-Thanks to FiveRoses for this one. This is series continuum, not the AnJLverse, the missing scene in 'The Scarlett Letter' -



Enjoy the Silence



Waiting. A darkened office. A baited trap. Hunters.

Not a sound to betray to listening ears. Just darkness. Soft breath.

There are many things they cannot say, even in daylight, even face to face.

I'm sorry. I'm scared. Help me. Thank you.

I need you.

The waking world is light and shade, clear lines between. Here, shadows and half-light blend, a world of greys and uncertainty.

Frightened creatures in the dark. Who reaches out first? Does it matter?

(Fingers touch, still, and then slide, twine together, palms meeting.)

Perfect, exquisite silence.

They don't need words. Words get in the way.

Agent. Consultant. Protocol. Rules. Law. Justice. Ego. Revenge.

So. No words.

No eyes to see, not even their own. Fingertips must be eyes, memory, speak for the tongues held dumb against unfriendly ears.

(Touch of mouths, tentative. This will be denied in the light.)


Violence of words, of action, cold point up under soft jaw.

(And now their eyes can speak the truth, even if their mouths do not.)

She finds that she will not risk him, and then she has to send him out into the night.

He sees the fear in her eyes, and then finds that he obeys.

Broken glass and twisted metal. A sound forever linked. He still stands there.

(One fervent hard clasp, to assure themselves. And the other present is beyond caring.)

It's a body, just a body. (nothermother) It cannot reproach them, as they use it, silent accuser.

An action that speaks louder than words.

Her speech is calm, confident, perhaps a little too sure. For while Minelli is openly troubled, he does not miss the flash of disquiet in other eyes.

Her eyes. Defiance. Uncertainty. A little bewilderment. How does she find herself here?

His eyes. That cynical assurance riven through by the very faintest doubt. What has he done to her?

There are many things left unsaid. To say them will make them real.

She turns from him, hurries back to her sane and daylight world.

And he sits in silence, the world a thread of sound in his ear.