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Forbidden Attraction.

Written By; Harley-Mac. Date Started; 22/09.2009.

Cameron, North Carolina;

Jeff's POV;

The night was crackling with magic in the air; it was a hard thing to distinguish if you were human, but since I wasn't; it was easy for me to interpret. The fresh smell of the earth was calling to me through the light breeze that whipped around my body. For people who weren't apart of the Supernatural world; it wasn't hard to just accompany that smell to the nearing of a thunder storm.

Night time was now my favourite part of the day considering I slept all day. I loved the sense of fear that hung in the air; I loved the fact that I didn't have to hide who I was anymore. This world, the new world, was a much different one to the one that I had woken up to 10 years ago as a Vampire.

It was 1999 and I was still on leave from the WWE – my body was shot to the point where every waking moment, I was in absolute agony with no form of relief. Everything I had tried had seemed to become immune in my system, all the alternative remedies had done squat for me and I was at the end of my tether. I had been more than certain that I would never get back in to a wrestling ring whether it be in the independent circuit or professionally with the WWE. I was depressed about that because wrestling was my whole world, I didn't know how to do anything else on a professional level. Sure I had my motocross racing but because my body was racked with so much pain, I couldn't risk the damage or the possible accidents that would come from doing my favourite pass time. I had my painting but that definitely got boring after a while – I basically needed something psychical, which in my current position hadn't been possible.

It had been around September time in 1999 when Matt had come home from being on the road and we decided that we were going to go out for a drink. City Limits had been our local haunt for quite some time but there was a new underground bar called 'Bite' opened up in Raleigh so we decided to go there and check it out. The new bar had been absolutely nothing like anything I had ever seen before, even in Europe where things tended to be more than different to back here in the Southern state.

Matt and I had ordered a round of drinks with the promise that we were going to leave once we had finished but in the end we had ended up staying put. The people were overly friendly and looking back on it I should have noticed that something was completely off about the entire scene but when I met Ruby; it was like everything else faded in to the background. Stunning wasn't the word for her; she was beyond any type of beauty that I had ever been witness too and she just had this strong aura around her that demanded attention. I had quickly become lost in her eyes and found myself telling her all about my problems, which she had miraculously seemed to have been able to pick up on. After an hour or 2 of being at her total mercy she had offered me a way to get rid of all the pain and being able to live a pain-free life was something that I had never thought was possible.

Leaving the club with Ruby had meant leaving Matt behind but he seemed ok about it. We moved around a corner and went down a little side alley where the shadows were long and promised hidden pleasures from the view of the other club dwellers. I can't remember much about it other than having the weirdest feeling of relaxation that I had ever experienced, I was just lost in the moment, feeling like I could walk on water and then the sharp sting of her extended teeth tapped in to the vein on my neck and then everything went from blissful to intense rapture.

I woke up 3 days later, buried in a coffin underground. I scratched and clawed my way free with the kind of force that I had only seen in movies about superheroes. All of my senses seemed heightened, I could hear the movement of the soil above me as I fought to get free, I could smell the dirt that was lying on top of the coffin and I could see as if there was a tiny light in the death box with me. I could smell her, Ruby was waiting for me above ground and when the soil started to cave, she dropped to her knees and helped me dig my way out to freedom and a blissful new life. I felt nothing except for brute strength coursing through my veins and hunger like nothing I had ever experienced before.

Being a new born Vampire definitely had its challenges; I was so hungry that all I could seem to focus on was the heart beat and throbbing pulse in everyone's throat. The long sliver of green vein that suddenly seemed to throb violently against the flesh of everyone that I knew. Thankfully with Ruby by my side, I learned how to control it and I learned how to feed from people without killing them and without them remembering what had happened. It was all about seduction, it was about power and the will to stay alive as this new improved creature and to do that I had to lay on the type of seduction that I had never seemed able to master in my human life. Everything around me was brighter; everything had seemed so dull when I was human, but looking at things through the eyes of a predator was like seeing things for the first time ever. Every single sound around me was magnified to the point where in the beginning I had thought that my ear drums were going to burst.

Slowly things started to make sense to me, I began to relax and even now as I caught sight of the petrol station a few 100 yards up the road, I could hear 3 different sets of heart beats drumming rapidly against the chest walls. Instantly my mouth began to water, I was sensing fear and trepidation up ahead. There was nothing like tasting blood that was tinged with the fear that I was feeling.

