Title: Mi Bella, Mi Pie de imprenta

Summary: Bella moves to La Push to live with her father after her mother gets remarried to a man that Bella despises. Bella reconnects with her cousin Jacob and Uncle Billy and meets new friends along the way. What happens when destiny and legends are defied and Bella's life is turned upside down?

Chap 1

"Bella, you really don't have to go." My mum Renee said for the fifth time since we arrived at the airport. I should start by introducing myself; my name is Isabella Marie Kaitlyn Black. I just turned 17. I have long brown hair, brown eyes and my skin tone is a mix of my dad's tan and mum's pale. I am about 5'9 and I play basketball and baseball. The reason I am standing in the airport is because I have decided to move to La Push, Washington to live with my dad. He is the Chief of Police there but also the Chief of the Quileute Native American Tribe. I haven't seen him in 7 years, ever since he and my mum got divorced.

"Mum, I really do. I want to give you and Phil some space. Also, I want you to travel around with him. I hate feeling guilty that you are upset because Phil is not around." I replied.

Phil is my mum's new husband. I have not liked the man from square one but I will never tell mum that. He plays baseball and travels a lot. Mum misses being around him I can tell but I for one am always glad to see him leave. He treats mum like a queen but I know he wishes that I didn't exist. Whenever he is home, he ignores me unless mum is in the room. He sometimes gets drunk and when he does, he yells abuse at me. It is something I have come accustomed to. He has never hit me but its just a matter of time. Phil is younger then mum by about 10 years and I think he doesn't like the fact that his step-daughter is only a few years younger than him.

"Oh honey, you don't have to go. You could stay with us and move around. We could hire a tutor for you if you are worried about school." Mum said in one of her final attempts to get me to stay.

"Mum, enough. I don't want to move around. I want to stay in one spot and finish high school." I said. I was getting really annoyed that she just didn't get the fact that I wanted to visit my dad.

"You will get sick of La Push. Just like I did." Mum said snidely.

"No mum, I wont. I could never get sick of that place. I love that it is a quiet little town. I love the woods and I really want to see dad. Just because you got sick of the place doesn't mean I will." I replied calmly.

Mum just stuck her nose in the air which ended the conversation.

"Flight 222 to Port Angeles is now boarding at gate 5. Could all children, passengers with young children and first class passengers please make your way to the gate and thank you for flying with us today." A voice from over the intercom said.

I picked up my back pack and turned to mum.

"Love you mum. I'll ring you when I land." I hugged her and kissed her one last time before walking to the gate. The steward took my ticket and smiled at me.

"Have a nice flight." He said. I turned and waved to my mum one last time before walking down the tunnel.

I found my seat, pulled out my iPod and slowly fell asleep, anxiously awaiting my arrival in Port Angeles.

"Miss, excuse me miss." I felt someone shaking me. I looked up and found a pretty brunette stewardess shaking me. I pulled out on of my ear buds and looked up at her.

"We are about to land in Port Angeles. Could you please put your seat in the upright position?" She asked before moving a few seats ahead to tell another person the same thing.

I sat up and fastened my seatbelt. I felt the plane begin to descend and bounced a little when the plane touched the ground.

I got off the plane and walked over to the luggage collection point. I quickly found my three black suitcases with purple stitching and pulled them off the conveyor belt. I grabbed a luggage trolley and went through all security checks. After finally emerging from the airport I hailed a taxi.

A greying old man stepped out and opened the boot of his taxi.

"Hi there young miss." He said with a friendly smile.

"Hey." I replied. He put my suitcases in the boot and shut the lid.

I got in the backseat and he got in the driver seat.

"Where are you headed little one?" He asked as we pulled into the traffic.

"Umm, it's a long way but I'm going to La Push." I said.

"Really well what a coincidence. So am I. you were my last pick up before I headed home. Are you just visiting or moving there?" The man asked with a smile.

"I'm moving back in with my dad." I replied.

"Who's your dad?" He asked.

"Chief Black." I replied with a small smile.

"Ahh so you are the infamous Isabella? Charlie has not stopped talking about your arrival since you told him you were coming. Does he know your coming today? If he did, wouldn't he have picked you up? I feel honoured to be driving the daughter of the chief." The driver asked as he looked at me through the rear-view mirror.

"Call me Bella. No, I actually wasn't supposed to come for another three weeks but I decided to come early and settle in before school starts back. That and I am a little nervous and excited to see dad." I said as I relaxed into the seat.

