Chap 12

- Bella POV -

Christmas was fast approaching which meant snow, presents and the boys all reverting to childhood as whenever you left the house, you were in danger of being hit in the face by a snowball. Brady and Colin had adjusted to life at my house very well and they were recovering nicely.

"Come on Bella, we need one more on the team to make it even," Brady said as he burst into my bedroom.

"I'm sure you big werewolf boys can handle yourselves," I said from the warmth and comfort of my bed (that was no longer up against the wall).

"Please Bells," Brady pleaded. He walked over to my bed and looked down at me with puppy eyes.

"Fine, I'll come. Stop the puppy eyes and let me get dressed," I said as I kicked my legs out of the bed. I walked over to my closet and pulled out some jeans and a long sleeved shirt. I threw them on and put on a pair of hiking boots. I pulled my hair up into a ponytail and walked out of my room.

"Alright B. Let's bounce," I said. I wrapped an arm around his shoulder and hugged him as we walked. I grabbed my big jacket and threw it on over my clothes.

"Alright, now that Bells is here, the teams are even. The teams are: Team 1 - Sam, Bella, Jared, Paul, Brady, Quil Sr. and Seth. Team 2 – Jake, Quil Jr. Embry Jr. Charlie, Billy, Colin and Embry Sr." Aunty Sue called from the kitchen window.

"Let the match, begin!" Aunty Sue called before ducking back into the kitchen where I noticed Kim and Uncle Harry watching with a grin.

I followed Brady over to our team as they huddled behind a snow ledge.

"Ok, Bells, how quick can you make snowballs?" Paul asked.

"Pretty quickly. How about B and I make the snowballs and everyone else chuck them?" I said. The boys all nodded and B and I got started making.

Soon snowballs were flying overhead and we were passing to the boys as quick as possible. The rules were if you were hit, you were out and had to sit on the sideline. Soon it was left to just Dad and I. I looked up past the ledge and smiled at dad who smiled back. I ducked my head again just as a snowball flew past me. I took a peak over and noticed his back was turned. Whilst his back was turned, I snuck out from behind the ledge and hid behind a tree. I watched as dad started pelting snowballs at the ledge before he stood up and started walking towards it. I quickly balled a snowball up and waited. When he was right in front of me, I jumped out from behind the tree and called out "OI DAD!" He spun around and I pegged the snowball. It hit him square in the face.

"I think I win," I said with a grin. Sam, Jared, Paul, Brady, Uncle Quil and Seth ran over to me and hugged me.

"Well done Bells. Great shot," Jared said as he gave me a high five.

"Thanks. Can I go back to bed now?" I asked Brady.

"No you can't, it's time for breakfast and hot chocolate. Come on," Sam said as he put an arm around my shoulder. I cuddled into his warmth and found myself enjoying it. We walked into the house and I took my jacket off. I accepted the blanket from Kim and hugged her.

"Morning," Kim said. We walked back into the living room where dad was starting up the wood fire.

"Morning gorgeous. I'm gonna go get changed. Make sure the boys don't eat my share of breakfast," I said. I walked back up to my room and got changed into a pair of grey sweatpants and a long sleeved football jersey that belonged to Benji. I slipped a pair of bed socks on and threw my slightly wet hair up into a bun. I walked back downstairs and Aunty Sue handed me a plate of food as the boys turned the TV on. I sat on the lounge next to Sam and placed my food on my lap.

The phone started to ring and Aunty Sue went to get it.

"Bella, phone for you," She called.

"Touch my food and die," I said to the boys as I placed my food on my chair. I walked into the kitchen and took the phone from Aunty Sue.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hey Bells. What's doing today?" Carlos asked on the other line.

"Hey Carlos. Not much. Just had a snowball fight with the boys. What about you?" I said.

"Nothing. Want to hang with us? We're heading out to the ice skating rink then getting some lunch," Carlos explained.

