damn right, I didn't." He then took his ruler and pointed to the middle of the classroom. "I want you to sit at that desk, right in front of Strife, there."

Tifa froze. Great. Just great. He was in her class?! Fantastic. Just wonderful. She didn't dare meet his eyes or even look his way as she slowly moved her things to the desk in front of him. Why oh why? Wasn't it enough torture that he was her neighbor? Why was her day filled with that stupid blonde hair blue eyed jerk? She prayed to God that Cloud would somehow, miraculously decide to drop out of this class…

She didn't believe in miracles, though. Sigh.

She was pulled from her thoughts once the teacher began talking again.

He slammed the ruler against the desk once more.

"Name's Cid Highwind." He said loudly as he paced the floor. "Call me Mr. Highwind and only Mr. Highwind. I ain't gonna respond if I'm referred to as Cid or Ciddy or High or Wind. Call me Mr. Highwind." He gave everyone a good look in the eye. "Understood?"

Before the students could reply or nod in acknowledgment he continued, "Ms. Shera is unfortunately incapable of teachin' at the moment. I'll be replacin' her as yer English teacher for the time bein'."

He paused and glanced at the students again before a wicked smile spread across his face. "Cheer up you horny cows!" he slammed his hands down on the desk and leaned in, his voice deviously low. "We're gonna have fun this year."


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