"Well Miss. Bella, never fear, you will love La Push. How long has it been since you last visited? Oh by the way, my name is Daniel. Daniel Newman." The driver said.

"It has been seven years since mum and dad divorced and I haven't been back since." I replied.

Daniel and I kept up general chit – chat until we hit the highway. It was then I fell back asleep whilst listening to my iPod.

"Bella. Hey Bella wake up and look out your window." I heard Daniel's voice say. I shook the sleep from my brain and looked out my window. I gasped at the sight. There was forest everywhere. I could make out the outline of cliffs through the trees and I could hear the crashing of waves – First Beach.

"We are almost at your place Miss. Bella." Daniel said.

Soon enough we turned down a street and Daniel pulled up in front of a house. I opened my door and stepped out of the car whilst Daniel got my bags. The house hadn't changed a bit in seven years. There were numerous cars in the driveway and on the street and I could make out the outlines of people in the lounge room.

"There you go Bella." Daniel said as he placed my bags next to me.

"How much do I owe you?" I asked as I made to pull out my wallet. Daniel's firm but gentle hand on my arm stopped me.

"You don't owe me anything. Just tell your dad he can take me out for a beer as payment. It was a pleasure to meet you Miss. Bella and I hope I see you again soon." Daniel said.

I smiled and waved as he drove away. I put my back pack on my back, placed my smaller suitcase on top of one of the big ones and grabbed the handles of the big ones. I rolled them up the path and placed them under the porch. I carefully opened the door and was greeted with the sound of laughter and the smell of meat cooking.

I slowly walked into the house and heard laughter from the lounge room. I opened the door and saw my dad, Uncle Billy, Uncle Harry, Uncle Quil, Uncle Embry, 9 boys, two girls and my Aunty Sue sitting watching a football game. Dad and the guys all cheered when a particular team scored and I got sick of standing around being unnoticed.

I cleared my throat. When no one looked at me I walked over the T.V. plug and pulled it out.

"HEY!" All the guys cried in unison. I rolled my eyes and cleared my throat again.

"What does a girl have to do around here to get some help with her bags?" I said as all eyes turned to me.

"Bells?" Dad asked as he stood up.

I smiled and said "Hey dad."

Dad ran over to me and picked me up in a hug. He swung me around in a circle, all the time laughing. When he finally placed me on the ground, I was wrapped in a big bear hug and I instantly knew who it was.

"Hey there Jakey – Bear." I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Oh god Bella. I've missed you so much. Uncle Charlie didn't tell me you were coming." Jake said and I assumed he was glaring at my dad because I couldn't see anything but his chest. I breathed in Jake's familiar woodsy scent and smiled.

"That's because I wasn't meant to be coming for another three weeks and I wanted it to be a surprise." I replied.

"What about me?" I heard a voice say. I looked under Jake's arm and smiled as Uncle Billy held his arms out towards me. I moved from Jake's arms and into his.

"Welcome home beautiful." He whispered into my ear as he smoothed my hair down at the back.

"Its good to be here." I replied as I pulled away. I smiled at my uncle before I heard someone clear their throat.

"This just reinforces our idea that you like Billy more than us Bells." I heard Uncle Harry say.

I swung around and hugged Harry, Quil and Embry and gave them all a kiss on the cheek.

Aunty Sue walked up to me, looked me in the eye and said "You have become the beautiful young woman I always knew you would be" before wrapping her arms around me. I wrapped mine around her and basked in the glow of a motherly hug.

As I pulled away from Sue I felt myself being swept into yet another hug, this time by two arms I recognised as Embry Jr's.

"I think by the time I have finished hugging you all, I will be out of breath as my lungs will have come out of my throat." I said as I wrapped my arms around Embry's neck.

"Lovely thought Bells really lovely." Quil said as he stole me from Embry's grasp.

I turned in his arms and looked at one of the girls. I assumed she was Leah for two reasons: 1) She had Aunty Sue's beautiful blue eyes and 2) She didn't acknowledge me whilst the other girl had a friendly but confused smile on her face as she stared at me.

I nodded at Leah and got a sort of feminine grunt in return. Leah and I had never been close because while she acted girly I always acted like the tomboy I was.

I then turned to a boy who had Harry's green eyes. "Seth? Is that you?" I asked.

