Chapter 26 – Lost and Found!

Back at Selena and Talia's House;

Selena's POV;

Jeff had headed off to hunt cos he was hungry and he didn't want to feed on me; because he said that I was getting paler and paler by the day, which I really couldn't understand given that I was already pale. How could I possibly get any paler?

'If you were dead!' a tiny little voice whispered in my head. That was a question that I had been faced with a lot lately; being with Jeff, having his arms around me, feeling him making love to me, the way I feel when we are just in one another's company – I just desperately wanted that to last forever. I would spend forever in his arms, I would feel an eternity of his touch and his lips on mine, and I would feel an infinity of safety and protection. It really couldn't get better than that. Jeff was what I wanted, what I needed and what I craved more than anything else in the world and if I had to fight for the right to have him by my side, then the jury better be in for war because I wasn't giving Jeff up.

Talia had told me that she was going to spend the night at Matt's to give me some space on my own after all that had happened tonight. My heart was still racing at the thought of it – we had found Rhiannon – my Aunt Raven's daughter.

My Aunt had been this amazing bundle of energy – she seemed to excel at Wicca more than any other Witch I had ever met. It seemed that whatever spell she did; she owned it, she made it her own and she gave it flare and attitude. I had admired her so much when I was little; I wanted to be exactly like her when I grew up and I prayed to the Goddesses every night to make me have the same Power that she had. When Aunt Raven got pregnant, I was excited thinking that I would have a little cousin to play with – at the time, I was terribly lonely after being bullied constantly at school and ignored by the kids that I wanted to play with so I figured with Family, I would have someone to play with out of obligation.

It hadn't worked out that way though and when my Mom told me that Raven had put Rhiannon up for adoption, I hadn't understood it at first and then when it had been explained to me; I had cried for a whole day. Selfishly I had seen my one chance at a real friendship being snatched from underneath me and I refused to talk to Aunt Raven for about a month. However, as I grew; I began to understand why she had done what she had – I could see that she had saved her daughter a lifetime of prosecution because of the fact that she was a half breed. Now she was back and now I could teach her all the things about Wicca that her Mom had shown me.

From the minute that I had met her, I knew that there was something about her that was familiar but I just couldn't put my finger on it. Now I knew what it was and I was so happy to have her back with us that I could quite literally burst on the spot.

"Wow you're really bouncing!" Jeff's voice sounded in my head.

"I know – I am so excited Jeff, I always wondered what had happened to Rhiannon and now I know and now we have her back and she is part of our coven and – Goddess, where do I begin?" I replied in my head feeling the stupid grin stretch my lips out.

Getting up from my place on the sofa where I had been sitting thinking since I had gotten back from Shannon's place, I ensured that the doors were locked and climbed the stairs into the altar room where I had always felt the most comfortable. The air was still crackling from the energy that Talia, Rhiannon and I had conjured just by being in the same space. It was amazing and I couldn't even begin to explain just how exciting it was to think about the possibilities that were now opening up to us.

"Well I'm almost done here – I will see you when I get back?" my boyfriend said to me as I searched one of the book shelves for my Aunt's book of Shadows that was now officially Rhiannon's.

"Ok lover, the key is above the porch light, just let yourself in,"I said finally feeling the tingle as my fingers ran over the leather spine of the BOS that I was looking for.

"I will. I love you,"

"Love you too,"

The house lay eerily calm and silent around me; I felt like I was cocooned in a large bubble with no one being able to get to me. Even the jury couldn't see what I was really up to in here and that felt good. I hated the thought of them just checking in on me whenever they felt like it. Now that both Talia and I had come in to our Powers; the jury had the right, by their stupid laws, to check in our house whenever they wanted too. The law had been put in place so that they could ensure that all practising Witches weren't doing anything illegal or dabbling in the dark art of Witch Craft as they put it.