"Sure. Pick me up in an hour?" I questioned.

"Sounds great. See you then beautiful," Carlos said.

I hung up and walked back out to my breakfast.

"Who was that?" Dad asked. He had been cautious about my phone calls since Phil's last call.

"Just Carlos. He invited me out. We are going ice skating," I said. Dad nodded and we all finished our breakfast whilst watching TV. Once we were done I walked upstairs and went to my bathroom. After a quick shower I got dressed in a pair of denim skinny jeans, a long sleeved Led Zeppelin shirt and a pair of black UGG boots with faux fur around the top. I grabbed my black and silver scarf and threw it around my neck and also grabbed the matching gloves and beanie. I walked downstairs and grabbed my jacket before walking back out to the living room.

'When is Carlos going to be here baby?" Dad asked once I had sat down again next to Sam.

"In about 15 minutes," I replied. I stole the remote off Sam and changed it to a Simpson's episode.

After 15 minutes, I heard Carlos' car pull up out the front. I kissed the boys, Aunty Sue and Kim before grabbing my handbag and walking out to the car.

"Hey there beautiful," Carlos said once I had slid into the car.

"Hello boys," I said once I had put my seatbelt on. As we drove, Carlos put some music on and we talked about what we were going to do for our Christmas break. We soon arrived at the ice skating rink and got out of the car. Carlos paid for my skates and we got ready.

Once we were on the ice, we skated around for about two hours before returning the skates and heading off to get some food.

"Crap, I still have to get my Christmas shopping done," I said after I had finished my tacos.

"Same," a few of the boys chorused. Once all the boys had finished their food, we headed into a few shops to do our Christmas shopping.

Once that was done, we all jumped back into Carlos' car and he drove me back to my place. I jumped out and waved goodbye as the boys drove away. As I walked up the front path, my clumsiness reared its ugly head and I slipped on the ice. I hit the ground hard and my shopping flew out everywhere.

"Shit Bells, are you ok?" Sam asked as he raced over to me followed by Jared and Paul.

"Yea I'm good. Ice doesn't help the uncoordinated though. Help me with my shopping," I said. Sam grabbed my arm whilst Jared and Paul picked up my shopping bags. Sam wrapped an arm around my waist and helped me walk inside.

"Where's everyone else?" I asked when I sat on the lounge.

"Seth, Colin and Jake went out on patrol and I think Embry, Quil and Brady are upstairs playing videogames," Sam answered me.

"Ok then. Well, I'm gunna go and put this shopping away," I said. Sam helped me up and I smiled at him. I walked upstairs to my room and hid the shopping amongst my clothes in my closet. I walked into Brady's room and smiled at the boys.

"Hello children. Who's winning?" I asked as I sat on the beanbag next to B. he hugged me and smiled before turning back to the game.

"Embry is kicking Quill's ass. How was your morning?" B asked.

"Pretty great. I finished my Christmas shopping so now all I have to do is wrap," I said.

"Sweet. Did you get me anything cool?" Embry asked as he killed Quil in the game.

"Embry, you don't ask people that. That is really rude. Hello beautiful," Kim said as she walked into the room followed by Jared, Paul and Sam.

"Hey. How you doing since this morning?" I asked as she sat next to me.

"Good. Are you coming on the weekend?" Kim asked.

"Coming to what?" I asked.

"The Christmas bonfire. We hold one every year," Kim said.

"This is the first I have heard of it. I will probably be there though because I know dad will go," I replied.

"Oh yea," Kim said. The boys shook their heads and turned back to the game.

"Hey Kim, want to come help me wrap Christmas presents?" I asked. Kim nodded and we walked hand in hand to my room.

"Thanks for that. I don't think I could have sat through their video game nonsense," Kim said.

"That's fine. I want to talk to you anyway," I walked over to my CD player and pushed play. I turned the music up so that the boys wouldn't be able to hear even with the super sensitive hearing.

