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I've always kind of enjoyed working at my dad's bait shop, it provided us with a lot of time to just hang out together and talk. And since my mom left, he's all I've ever had. One day I plan on changing my room around and making it seem more, I don't know, colorful, but then again I just can't imagine myself in a bright room.

"Carter….Carter," I hear my dad, he was recently on a mission to who knows where, protecting who cares. I hop off the bed in my pants and dark green t-shirt darting from the front of the house barefoot. I can hear my skin slap against the wood, creating patting sounds. I spot a shadow which I know must have been my dad and ran as fast as I could before raising my arms up and hugging him from behind. But that's when my arms felt like they were on fire and I pulled back noticing I just ran into a girl.

"Um..dad," I call out as he taps my shoulder and I step back as the girl faces me. She looks as scared as I did when I noticed she wasn't my dad, and I can't see how I was so blind because my dad in no way has long shiny brown hair. I hug him tight before pulling back.

"Who's she?" I know it sounded weird but hey, I wanted to know.

"Carter…this is Rosie," he smiled before walking over to the girl and grabbing the bag in her hand before walking towards the back. I stare at the girl, she's in a long summer dress, pink as ever with her wavy curls sliding down her shoulders.

"Okay, why is she here?" I call to him still gazing at the girl in front of me. She looked down at the floor before stepping away towards our gray couch.

"She'll be staying here for a while until….well she'll be here," my dad returned to the room sliding his fingers into his pockets.

"Where will she sleep?" He smiled at me. "Oh no, dad…you know why she can't stay in my room," Rosie was watching us, looking back and forth before my dad raised one finger up at me telling me to wait as he spoke to the girl. She nodded and I watched as she passed me, my heart falling into my stomach as the breeze she created warmed my skin as she stepped into my room and closed the door.

"Carter I'm sure you won't develop feelings for Rosie, you see how you're acting to her already?"

"Dad that's not the point, my room isn't where you drop girls into whenever you want no matter how amazing that sounds, its not…" he laughed before pulling on his bait shop hat.

"Carter there is no where else for her to sleep, you have an extra bed and its on the other side of the room, how close can you two get?" I rolled my eyes before kicking my feet. "Time to work in half an hour," he said before walking through the screen door and leaving me standing in the front room. I folded my arms and made it to my room, the girl was sitting on my bed, going through her suit case.

"Rosie right?" I ask as she looks up at me, her brown eyes sparkling from the small sunlight in the room before nodding. "Carter and that's my bed"

"Oh its very soft," she smiled before going back to what she was doing.

"No I meant that's my bed, and over there…" I pointed to the one near the window, "uh huh, that one's yours," she didn't move she just watched me.

"I like this one better, that one is a bit stiff, I like this one more, you're welcome to use that one," I couldn't believe she was talking to me as if she owned the place.

"No you don't understand," I pressed my fingers against her wrist before tugging her up, she stood only inches from my lips as I quickly snapped out of it and walked her over to the bed and letting her go, " you don't have a choice," and with that I went to grab her things.

"Oh, I didn't know. I usually get to pick which room I want to sleep in but since Mr. Mason gave me this room I thought I could choose a bed"

"Well, you can't" I snapped back handing her everything before plopping into one of my chairs.

"This is your room?"


"Its very…cozy," she caught herself because I knew she was going to say something else.

"Yeah, it is..and it would be more cozy with just one person,"

"Oh do you wish to sleep somewhere else?"

"Ugh," I rolled my eyes and fell on my back watching the ceiling. My dad was right, there was no way I was going to like this girl. I listened to her shift around the room but I never turned to her. Then just as loud as fast as she made noises everything stopped.

"CARTER!" My dad called from the lake, I hopped up and crawled onto the bed where Rosie was, her legs crossed and fingers on her knees. I stared out the window. "WHAT'S FOR DINNER?" it was more like what I wanted for dinner, I sat on my legs and faced Rosie. She stayed quiet so I repeated back out and yelled.

"PIZZA," he gave me a thumbs up before I moved away. The girl was actually being too quiet. "What's your deal?"

"My deal?"

"Yeah, like why are you so quiet?"