The otherwise calm night wrapped around my body like a warm comforter blocking out the cool breeze that whipped across my face and made my hair bellow like a moving rainbow. The sky was cluttered with the little star dots that reminded me of pin point holes in a black wall. The moon was shining high in the sky and thankfully it was only a half moon, which meant that there were no werewolves out here tonight.

That old saying about werewolves and Vampires not getting along was absolutely true; although the majority of other supernatural myths were fabricated and hard to believe because our lives were so basic that the humans felt the need to complicate things until they had most definitely twisted the perception of us.

I still didn't know if I was happy about the new laws – for the past 2 years, we had been out in the public, there were new sets of rules, new laws that we had to follow to the letter otherwise we would be tried and sentenced before the supernatural jury. All sentencing was done by the group of people from all demon species and they were normally not as lenient as some human judges. In the chaos that had erupted when our kind were exposed had led to some judges erecting supernatural prisons for our kind. With that being said, there was no prison just for Vampires, no prison just for werewolves etc, we were all lumped in together and that is where a lot of the animosity had come from between the species.

The laws were restricting especially after centuries of being able to do as we pleased so long as we didn't expose our kind to the real world. It was a whole new different world now though. One that I was still trying to find my feet in.

I was desperate for a cigarette, which was why I had come out tonight. Since I had left the WWE again, I needed my own space and my own time. I was a solitary creature – much like the others in my species. In the real world where Vampires did exist; we didn't live in packs, we didn't hunt in packs. We liked to be left on our own unless we met our counter part. Then it was all about being social with that person, wanting to be with them all the time; Vampires, as a race, were very territorial creatures and when we wanted something and had it; God forbid anyone who tried to come in the way of that.

The fore court of the petrol station was always pumping at this time of night; people heading out for the night, which meant that there were cars at every pump, some with music blaring from the inside and some just idling quietly until the driver climbed back behind the wheel. Tonight however, there was nothing like that around. There was only one truck in the forecourt and it seemed to be empty. All of the hair on my body stood to attention; all my natural instincts told me that something was wrong. Looking around, I came to conclusion that whatever was wrong was happening inside the small store. Crouching down and with the speed of lightening I was at the front door of the store – glancing and peeking through the glass, I could make out 2 men with balaclavas placed over their heads, both were pointing a gun at the girl behind the counter.

Selena – the girl was beautiful, not in an obvious way, but in a subtle way that said she was coy and shy. Something about her called me to her in a way that had scared me for a long time but now seeing what she was facing, I felt that feral instinct to protect rising inside me. The 2 assailants were so focused on Selena that they probably wouldn't have even noticed me walking in to the forecourt. The buzz of the lights outside, would have blocked me from hearing had I been a human, but I could hear as clear as day what they were saying to her.

I thanked whatever God there was for making sure there was no bell above the door to indicate someone coming in. I remained crouched down on the ground and that was when I noticed that Selena was concentrating really hard on the aisle with all the jars and tins, moving slowly around I caught sight of one shaking and vibrating as if it were trying to fly towards the men. As I looked back to the girl behind the counter, her concentration broke and the can just stopped moving and her eyes met mine with fear. The fact that she wanted me to help her was washing off her in buckets. I nodded silently and I could see the way her shoulders relaxed, of course she knew that I was a Vampire; there wasn't many people in this small back water town who didn't know.

"You're gonna come party with us tonight," One of the meatheads was sneering in a sleazy way that visibly made her shudder.

I watched the sparkle in her red hair move as her shoulders trembled and I listened to the evil laugh that came from the men as they sniggered and laughed at the thoughts of what they were going to do. Being a Vampire meant that I could read minds and the things that were running ramped through their heads weren't even worth repeating but I was picking up the signal loud and clear.

'Bang her until she is passed out! Fuck her until she is screaming with pain! Make her suck my cock! I'm getting some pussy tonight if it kills me!' Well that was definitely one wish that I could grant of course without him getting the pussy part.

The smell of fear in the air was definitely intoxicating, I could hardly control myself but this girl needed my help and I owed her that much. Since I had been coming in here, she hadn't treated me any differently than she would have treated a human. Even with all the laws in place and all the exposure that we had, had – some humans still feared us and couldn't or, should I say, wouldn't accept us in to their society. Not Selena; she had seemed different from the get go and now I could tell why.