"Good idea. Now, what's up?" Kim asked as I pulled the shopping bags out.

"I think I'm falling really hard for Sam," I said. Kim squealed and wrapped me in a hug.

"I knew it would happen. You just had to give it some time. When are you going to tell him?" Kim asked.

"I have no idea. I've never been good at things like romance," I said softly as I wrapped Brady's present.

"Oh sweetie. It's easier with the imprint. Just talk to Sam. Maybe do it on Saturday at the bonfire," Kim suggested.

We talked a bit longer before the presents were all wrapped and placed away again. I walked downstairs looking for some food when I realised dad hadn't gone shopping.

"Come on Kim. We are going shopping," I said. I grabbed my car keys and wallet and walked out to my car. Kim and I jumped in and headed towards the shops. We bought all the things we would need for dinner and after we paid we headed back to my place.

When we arrived I noticed Brady sitting on the front porch steps crying. Forgetting about the shopping, I raced over to him and hugged him.

"B, what's wrong?" I asked.

"Bella?" He whispered before wrapping his arms tightly around my waist and sobbing into my shoulder. I noticed Kim carrying the shopping and she indicated that she was going inside. I nodded and smiled as she walked past.

"I thought you'd left us like mum. I walked into your room to tell you something and you weren't there. Then I walked downstairs and I could smell your scent in the kitchen and then I could smell it at the front door and I freaked. Please don't leave," Brady whispered.

"Oh baby, I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I just went to get some food. In the future, I'll make sure you know where I'm going. Don't worry honey, I'm not going anywhere, I promise," I said. I kissed his forehead and hugged him again.

"Come on. Let's go inside so I can cook some food," I said. Brady stood up and wrapped an arm around me as we walked inside. Colin raced over to me and hugged me tightly.

"I was scared Bells," He whispered.

"I know and I'm very sorry," I replied. I pulled both boys into a hug again and kissed their heads.

"Ok, who's hungry?" I asked as we pulled away. The five boys started jumping around and laughing. I walked into the kitchen with the five boys following me like puppies.

"You have a following babe," Kim said.

"I know. Boys, sit. I can't cook with you tailing me," I said. The followed my orders and I started pulling everything out and getting ready.

"What are you making Bells?" Jared asked.

"A chicken and rice dish and a vegetable thing. They don't have names. I really just bought what looked good at the shops. I'll improvise," I said. I started throwing ingredients together before I put my creations into the oven.

I walked over to the fridge and started grabbing random fruits and juice. I grabbed some ice from the freezer and my blender. I put everything and started to make a drink. I grabbed a jug out of the cupboard and put the drink in it along with a few extra ice cubes. After 30 minutes, the food was ready so I grabbed it out and had placed it on the table just as dad and the others all arrived.

"Smells great Bella," Dad said. Everyone sat down and had served their food when the phone rang.

"I got it," I said. I walked into the kitchen and picked up the phone.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Isabella," a voice said.

"Hello Phil," I said confidently. I heard chair legs scrape against the floor as everyone raced into the room. I shook my head as Sam and dad walked towards me.

"Having fun in that stupid hole you call La Push?" Phil asked snidely.

"I am actually. It's been so great. I've been spending heaps of fun with my friends and my dad. How have you been?" I asked tauntingly.

"Stop your shit you little bitch. You are going to be here for Christmas correct," Phil said in a demanding tone.

"No I'm not. I'm staying here for Christmas. Well, if you'll excuse me, I was right in the middle of dinner when you called. Please tell mum to call me," I said.

"You little slu-" was all I heard before I hung up.

"You guys do know that the food is getting cold right?" I asked as I walked past them and back to the dining room.

- Sam POV – The Christmas Bonfire -

I was down at the beach with the boys and Elders on the night of the Christmas bonfire. The only people missing were Kim and Bella.