As a Witch I knew all about the dark side of Magic; mainly because we believed that with everything light and good their had to be a dark and bad to counter it. I never had been able to understand those who had delved into the darker side of the Craft – it was unpredictable and there was always a bad price to pay for what you conjured.

Placing the BOS on the table by the corner sofa, I moved to the kettle that we had up here and made myself a mug of herbal tea. I loved my Family and my heritage, I was extremely proud of who I was and where I came from. I just hoped that I could assist and guide Rhiannon as much as I had been by my Mother and my Aunt when she had been alive.

Moving back to the sofa, I curled up in the corner and opened the BOS to the first page – in our Family, we made the BOS a little different to other practising Witches that I knew. Ours were always started with a picture of the Witch writing it and there in the picture was my Aunt Raven; she was beautiful, long dark raven hair to match her name, beautiful crystal blue eyes and a full round face with pouty lips that most men fell in love with. What had always amazed me was the fact that her beauty had always ran right through her; she wasn't just beautiful on the outside – her personality and her quirky sense of humour had made her an instant hit with almost anyone that she met.

Starting at the beginning of her BOS; I already knew it front to back and I had tried many of the spells that she had written in here, I just wanted to go over it one last time and feel close to her before I had to hand it over to my cousin, who rightfully owned it now. I think deep down my Mother had always hoped that we would find Rhiannon again; she had kept a lot of my Aunt's things just so she could pass them on I guessed. Skimming the pages; my fingers stalled over words and drawings that she had put in here; all these things had come from her mind and I always felt closer to her whenever I read this book.

'I can't explain how it happened, I don't know if it was my daughter trying to save me from what I would have to face if they found her, or if it was the Goddesses and Gods trying to warn me – but I took the meaning from the vision and know that I have to save my little girl.

Goddess it's so unfair that I have to let her go; she is the most beautiful and perfect little creature that I have ever seen and I made her. It is from within me that she has been nurtured for the past 9 months and it is from within me that I feel the sorrow of knowing that I can't keep her. My pain is magnificent and I can't seem to stop crying or to find a way that would allow me to keep her. All I know is that I have to save her from future pain and suffering that will come from the hands of the jury that is going to be around in a few years time.

Looking down at her as she sleeps in my arms, I can't imagine how I am going to be able to go on without her. I had prepared fully for her arrival; there are so many things at home waiting for her – beautiful cloths, the best bottles and nappies that I could find and the most expensive cots and toys and all the other things that she would need.

How am I supposed to get through this?

Please Goddess I need guidance and I need assurance that I am doing the right thing. Please help me!'

My heart broke when I thought of all that my Aunt had gone through – of course I had read this over and over. But it had only been as I grew older that I understood the true pain of what she had experienced with giving up Rhiannon and what it had done to her mentally.

Ever since letting her go; there hadn't been a day when she hadn't thought of her or wondered where she was, what she was doing and if she was as loved as she deserved to be.

'When I named my little girl, I thought about all the things that were stopping me from keeping her, from stopping me being a Mother to my gorgeous and wonderful little girl. The most natural thought came to me as if the Goddess herself had whispered it in my ear.

Rhiannon – is a Welsh deity, who has an association with horses and the sea but she is also a Goddess of natural justice and retribution. In this time it seems somewhat fitting that she be given a name associated with such Power and I can only hope and pray that she will be as strong as any Witch, if not stronger.

My heart is breaking at the thought of giving her up but to let her go is what is going to save her and I can only hope that Selena and Lillian are going to be strong enough in the future that they can help keep her safe if she should ever come looking for her past. It breaks my heart to let her go but I have to but first I must bind her Powers so that she can live a relatively normal life. There is only one spell that is perfect for this kind of binding and it is as follows;

'The spell binds the target Witches Powers; keeping her from using any Witch Powers or magic. While the spell is in effect the Witch loses all Witch Power Qualities and Sorcery Levels. The caster can end the spell at any time; she may also allow the spell to be ended by the target. If she wishes to allow the target to end the effect, she must write an invocation to receive a Witches Power. The target needs only to read the invocation to recover her full Powers.