He nodded, his long hair flopping in his eyes like a puppy. I moved from Quil's arms and over to Seth. I pushed the hair from his eyes and pulled him into a hug.

"You have grown so much Seth." I said. He was six when I last saw him and I always felt protective of him. He always told me that I was a better older sister than Leah because I included him in everything I did. He was the little brother I never had and I loved him for that.

I looked over at my dad and said "I wasn't kidding when I asked what does a girl have to do to get helps with her bags you know dad."

Everyone laughed and dad looked sheepish. "Sam, Jared can you grab Bella's bag and put them up in her room for me. Bells, your room actually isn't finished yet. The bed and dresser are in their but that's it. I had planned to go out tomorrow and buy paint but I guess you can do that because knowing me, I would pick the wrong colour. Also I am yet to get you a desk. You can pick the furniture tomorrow if you want. I'm really sorry I just didn't expect you this early."

A tall, handsome man stood up, kissed Leah's forehead and walked out of the lounge room. Another guy stood and followed him after kissing the other girl quickly on the lips.

"That's fine dad. I didn't mean to come this early. I just wanted to give Ren- mum enough time to get all her things in order before she began touring with Phil." I replied. I watched as Sam and Jared carried my bags up to what I assumed was my room. I plugged the T.V. back and followed Jake over to a spare seat. I sat in between him and Embry and cuddled into Jake's side.

"You do know that I don't know everyone in this room don't you Jake?" I said with a grin as Sam and Jared sat back down.

Jake blushed and said "Oh right. Well, this is Paul," he pointed to a hot guy who smirked and waved at me, "Next to him are Colin and Brady, they are twins," two identical boys waved at me and I smiled back "next, this is Jared and his girlfriend Kim," he pointed to the pretty girl who smiled and waved and one of the boys who took my bags "and finally you have Sam." The handsome man nodded at me and smiled.

"Guys, this is my cousin Bella." Jake finished.

They all said hi before turning back to the T.V.

After about ten minutes, Aunty Sue stood up and said "dinner should be ready in a minute. Leah come and help me serve it up."

"But mum…" Leah whined as she continued staring at the T.V. I could be wrong but I think Sam cringed when she whined.

"I'll help." I said as I slid out from under Jake's arm. Aunty Sue smiled and walked into the kitchen. As I followed her I heard Leah cough "Suck up". I just shook my head and ignored her.

I pushed the kitchen door open and was assaulted by the amazing aroma of Steak Dianne.

"How can I help?" I asked.

"Could you please put some rice into each one of these bowls, place them at each setting and then put the vegies on the table?" Aunty Sue asked.

"Sure." I said and went about doing what was asked of me. Aunty Sue left the kitchen to go and set the table. I heard the door open and looked up from the rice. Sam was standing in the doorway smiling at me.

"Hey Bella right?" Sam said.

"Yeah and you're Sam?" I replied as I scooped rice into the ninth bowl.

"Yeah. Here, let me help you." Sam said. He came over to the bench and grabbed three bowls that had rice in them. He placed them on the table and came back for more. I let him put the rice out whilst I took the vegies off the burner. Being my usual clumsy self, I fell and grabbed a hot part of the pan to try and stop myself from falling over. I may play basketball and baseball but that doesn't mean that I don't have my moments.

"Ow!" I cried. Sam was by my side in a second and said "show me."

I showed him my hurt hand and he led me over to the sink. I felt a slight spark run up my arm and I'm sure it wasn't from the burn. Sam turned on the cold water and ran my hand under it.

"Leave that to cool for a while and I'll get the vegetables." Sam said in a caring but authoritative tone. I watched as he carefully picked up the vegetables and walked out of the kitchen. I took my hand out from under the water and walked over to see if there was a salad in the fridge.

I found a non-dressed salad and poured some vinaigrette on it. By this time Aunty Sue was pulling the Steak Dianne off the burner and said to me "Bells, can you bring the salad in and then call everyone in for dinner."

I nodded and after placing the salad on the table I walked back into the lounge room.

I cleared my throat and this time everyone looked at me. "Dinner is ready." I said before turning back to the kitchen. I felt an arm drape over my shoulder and looked up to see Jake grinning at me.

Jake led me to a seat in between him and Sam. I heard Leah huff and I turned to look at her.

"What's your problem now Leah." Jake said with a glare.