Selena was a witch! Which of course brought on more problems than I wanted to deal with.

Selena's POV;

Of all the damn nights to get robbed – it had to be this night. Everything had been going so well, it was quiet which was unusual for a weekend night, but I hadn't griped as I settled down to do some studying for my calling the elements exam on Monday morning. I was terrified to say the least – Mr. Bauer was ruthless when it came to his marking and everything had to be just right. I was aware that my life was different – I knew that I was different, I had this undercurrent of power pumping through my veins and I didn't really know how I was supposed to focus it. My Momma always used to tell me that when it was ready it would all slip in to place, I guess I was just holding on to that.

However, I sure could have used it slipping in to place tonight – I had focused so hard that in the process I had given myself a headache, but still the tin of whatever I had caught in my eyes, wouldn't lift.

What the hell kind of witch can't even levitate something?

Not a bloody good one that's for sure! I was disgusted with myself. Then of course my eyes landed on Jeff – I had known him for a little while; he had been coming in frequently to get cigarettes. We hadn't exactly talked about anything more than the weather and the brand of smokes that he liked.

Can you say lame?

I watched as Jeff crept around on the floor near the side of the shop that these morons with guns in my face were stood. I think that I was the only one who could see him as his eyes shifted to mine and for a pulse of a moment I was sure that we had shared something.

No! No! No! I couldn't let that happen – I knew that Jeff was a Vampire and I knew that he was attractive but dating outside of your own species was punishable by imprisonment. I had learned that the hard way with Dixon Carter; he had been my on/off boyfriend of about a year and if we hadn't gotten caught, I assumed that we would still be together.

Dixon; the big mountain of a man; chocolate coloured skin that was as smooth as silk, large brown eyes that glowed when he changed in to a sleek black panther, broad shoulders that felt so good resting against, pouty kissable lips that could transcend me in to a quivering wreck every time he chose too. At 5 years older than me; he was 30 years old. We had met at Bite; the local supernatural hang out bar, we had hit it off straight away. Thankfully the law didn't stress that you couldn't be friends with people outside of your species; you just weren't permitted to mate with them.

How dumb is that rule?

Anyway, we had swapped numbers and started hanging out together. I hadn't known until then that a male could make me laugh as hard as Dixon did – his sense of humour was whacky to say the least, he was sweet, he was kind and caring and I couldn't help myself when I realized that I was falling in love with him and from what he had told me, he couldn't stop himself either. We fell in to an easy pattern of just spending all our time together, which wasn't too much of a stretch when we had already been spending most of our free time together. However, a month ago I had gotten the biggest scare of my life; I had missed my period and thought that I was pregnant. My Doctor had reported to the law that I had come in for a pregnancy test; which resulted in Dixon and I being called before the jury where we were given a hefty fine (which was why I was working this lame assed job) and forbidden from seeing one another again.

In my opinion – it was the stupidest law that they could have ever passed. People can't help who they are attracted too. Life doesn't work that way and love most certainly doesn't work that way. Unfortunately there was nothing that I could do but accept the punishment and learn from my mistakes – hopefully.

Yeah sure – 'cos now I am looking at Jeff in a very different light! Damn it! Do I have jailbait tattooed on my forehead?

It was weird to think about how far things had come in the short space of being outted 2 years ago. We had never thought that we would see the day when we would be able to roam freely amongst the humans, let alone seeing special prisons erected to incarcerate our kind.

Back in the moment, Jeff was pressing his finger to his lips indicating that he wanted me to remain quiet. Not a problem – for once in my life I seemed to know when to shut my mouth. Usually I was mouthier than a torrettes victim; I just couldn't seem to stop myself. Ok focus Selena; I scolded myself silently as I shifted my eyes back to the men stood in front of me as they started talking about all the things that they wanted to do to me. Ok I am no prude but eeewwweeee that was gross even for my standards.

But that was when everything seemed to start to go in slow motion – I refused to come over the other side of the counter, so the one with the gun, cleared the desk in a matter of seconds and had me backed against the cigarette wall. Please Jeff help me! I begged silently as the creeps hand reached out to touch my breasts and I recoiled disgusted, which seemed to just arouse him even more.

Sick fucking asshole! I wanted to spew all over him as his gun slowly started between my breasts and began to slide down the front of my body and before I could smack it away; it was between my legs and the man was watching my reaction so closely that his beady little eyes were more like pin points.