To bind a Witches Powers; the incantation is simple and all the equipment you need is a simple piece of string and the incantation written on a piece of paper;

'I take your hands in mine,

And with this string I will entwine,

Your Powers I will forever entwine,

From now until the end of time,'

Wrap the string around the piece of paper while looking at your target and then place the paper in to a drawer in your altar and keep it there until the time comes when you wish to free your target from harm. To revoke the spell all you need is 2 Witches from the same coven and the piece of paper with the original spell and a candle;

'Guiding spirits hear our plea,

Annul this magic,

Let it be,'

All the while ensure you burn the paper over the flame of the candle.

It tore me apart to see that I had to do that to my daughter I never wanted to have to give her up – she is my child and I love her as much as any Mother could love their child but with what is coming to the Supe world, I can't keep her. I won't allow anyone to take her away from me and do all sorts of tests on her. I just won't so for the moment; this is the way that it has to be.'

My heart lurched at the pain my Aunt must have felt and gone through for the rest of her days. When she had been in that hospital bed; her hair having fallen out from the chemo and the weight dropping rapidly from being so sick – she had talked about Rhiannon all the time. There was a sadness in her voice that she wouldn't be able to see her daughter grown up and happy but in the end she still remembered and believed that what she had done was the right thing.

For a fleeting second it occurred to me to call my Aunt but then I would have to explain everything to her and I was tired; we had cast spells around Claire and we had cast stronger spells at the house she shares with Shannon. So much intense spell work has drained me tonight. Curling up some more, I closed the BOS and placed my mug down on to the coffee table and slowly let my head fall on to the back of the sofa and before I knew it I was falling asleep and couldn't fight it.

An Hour Later;

Jeff's POV;

Things definitely took an unexpected turn tonight – I knew that I had caught something between Claire and Selena but it had never crossed my mind that it could be that they are really Family. Claire didn't have any signs of being a Witch; or at least so I had thought but then I had heard about the things that Shannon had told us and I knew that she was most definitely a Witch.

Things like making him not be able to speak for 3 days was not in any way a normal Human ability. But I could understand them both thinking that it was a huge coincidence but at the end of the day; they needed to address this properly before anyone from the jury could catch on to what was happening.

Making my way towards my girlfriend's house, I felt the sense that I was being watched and with my acute sense of sight and smell, I stopped and looked around. I couldn't put my finger on it but there was someone out there, watching me and waiting for something that I had no idea about.

Was it the jury?

Had they found out that Selena and I were hanging out together?

Would they believe that we were just friends?

I was panicking and I never panicked – not over anything but the thought of being ripped away from Selena, which was more than I could stand to feel. My love for her seemed to just strengthen with every day that passes – and the fact that she had spent all that money on her house to make it Vamp proof for me; meant more than I could even begin to express. There had been no need for her to do that, I hadn't bitched about spending time in her basement but she had done it so that I could at least have something and somewhere else to go when it was sunlight hours. I don't think that she will ever know how much that means to me.

Casting my mind out like a net as I got closer to the house, I could tell that she was asleep. Tonight must have wiped her out much more than she had even been aware of. Selena was definitely a night owl, in fact her Mother had told me that she had almost named her Nyx; after the Night Goddess, but had finally settled on it being a middle name for her daughter. Usually it was around 3.30 and 4am that she would fall asleep and as I looked at my phone clock I saw that it was barely even 2am.

What surprised me was that there was another active mind out here – there was someone hiding and blocking their brain waves so that I couldn't get a handle of who or what it was.


Or Human?

Some people said that the Supernatural world was more savage that the Human world but in my opinion Human's were far more capable of cruel and savage things than most Supe creatures could imagine. I guess I got my opinion from having experienced both over the course of my existence.