"She's in my seat." Leah said in a snide tone. I started to stand up when Jake pushed me down and I felt a hand discretely touch my knee. I looked and saw Sam's hand on my knee. He quickly caught my eye and smiled before turning back to Leah.

"Leah, let Bella sit there tonight. Jake obviously wants her close so just leave it be." Again Sam's voice filled with an authoritative tone as he spoke to Leah. Leah just glared and moved to sit next to Seth. I smiled at Sam and moulded myself into Jacob's side.

"So Bella, tell us everything. We haven't heard from you since your mum took you away." Uncle Harry said as we ate our dinner.

I swallowed a mouthful of food and said "Well, mum and I lived in Phoenix. It was just the two of us for a while. About a year ago mum got remarried. His name is Phil and he plays minor league baseball. He travels a lot and mum hates being away from him so that's why I decided to come here."

"How has school been? You're a junior right? What classes do you take?" Aunty Sue asked.

"It's alright. I take Gym, music, biology, maths, English and Spanish. I'm looking forward to seeing the change in schools simply because my school in Phoenix was huge. We had about 700 people in my year alone." I replied.

"That's about the same amount of people that are in our whole school." Colin said.

I smiled at him and asked "So how old are all you guys?"

"I'm 13 and so are Colin and Brady." Seth said.

"Jared, Kim and I are all 18." Paul continued.

"As you should know, Quil, Embry and I are 16, Leah is 19 and Sam is 21." Jake explained.

"Ok then so that would make Paul, Kim and Jared seniors, you three sophomores and Seth, Colin and Brady freshmen?" I confirmed. Jake nodded and Leah snorted and said scathingly "You're a quick one aren't you Bella."

"Leah that is enough. You are going to be put under house arrest until further notice. That means you will not be going out with Sam at night and your curfew has been shortened to 9:30. I don't want to hear another word out of you mouth for the rest of the night." Aunty Sue said.

Leah went to say something when Sue held her hand up and said "If you say anything, I will bring your curfew forward until 5:00 pm. I have no problem doing it."

Leah slumped forward in her seat and glared at Jake, Quil, Embry, Paul, Jared, Seth, Brady and Colin who were all laughing behind their hands. Sam just shook his head and turned back to his dinner. Every so often I would catch him looking at me and I felt myself begin to blush. This just made his smile widen.

After dinner and desert we all headed back out to the lounge room to continue talking.

"So Bella, any boyfriends that you left behind in Phoenix?" Kim asked me. Kim and I had been talking and I came to realise that her and I would soon become pretty close. The reactions around the room made me laugh. Dad, Uncles Billy, Harry, Quil and Embry all tensed up and looked at me, Jake, Quil and Embry all cracked their knuckles but the funniest reaction was Seth's. Seth stood up and walked into the kitchen. I heard him pouring through drawers and soon he walked back out. He was holding an address book and a pen. He handed them to me and said "Names and numbers now sis."

I grinned at him and shared a glance with Kim. Through a form of silent communication, she nodded and stood up. Jared and the others looked confused and when she returned with a thick pad of paper and handed it to me, their confusion increased.

"What's the pad for Bells?" Dad asked.

"If Seth wants me to write them down I am going to need a lot more paper than is in that address book." I replied with an innocent grin.

Seth and the boys growled, Uncle Billy's eyes widened and dad fell out of his chair. Kim, Aunty Sue and I started cracking up.

"Guys you do know that I was just kidding right? I've only had one boyfriend and we are still together. When I told him I was moving he said that we should try a long distance relationship." I explained when I had stopped laughing.

The rest of the night was spent talking, laughing and catching up. I slowly fell asleep in Jake's arms, safe and happy.

---Sam POV---

Oh My God! The girl that just walked in the room was beautiful.

"What does a girl have to do around here to get some help with her bags?" She said. Her voice was just as beautiful as her face. It was sort of husky but very feminine; it was a sound that many girls (Leah included) tried to imitate but never succeeded.

When the chief hugged her and spun her around, a laughter that reminded me of bells filled the room. So this was the famous Isabella that Charlie had been talking about.

I had to keep growls of jealousy submerged in my chest as Jake, Quil, Embry and Seth all hugged Bella. Holy Shit! I think I just imprinted.

