Sailor Moon Aeons.
Book 1: The Senshi of dawn.
Epilogue: Eternal Search.

By Razor Knight
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I've been searching through this galaxy for too long to even bother measuring time anymore. I don't think any human being who doesn't share my peculiar power would even understand what the numbers would mean. But I've been searching, ever since I realized what my powers were. Since I realized I had become a monster, like those I was supposed to fight against. Since I failed everyone I loved.

What have I been searching for? Redemption? Some would say I found it countless centuries ago. I've been making up for what I did in my home system, by helping any planet I passed by which was being attacked by evil creatures. I've saved thousands of civilizations. And I've been thanked just as many times, but they... Those creatures, they didn't know about my past. They knew not about the monster I once became. I didn't stay too long in any planet.

Yes, I could have returned home, but a part of me still fears that option. If I'm alive, then those I hurt, those I care for, could still be alive, and I'm not sure they've forgiven me. Besides... Earth is no longer my home. I have no home, to be honest, I've spent far too much time just going from world to world, without ever feeling attached to any of them.

My power is my curse, for I won't die. I'm not even sure jumping into one of those super-dense black stars (if they could be called stars) I've seen near the galaxy's center would kill me. I've been to each and every part of this galaxy, and still... There's something out there, something which keeps on calling me. I don't know what it is, but I have all the time in the universe to find out.

It had been a lucky find, he had to admit. It had been, as the old saying went, "like finding a klargh in a stack of lezins."

A galaxy-sized stack.

His search had been a pointless one, for many centuries... No, "centuries" wasn't even the right word to use anymore. He was ageless now, an eternal creature (although he could be killed, but had been surprisingly fortunate in avoiding danger.) But his search had finally taken a turn for, he hoped, the better.

The only means of finding what he wanted to find was the old magic scanner he got from Aleron-9, a world he had been to twice. Once when he managed to trade that scanner, and again when, after countless centuries, he returned to find no traces of civilization left in it. He had lived for longer than many civilizations out there. That was the curse and the blessing of eternal life, and it was something he had accepted ages ago.

Most of the worlds he visited didn't even know what Earth meant. Mankind was quick to forget things when they're not in contact with them for too long, and he... He wasn't sure most of the planets he had visited in the last few millenia could be called planets of mankind anymore. Most of these humans had been mutated, through countless generations, into something else. Into an amazingly diverse spectrum of "something elses," even.

Maybe even men from Earth were different now, but he had never thought about going back. No, what he wanted, what he needed was out there, somewhere. And he, for some reason, felt he was closer to it than ever.

"Sk'an Farren," the creature said in its language as it walked into the room. 'Sk'an' was, for what he understood, something similar to 'Lord' in his own language. Having a translator with him was a must now, as he had found nearly no planets speaking the language he was "born" speaking. He had been in this planet before, in fact he knew this creature's great-grandfather... Who had been just a toddler the first time he visited.

Farren looked at the speaker. Short, with bluish, scaly skin and big eyes. At least this one mutation had the 'right' number of arms and legs. "Friend Slaur, did you have any luck?"

The creature made a gesture which was its race's equivalent to a nod. "There is indeed one like you in here. It has been around for a couple years now, and it is... How to say it... Apathetic."

"How so?"

"At first we thought a creature with energy levels that high could be a threat, and we acted, I must admit, without giving it much thought."

Farren didn't have a hard time guessing what they had done. "You attacked first."

Slaur let out a noise very similar to a sigh. "Yes. The first round of attacks did nothing to it, and we obviously expected a counter-attack from it. But it did nothing. Absolutely nothing."

"Where is it? Is it male or female?"

"Unfortunately, Sk'an, I wasn't able to get that much information. I don't even think our scientists bothered checking. You should know the very concept of 'male' and 'female' is an alien one for us."

Farren smiled at that. "Of course. Do you think I could see the creature?"

Slaur looked at him. "I guessed that would be your next request, so all you have to do is speak to the Sk'Larian itself. The decision is one it must make."

"I understand that," Farren said and rose up from his chair. One-legged, tough and of a sickly blue color. Alien to him. Like everything he had seen since he left his home world.

"I should warn you this, friend Farren, since I know how long it's been since you were last here. The Sk'Larian Lamadi is nothing like Lamelein, its great-grandfather."

"That could be good. Lamelein was one of the reasons I left this world sooner than I thought I would."

Slaur blinked at that, with all its four eyelids. "I didn't know that."

"That's not a surprise. Thanks, Slaur, you've been a lot of help to me."

"I assume you expect to leave soon?"

"If this creature is who I think it is, then yes. And if it's not... I will continue my search."

"There's a saying we have, 'no search lasts forever.'"

"Your race doesn't live for as long as I have, friend, or you would think otherwise," Farren said and left the room, without waiting for an answer.

"So you say this creature might be someone you know?"

Farren nodded. "I cannot be sure until I see it."

"And if it's who you seek, then you will leave, and take it with you?"

"I will try to convince her... It of that, yes."

"What if it's not?"

"I'll make it clear, the only creature I know of with a power like you described, is her. I've explored, if my stellar maps are correct, at least eighty percent of the Galaxy. And never once did I find a being with as much power as her."

"Hard to believe, but who am I to be skeptical to an Eternal?"

"You're the ruler of this world, and as such you have a right to not believe me," Farren said, not sure if Lamadi was being sarcastic or not.

"And still, you've shown our people enough proof of both your immortality and your exploration. We would still think we're all alone out there if not for your visit and your recordings... And for your 'friend.'"