"You really don't want to do that!" Jeff snarled low in his throat as he stood up from his hidden position.

This was his plan?

Great I thought as the man before me; backhanded me across the face and I stumbled; giving him the perfect opportunity to grab me and place me between himself and my saviour.

Vampire! My saviour; that was somewhat funny to me, because the other Vampires I had met were all about their own survival and their own gains. I had never actually met a Vampire who would go out of his way to help a witch of all people.

"Oh yeah? What you going to do about it blood sucker?" the man asked as if he were intent on just discussing this point, which of course was definitely not what was on his mind and at the very last second; Jeff leapt; the gun went off and I could do nothing but scrunch my eyes together as Jeff dropped to the ground with a frightening thud. "Would you look at that? I killed us a Vampire!" my captor was getting excited and seemed to have forgotten about me in the matter of seconds as he jumped back on to the other side of the counter.

As both men approached my last chance at survival, I crumpled on the floor; watching through the glass wall at the scene. They knelt down to poke at their 'dead Vampire' and that was when both hands of Jeff's shot up and grabbed them tightly by the throat. I would have pressed the silent alarm but I truly wasn't sure what Jeff was going to do. So I just watched them struggle against his grip and I watched the way Jeff's face switched back and forth between them. Both men started to calm down, neither of them saying a single word but nodding in agreement at whatever Jeff was telling them silently or, should I say, telepathically.

After what appeared to be a lifetime – both men crumpled to the ground where they sat quite silently and their guns resting on the ground away from them. At that moment, Jeff groaned out in pain. Cautiously I let myself out from behind the counter still feeling sick at what that pervert had been about to do to me, and I moved slowly towards Jeff who was writhing on the ground; his hand held to the spot where the bullet had gone into his shoulder; blood pumped slowly from the wound and I was reminded of the fact that all supernatural beings could feel pain just like humans. It didn't matter how strong we were, how focused we were or how determined we were – we were most definitely not immune to pain.

"Jeff are you ok?" I asked kneeling down next to him and quicker than my eyes could comprehend; his hand grabbed for mine and his eyes met mine in that same way they had before.

My heart sped up, my stomach flipped dramatically and my entire body seemed to shake. I held both of his hands in mine and waited for him to talk.

"I need – you to-to uhm – aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh – I need you to get the bullet out before-before the woun-wound closes!" he groaned painfully.

Thank the Lord for telekinesis which we had learned at the end of last semester. It had been something that I had excelled at, so I was confident enough that I could remove the bullet so I lifted my hand out of his and began to imagine the bullet in my head and it coming towards me through his flesh but he quickly stopped me.

"No I need you to suck it out!" he groaned again and it was clear that he was indeed in agony.

What? Gross – I wasn't sucking a bullet out of some walking corpse's body. No way in hell. It just wasn't happening.

"Why can't I just remove it with my mind?"

"Be-because there are fragments of the bullet in there too – they can't stay in there otherwise they will hinder my recovery," he told me.

Looking in to his eyes, I looked around me for something else that I could use maybe a straw or something which would mean that I wouldn't have to get any blood in me. God, it's sickening. I can't understand why or how they could live the way they did.

"Please!" he begged me.

Damn him! Slowly taking a deep breath, I bent towards the wound on his shoulder and wrapped my lips around it; stealing myself for the fact that it was going to be extremely gross but was pleasantly surprised when the taste was nothing like my own blood. There was a strong sweet tint to it, like a fine wine – my eyes closed and I could hear Jeff moan softly as I fed on him, drawing the bullet towards me; unsure if the fragments of bullet were following and slowly Jeff's arms encircled me. My God he was getting off on this!

What the hell was it with the men tonight?

Then of course, I realized that Jeff wasn't the only one who was getting turned on – my body was aching from wanting him, I wanted to feel him all over me, I wanted to share more than this incredible moment with him. The light tender touch of his fingers caressing my back was more than I could seem to handle and I quickened the pace of drawing the bullet out until it shot in to my mouth and I managed to reluctantly pull away as the embarrassment spread all over me.

"I need to feed from you -!" he started slowly sitting up.


We hadn't even discussed this – he had said he needed me to suck the bullet from inside him and I had done that – my part was over. No way was he feeding on me – not a bloody chance.