The chief asked Jared and I to go and get her bags from the front porch. I kissed Leah on the forehead as if to remind myself that she was my girlfriend and I loved her. As I passed Bella, I was assaulted by an amazing scent of freesias, strawberry and something very unique all rolled into one. Jared and I didn't speak as we grabbed the bags and took them up to Bella's room but I knew he knew something was up.

When we got back downstairs, Bella was cuddled into Jacob's side and I suppressed another growl. Jake went around our group and introduced us all. When it came to me, I smiled and nodded at her.

Sue came out and asked Leah for help with dinner but she refused. Bella stood up and offered to help. I inwardly smiled at her kindness. When Bella had disappeared, I turned my attention back to the television but I couldn't help but feel a sense of loss.

Sue emerged from the kitchen carrying far to many plates. I quickly stood and walked over to her. I took some of the plates from her hands and helped her set the table.

"Sam, can you go and help Bells in the kitchen please?" Sue asked me. I nodded and walked into the kitchen. Bella was serving rice into bowls and automatically the empty feeling in my body dissipated as I saw her.

"Hey. Bella right?" I asked awkwardly as I leant against the door frame.

"Yeah and you're Sam?" She asked as she scooped rice into yet another bowl.

I decided now was the time to help. "Here let me help you." I said. I walked over to the bench and caught a whiff of her intoxicating scent. I picked up three bowls of rice and walked out to the dining room table. I continued doing this until I heard Bella cry out "Ow!"

I raced into the kitchen and noticed she was clutching her hand. "Show me." I said. She showed me her hand and I noticed it was turning red. Ignoring the spark that ran up my arm, I led her over to the sink. I placed her hand under the cold water and went and got the vegetables.

When the vegetables were on the table, I took my usual seat. I watched as Bella announced that dinner was ready and frowned slightly as Jake wrapped his arm around her. I know he's her cousin but I couldn't help but feel jealous.

Leah stood behind Bella and growled.

"What's your problem now Leah." Jake said with a glare.

"She's in my seat." Leah said in a snide tone. Bella started to stand up when Jake pushed her back down. I rested my hand on her knee because I really didn't want her to leave. Bella caught my eye and I smiled at her before I turned back to my pissed off girlfriend.

"Leah, let Bella sit there tonight. Jake obviously wants her close so just leave it be." I said in my Alpha tone that told her I meant business. She just glared at Bella and moved to sit next to her brother.

During dinner Leah kept making snide comments and soon Sue became fed up with it. I almost started laughing when Leah was punished but I resisted the urge.

During dinner I kept glancing at Bella. If she caught me, I would smiled and she would blush. God that blush is gorgeous.

After dinner we all moved back out to the lounge room where Kim asked the golden question "So Bella, any boyfriends that you left behind in Phoenix?"

Bella and Kim started to laugh as the boys all reacted in a different way. I didn't make my reaction known but I was growling in my chest. I was as confused as everyone else when Seth stood up and walked into the kitchen. When he returned with an address book and pen I understood.

When he asked for names and numbers, Kim and Bella shared a glance. They did some kind of weird woman silent communication thing that resulted in Kim standing up and walking into the kitchen. She returned with a thick pad of paper and my curiosity spiked.

"What's the pad for Bells?" Charlie asked.

"If Seth wants me to write them down I am going to need a lot more paper than is in that address book." Bella replied with an innocent grin.

Seth and the boys growled, Billy's eyes widened and Charlie fell out of his chair. I felt my anger rage at the thought of guys touching Bella. Kim, Sue and Bella started cracking up and I knew we had been had.

"Guys you do know that I was just kidding right? I've only had one boyfriend and we are still together. When I told him I was moving he said that we should try a long distance relationship." Bella explained when she had stopped laughing. I felt my heart drop but then I realised that I was still with Leah. As her imprint I would be anything she wanted me to be. For now, that would be a best friend and hopefully in the future a lover.

As we talked, Bella began to fall asleep. She soon passed out in Jake's arms.

"Jake, can you take her up to her bed?" Charlie asked. Jake stood carefully, making sure not to jilt the sleeping beauty in his arms. Once he had left the room Charlie turned to us and said "I think we will have a pack meeting tomorrow. Until then, goodnight."

We all slowly left Charlie's house. Leah kissed me and I have to admit, it didn't feel right. She drove of with Sue, Harry and Seth as I made my way to my car. I took one final glance at the house that held my sleeping angel before getting into my own car and driving home to go to bed.

Only one thought filled my head that night: Bella.