"So, where is she?"

"It... She is in the nearby city of Lamene'ren."

Typical, if Farren understood these creatures' language enough. A line of kings always had to name a city after one of them, or they just didn't feel impressive enough.

"I suppose you are going there right away?"

"Of course. Thanks for your cooperation, Sk'Larian."

The trip was uneventful, and with a document signed by Lamadi, those 'watching' over the creature were eager to let him past every barrier (physical or political) they had built to 'contain' the creature.

As he walked into the room where the creature was, he nearly went pale. Yes, it was her, but... Now he understood the words in that journal were true. She was much paler than he remembered, and he had learnt (thanks to one of the civilizations he had befriended) to sense magic in a rather short range. Her power was impossible to measure. "Ina."

She had sensed him. Probably knew he was there as soon as his spaceship touched this world's dirt. But as she turned to him, as he called her name, her face was one of shock and disbelief. "You are here. How is that possible? I..."

"You had Soma say a lie to fool me into thinking it was finally over," Farren said with a humorless smile, "but you may have forgotten one small detail about you and Soma. You're twins."

"You... You saw through the lie?"

"I did. And as powerful as Soma is, she still couldn't stop me from learning what I had to learn."

"And you left Earth."

"There was nothing there I wanted. Our children had already grown, and they... They understood, when I explained my plan to them."

"You're not truly immortal, though," Ina said, "how did you survive this long?"

Farren let out a chuckle. "I don't know. I must be gifted with the power of Luck, even though I am not of Lilithian blood."

Ina stared at Farren. "How I missed looking at you. How I hoped that, if the day ever came, you would be looking at me with those very eyes. Eyes that do not fear, do not hate, despite all I did."

Farren stared back at her, his face unreadable. "Answer me this: Have you continued doing what you did? Absorbing souls?"

Ina shook her head vigorously. "No, I saw the path I had taken, and I did what I could to take a different one. I do not know if all those races out there are 'mankind' anymore, but I will protect those worlds which are not rotten evil, against those which are."

"So you are the Guardian."


"A name I heard from one of the planets I've been to. They said a Guardian had saved them when they thought they were going to be taken over by evil aliens."

"Sounds like a hundred worlds I've visited, then," Ina said with a smile. "Farren... What now?"

"If you didn't want me by your side, you would have left already. I suppose you sensed me as soon as I landed."

"I sensed you from five solar systems away."

"Then I think we both want the same."

"This 'power' I gave you, is it not a curse?"

Farren walked close to her and took her hands. She didn't resist. "Only if I have to be away from you."

"I'm different from you, though. I cannot be killed."

"I was hoping you would protect this weak, old man."

"I can do much more than that, Farren," Ina said. "Do you trust me, even though you know what I did..."

"Millenia ago. I lost count of the millenia long ago, Ina. You're not that woman anymore, all I can see is the one I fell in love with. Stronger and more beautiful than ever."

Ina blushed. "And you're still the same charmer."

"So, why were you asking me that? If I'm here, if I haven't walked away, then you should know that I trust you."

"Yes, I realize that now," Ina said, and shot at him. The blast was strong enough to vaporize the building they were in, but Ina had already moved all the natives away from it while the two spoke.

Farren stood there, shocked that Ina would shoot at him like that. But before he could as much as ask, he realized something. Ina had used an attack which would have been more than enough to destroy his body completely. And yet there he was. He hadn't even felt the blast. "What did you..."

"Serenity once told me Senshi powers could not be just 'given', but if that was so, then how could I have those powers, myself? I had all the time in the universe to figure it out, and I did, as you can see."

"You gave me..."

Ina laughed softly. "Oh, no, not something as strong as my actual level. That would have fried your body on the spot. Just strong enough that nothing but me can harm you." She paused for a second, then looked at him. "And to be honest, right now I would have to use enough power to blast a small star to dust in order to kill you."

Farren looked at his hands, and they lit up. And he found it both strange and exciting. He could control these powers, he could... He had not been born a Senshi, and he had seen hundreds of worlds. Worlds he would have helped more if he could, but he could do little as a mere human. Now, he could go anywhere he wanted, help those who couldn't fight against evil.

But he didn't want to go anywhere. Not without her. "Ina... I guess I will have to tell you something I should have said when you... When you gave me your gift that time. Thank you."

"No need to thank me. I've been looking for something for far too long, and I never realized what that something was. A part of me knew you were out here, I suppose, and now I know that you were what I was looking for. I had almost given up when I found this world, but..."

Farren silenced her with a kiss. He then looked at her, with a smile. "No search lasts forever." And this one was worth every second it lasted, he thought as the two floated up.

"Feels good?"

"Better than I imagined. Where do you want to go now?"

Ina looked up to the sky, to the triple star this particular world circled. "Anywhere we want, Farren."

"Let's see... I know a world a few systems away from this one, and the weather's rather nice in it through all of the eight hundred and fifty two days its year lasts."

Ina smiled. "I think I know what planet you speak of. But isn't it an 'empty' world?"

"Yes. We wouldn't have to worry about any neighbours in there."

"Sounds perfect," Ina said, right before they both teleported away.

A/N: Ina's story didn't have a true closure, and for some reason that didn't sound right to me. Good thing that, for once, I'm the one writing the story, and not just a reader left to wonder 'just what happened to them?'

I started writing this 'epilogue' as a normal chapter, which would have been placed between two eras, but then I realized I could quite make it the last chapter of the book, since the events here take place after Silver Millenium's fall.