"Hey, it's not fair to start the party without us," A voice called out. We all looked towards the noise and saw Bella and Kim walking towards us. Bella looked even more beautiful is that was possible. She was wearing a pair of Daisy Duke short shorts that were slightly frayed. She had on a white tank top with a sleeves black cardigan on top. On her feet was a pair of gladiator sandals that went up to her thighs. Her hair was down and in waves and she had very little make up or accessories on. The two girls walked over to us where Kim was swooped into Jared's arms. Bella smiled and sat on the log beside me.

"What have we missed?" She whispered to me. I shivered at the sensations it left.

"Not much. The locals will start arriving soon and then the party will be in full swing," I said. The music started and I laughed as Kim was lifted up by Jared and pulled into a dance.

Some of the local teens and adults began to arrive with various food dishes and the party fully began. Bella and I sat by the fire for a bit before I turned to her.

"Wanna dance?" I asked. Bella nodded and took my outstretched hand. I felt the spark and couldn't help but squeeze it as we walked over to the dance area. I laughed as Jared spun Kim around before putting her down and grabbing Paul. The two of them began a weird over the top waltz that had everyone in stitches.

Bella and I started dancing and I couldn't help but smile. She looked so free, like she belonged here. She smiled up at me and moved a bit closer to me as the boys spun past. I pulled her in closer by her waist and smiled when she didn't pull away. If anything, she moved closer and I couldn't help but smile. I was slowly feeling complete as we got closer. The music suddenly changed from an upbeat pop song into a slow romantic piece. I pulled Bella flush against my chest and wrapped my arms around her waist. She put her arms around mine considering she couldn't reach my neck. She rested her head on my chest and I rested mine on hers.

"This is nice," Bella whispered. I smiled and kissed her head.

"Want to take a walk?" I asked after a while.

"Sure," Bella replied. I grabbed her hand and we walked away from the party and down the beach. I noticed her shiver so I pulled her into my side and smiled as she wrapped an arm around me.

We walked towards the cliffs and I said "I want to show you something cool."

I led Bella into one of the caves and we walked further in. we soon arrived at the small cavern that I had found one day.

"Wow! This place is gorgeous," Bella said. It was a small cavern that had a crystal clear pool of water in the middle. The rocks surrounding it formed a sort of seat and there were some tribal pictures painted on the wall.

"Not nearly as gorgeous as you," I said in all honesty. Bella blushed and sat down on one of the ledges. I sat down next to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

She leant her head on my chest and I rubbed my hand up and down her back.

"Thanks for bringing me here Sam," Bella whispered.

"I'm glad you like it," I whispered.

Bella looked up at me and I felt a spark.

"Sam," she whispered. I looked down at her encouragingly. "I think I'm falling for you."

I felt my heart leap and I slowly bent down.

"If I'm out of line, tell me now," I said, giving her plenty of time to pull away. When she didn't, I closed the gap and kissed her on the lips. My lips sparked and I pressed a little harder. I felt the hole in my chest close fully and the imprint bond became whole. I felt Bella kiss me back and I slowly let my tongue out. I swiped it across her lips and smiled into her mouth when she opened it. I deepened the kiss and pulled Bella into my lap so that she was straddling me. I rested my hands on her hips and pulled her flush against my body as I moved away from her mouth and kissed down her neck. I pulled away finally and looked into Bella's gorgeous brown eyes.

"Wow," She whispered.

I kissed her swollen lips lightly and smiled.

"I have wanted to do that since I first saw you," I said.

Bella blushed and rested her head on my chest. I hugged her to me and I finally felt complete. I felt her phone vibrate against my leg and smiled as she pulled it out.

"It's Brady," She said. She slipped it open and got off my lap. I whimpered softly and she smiled.

"Hey B," Bella said.

"I'm fine. I'm just with Sam. We went for a little walk. Are you having fun?" She asked. She smiled brightly and I couldn't help but smile with her.