Slowly I moved through the trees remaining alert and in control of myself, I moved with stealth and precision until I was nearing the house where I spent the majority of my time these days, I stopped and listened once again to see if I could pick up anything – but whatever it was, was good at blocking my mind and what I was getting was faint at best. I couldn't barely even pick up a pattern of what the person was doing out here in the middle of the night. The woods that surrounded Selena and Talia's home weren't what you would call very popular nor did they have a lot of Human visitors, mainly because there had been tiger sightings here – Dixon – I had learned later but still people were afraid.

I felt my body coil tightly together – I was worried and I was freaked out that there was someone out there watching me and evidently watching the girl's house. I took one last long look around and still couldn't see anything or anyone. Maybe it was Dixon! That thought disturbed me more than anything else. I was jealous, I knew that and where I had never been jealous before, I felt completely mortified now. Jealousy was a weak emotion and it wasn't something that I ever wasted my time on before but here I was lost in the flaring temper that seemed willing to erupt inside me.

With my lightening speed, I moved to the door, grabbed the key and let myself into the house and sealed it back up before the intruder could even realize what had happened.

Thankfully all the velvet curtains and the window shutters had been closed, so whoever was out there; wouldn't have a chance to even get a sneak peak inside. My mind reached for Selena and followed the soft heavy pattern of her breathing up to the altar room on the second floor and there she was. Curled into the corner of the room, her blood red hair fanned out over the back of the material of sofa; her gorgeous eyes hidden under the rapidly moving eyelids and the scent of her stirred my primal desire of her once again.

This was sometimes out of control between us and we both knew that more than anyone else but we couldn't fight it. We didn't want to fight it but we did know when things were going to far and as I moved towards her, she moaned softly as if her body knew that I was close and slowly her eyes began to flutter open.

"Hey gorgeous,"

"What's wrong?" she asked instantly aware of my mental state.

"Someone is out there," there really was no point in lying to her because she could just read my mind and tell that I was keeping things from her and I didn't want to fight with her again. Especially after today when it had been pure torture being away from her and knowing that she was mad at me.


"I don't know – they've cloaked themselves from searching eyes and their brain waves are faint at best,"

"Have you ever experienced anything like that before?" she asked me sitting up and curling into my side where I had sat down next to her.

"No," I replied honestly.

"What do we do?"

"We do nothing – they can't see in here and they can't hear us. We are safe for now," I whispered pressing my lips to her forehead gently and then scooped her up into my arms.

"Where are we going?" she asked snuggling into me and feeling like I was more than I had ever hoped I could be since I had become a Vampire.

"To bed," I replied, "you're tired and you need to get some sleep,"

"Mmmm sounds good to me," gently her lips brushed against my neck and I couldn't stop the shiver from escaping my body. Slowly her fingers trailed up my arms and around my neck, "you know that you make me happier than I have ever been – I love you,"

"I love you too my love," I whispered as I reached the bottom of the stairs.

By the time I got her to her room, she was asleep again. I didn't want to wake her again, she was clearly exhausted so I let her sleep and pulled the covers up over her body before stripping down and climbing in to bed with her. For the first time since we had gotten together; this would be the first time that I stayed with her all night – the first time that I was able to stay with her all night.

Moving in closer to her, I wrapped my arms around her and she instinctively moaned out and moved closer to me; her own arm draping casually around my waist and her head resting on my chest. The heavy weight of her sleep filled body pressed against my hard rock flesh and I felt the comfort of her being by me and I just lay there, unable to sleep, watching her. I had never seen her look more beautiful than when she slept. It was like there was no tension, no hurt or no stress there when she was lost in the land of sleep and I loved that. I loved the fact that she had a place to go where she didn't have to worry about all the stresses that she had faced with her Father, with her love life and the jury or with that bitch Margo, who obviously had it out for her.

My fingers gently stroked through her hair, I listened to the rhythmic tune of her breath and felt my own body relaxing slowly and deeply. All thoughts of someone outside started to escape my head and all I could think about was the fact that I was here with this woman and that I loved her and would do anything for her. With that I slowly fell into sleep just as the sun was coming up.

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