Because I'll be VERY busy 'til the end of the year, I'm submitting this one. It's originally from dA (deviantart), and I'm refusing to post it here… but after some thoughts, well, I can't write another. I promised myself not to touch any pen during free period. This is a rip from 'My Own Hero'.

Thanks to x-undefined for knocking THE thoughts into my head.

'Believe me, Natsume' is really lame. Haha (I'm laughing at myself). READ nao.

Real Hero

Natsume tries his best to protect those he loves. He tries to save everyone, even though he knew that it's his life… what'll be taken away from him. Everybody salutes him, but discourages that bravery. All looks up at him, tries comforting — pampering this burdened hero. He goes through everything that a child shouldn't. And to everybody's eyes, Natsume is a saint — a god at that tender age.

But at the back of the crowd, Ruka smiles at him, silently congratulating him for all these awards. He stays quiet in the shade. Natsume might be everyone's hero, but for him? Ruka is.

Ruka does everything he can to save Natsume from countless near-death experiences. He lost more weight than what he gained, seen more blood than Natsume himself, cried more cup of tears than anyone. And all of these is because of the 'everybody's' hero. But Ruka doesn't need any recognition, need nothing of anyone's compliments, need nothing of Natsume's thanks. He doesn't need everyone to know what he does for his best friend. The only thing that can make him smile, is the happy smile of Natsume — it's the steady heartbeat on Natsume's chest; his safetiness.

However, it makes Natsume worry. Ruka is neglecting his own frail body. "Something wrong?" Natsume would ask him when he'd notice Ruka's declining energy. The other will shake his head. And it makes Natsume feel bad and annoyed that Ruka is hiding things from him; bad things that Natsume can't do anything about. Perhaps, Ruka feels like this too. He's always asking if he's alright, but Natsume doesn't shake his head nor does he nod, he just ignores him. Does he feel like this too?

But if he tells him the REAL truth, Ruka won't be able to sleep at night. Natsume fears that. What if Ruka completely refuses to take care of himself? What if he worries too much and breaks? Natsume is anxious; what if he loses him? What will happen then?

Everyone acknowledges all of Natsume's hard 'work', and even gives their part of appreciation, but did they ever noticed Ruka? Did they ever look at him the same way they look at the 'hero' they're talking about? "It doesn't matter." Ruka told him, but it does — his happiness just doesn't involve any praises.

Now, who is the real hero?

Is it Natsume, who always went into everyone's admiration, or is it Ruka, who stays by his side every day?

Ruka doesn't get it. Why is Natsume thinking stuffs like this?

Natsume smiles for the longest time, and then turns away.

I'm suddenly rising from this NatsuRuka fever. Bring me back down.

Apologizing for the laziness. I can't write more than six hundred words. Boo.