"That's great. Sam and I will be back in a few. Alright. Love you too," Bella hung up the phone and walked back over to me. She was about to sit next to me when I pulled her to me and sat her in my lap.

"Hey," She whispered. I smiled and kissed her again. She kissed me back and I moaned when her hand ran through my hair.

"We should probably head back to the party," Bella whispered as she pulled away. I pouted and she laughed. She got up off my lap and held a hand out to me. I grabbed it and we walked out of the caves. We walked back to the party and rejoined our friends on the dance floor. I smirked as Jared and Paul smirked at me and rose their eyebrows towards mine and Bella's joined hands. I pulled Bella closer and wrapped my arm around her. She smiled and wrapped her arms around me.

We walked back over to the fire just as Sue announced it was food time. As Bella sat down, I walked over to the food table and grabbed two plates.

"So she finally gave in," Jared said as he also grabbed two plates. I smiled and nodded.

"Congrats man. Told you it would happen and you just had to give her time. I haven't seen you this happy in a long time," Jared said. I walked back over to Bella who was now talking to Kim. Both girls smiled at me as I handed Bella her food. She kissed my cheek and turned back to her conversation with Kim. When we had finished eating, the elders moved into their positions and began telling our tribal stories. I felt Bella curl into my side and I hugged her. We had all heard the stories before but they were always entertaining. Bella seemed really focused probably because she hadn't heard the stories in a while. I nuzzled her neck and smiled when she kissed my cheek.

I felt Bella's head rest against my chest at around 11 and when I looked down, her eyes were drooping. I noticed Kim was in the same predicament. I lifted Bella into my arms and smiled as Jared did the same. I looked at Charlie and he nodded. I carried Bella out to my truck and carefully opened the door. I placed her in the passengers seat and shut the door before walking over to the drivers side and jumped in. I placed her head on my leg as I drove. When I pulled up at her place, I lifted her into my arms and carried her inside. I walked up to her bedroom and laid her on the bed.

"Bells, you need to wake up. You've gotta put your pyjamas on," I whispered.

Bella woke up slowly and smiled at me. She grabbed some pyjamas and walked into the bathroom. When she returned, I watched as she walked over to the air conditioner that we installed for her and turned it onto cold.

"Bella what are you doing?" I asked as she walked back to the bed. She slipped in and indicated for me to come over.

"I want you to lie in here with me but I don't want to overheat when I hug you," Bella whispered. I smiled and walked over to her. I took off the shirt I had worn and slid in next to her. She rolled over and placed her head on my chest and I wrapped an arm around her.

"Go to sleep beautiful," I whispered. Bella kissed my bare chest before falling back to sleep.

I watched as Bella slept and smiled. I heard Charlie and the boys returning home and heard their quiet foot steps as they walked past the room. I kissed Bella's head before falling asleep myself.

The next morning I woke up to an empty bed. I walked downstairs and smelt breakfast cooking. I walked into the kitchen and noticed Bella standing by the stove.

"Morning gorgeous," I said as I walked over to her. I wrapped my arms around her waist and smiled when she leant back into my chest.

"Morning," Bella replied. I spun her around and pressed my lips to hers. I felt her smile before she pulled away.

"Go sit down. Breakfast should be ready soon," She said. I took my seat and looked over at me imprint. She looked even more beautiful with her hair tousled from sleep.

"Where are Charlie and the boys?" I asked when I noticed the house was quiet.

"Oh they went out earlier. They said they had some Christmas shopping to do. They left me a note not to make them breakfast," Bella replied as she placed pancakes on a plate. I watched as she plated up some bacon, eggs, sausages, toast and waffles as well before walking over to her and helping carry the stuff to the table. Once it was there, she walked over to the fridge and pulled out some orange juice and put it in a jug and made a pot of coffee. We both walked over to the table and sat down. Once we were seated, Bella served us some food before swinging her legs up onto my lap. I rested my hands on them and smiled.

We ate in relative silence with only the radio as background noise. Bella picked up a magazine and started reading whilst eating and I picked up the newspaper.

"Oh my god. You two look like the picture of a modern family. All you need is a few kids and a dog and you're set," A voice said from the doorway. Bella and I both looked up and noticed Jared, Paul and Kim standing there smiling at us.

"Jared, think logically. If I got another dog, Sam would get jealous of it and chase it around the house," Bella said with a grin. Jared walked over and high fived her before stealing a pancake.

"Haha funny Bells," I said.

"Yep, I thought so," Bella replied with a cheeky grin. I shook my head at her and smiled.

"So what brings you guys over here?" Bella asked.

"Just wanted to visit and ask if you wanted to come to Port Angeles," Jared said.

"I think I just want to relax at home today if that's cool," Bella said with a sheepish grin.

"That's fine. We're gonna leave now. See you when we get home," Kim said. She kissed Bella's cheek and the boys followed her out to the car.

Bella got up and started carrying the empty dishes to the kitchen. I helped her and soon the job was done. I grabbed Bella's waist and kissed her deeply. She moaned into my mouth and wrapped her arms around me. I lifted her off the ground and her arms moved to around my neck. Bella pulled away first and smiled down at me. I gently kissed her swollen lips and carried her into the living room. I sat on the lounge with her on my lap and put my lips back on hers. I would never get enough of her kisses.

"I have been waiting months to do that," I said to her. Bella smiled and rested her head in the crook of my neck.

I frowned as Bella stood up but when I realised she was putting a movie on I smiled. I wrapped an arm around her as she sat beside me again and the opening of Yours, Mine and Ours started.

"Felt like watching a kids movie?" I asked her. She nodded and I shook my head. I rested it on hers and felt her sigh.

The rest of the day passed by uneventfully until around lunchtime. Bella got up to change the movie when I heard a knock at the door. I walked over to the door and opened it to find Leah standing there holding a box of some sort.

"Hey Sammy," She said flirtatiously.

"Leah. What's in the box?" I asked dismissively. I wanted to get back to Bella.

"Just some stuff for the Chief that mum had. She asked me to bring it over. What are you doing here?" Leah asked. She batted her eyelashes at me and smiled a smile that she must have thought was seductive.

"I'm watching movies with Bella," I said.

"Oh, well can I come in to put this stuff down?" Leah asked.

I moved aside and let her in. I closed the door and followed her into the living room. Bella turned and frowned slightly. I walked over to her and wrapped an arm around her. Leah growled lightly and put the box on the ground.

"So Sam, what are you doing tonight? Want to go see a movie or something?" Leah asked with a flirtatious smile. I was starting to get the shits. I felt Bella move slightly and I looked down to see her looking sad.

"No thanks Leah. I'm actually gonna spend the night with Bella. We are going to go out for dinner then to a movie," I said. Bella looked up at me with a shocked look before smiling.

"You'd rather spend time with her than with me?" Leah asked incredulously. I looked down as I heard Bella sniffle. I frowned before lifting Bella's chin up and planting my lips firmly on hers. I deepened the kiss and smiled when Bella moaned.

"What the hell!" Leah yelled. She pushed me and Bella apart before glaring at me.

"I'd rather spend time with Bella because she's my girl. Now, if you'll excuse us," I said. I pushed past her and walked back over to Bella. I pressed my lips to hers again and held back a laugh as Leah stormed out of the house and slammed the door.

"So, I'm your girl am I?" Bella asked slyly.

"You sure are. I thought I made that clear. But if there's still any doubt," I didn't finish my sentence before I lifted her up again and kissed her lips firmly.

- Leah POV -

I watched through the window as Sam lifted up that slut and kissed her. I growled before walking away.

Sam is mine! He has been mine and he always will be. That slut will not ruin my plans. I thought. I grinned to myself as I walked. I would work out a way to break them up if it was the last thing I ever did.