"Oh, no reason. I must finish unpacking now"

"Only robots respond to questions like that"

"Really? Well how else must I respond to such questions?" I decided to leave the girl in the room for a while before I went insane. I sat on the couch in the living room ignoring the fact that I was suppose to be selling bait at the moment.

"Carter," great I was caught.

"Yeah Dad?"

"Bait shop, now pal," his finger pointed out the screen door as he walked into my room. I watched him before sitting up and pulling my shoes onto my feet. I forgot I had some next to the couch. Rosie came out with him, her fingers placed between the other. "Rosie doesn't want to be cooped up in your room. So show her where the back swing is near the lake and come straight back to the shop, understand?" I couldn't believe he wanted me to be this girl's…whatever you called them that showed people around. I nodded as he left and scoffed at the girl before walking out of the screen door.

"Is this swing beautiful?"

"It's a swing, that's all it is, nothing more," I think I was a few feet in front of her because her voice rang out to me, faint and distant. Rocks knocked into my legs a few times before I caught my breath a pointed to the swing my dad and I built a few years ago.

"It is very beautiful. Will you sit with me Carter?"

"You heard my dad, I have to work," I pushed past the girl leaving her where she was. I didn't even look back. I couldn't, but leaving her there did make me feel a bit queasy.


Around dinner time my dad and I sat at the kitchen table eating slices of pizza one after the other but Rosie wouldn't come out of the room.

"Try again pal"

"Dad," I whined as he raised his eyebrow. I couldn't believe that he wanted me to ask the girl to eat again. I stood up, tossed my pizza slice onto the table and rubbed my hands against a napkin before tossing it at my dad and giggling making it to my room.

"So, are you going to eat or what?" the girl was sitting in her bed, her legs crossed and reading a book while fiddling with the thing around her neck.

"I'm not hungry"

"Everyone gets hungry, even princesses," I said making my way over to the girl. She folded her book between her right hand and looked up at me.

"Carter, do you believe in fairytales?" I looked away form the girl trying not to laugh before staring back at her.

"Well, no, not really, why?"

"Because no fairytale I've read involves living with someone who hates me, unless I was Cinderella, but I don't want to be Cinderella," she looked back at her book. Tracing her loose fingers around the words at the top.

"No one hates you"

"You do," she still didn't look back up"

"Look Rosie, I don't know you to hate you. But I do know that I kind of hate the way you're trying to boss me around, even if you don't know it"

"And for that I'm sorry," she slid her feet from under her and closed her book completely. "But I don't know how to talk any other way. I am not a girl like you"

"What are you a toad? Look as long as you keep that, I usually get to do this and that and blah blah blah out of your voice I think we can get along until you leave for wherever you're from," the girl smiled before standing.

"It is a deal," I was going to tell her no one spoke like that either but I ignored it and lead her to where my dad was waiting. He was actually surprised the girl came out, I did my strut which to my dad was hilarious and to Rosie made her look at me weird.

"Glad you came to join us," my dad let out as Rosie nodded.


Later that night she was back at reading that book of hers.

"What are you reading?"

"It's a princess book my mother gave me when I was little"

"Oh, so you're still trying to figure out which one you are?"

"No, I know which one I am"

"Okay, which one," I walked over to her, sitting across from her on the bed as she flipped the pages of her book and pointed. I had to hover a bit over the thing by lifting myself towards her and staring into her fingers. "The Little Mermaid? Are you a Disney girl?"

"No, I just love this story. Its very beautiful, and its about two people from two totally different worlds coming together to be part of one"

"Its too girly," I sat back down and stared into the girl's eyes.

"It's not too girly. Its very romantic"

"Its girly," I rolled my eyes and stood up, making it over to my bed once more, getting ready to lay down when Rosie stood up.

"Are you going to bed?"

"Yes, and so should you. We have school in the morning"

"School? Why can't we just wake up and have it start when we want it to?"

"Because school starts at eight and either you're there or you're not"

"Girls lights out in five," I heard my dad call from the door. He walked in, spotting me laying down. "Don't you think you should give Rosie something to sleep in?"

"Really dad? What was that suitcase you bought in here?"

"Now Pal," he left the room. I swear he's been "paling" me in a way I've never heard before. I went to my closet and shifted through some things.

"Do you have anything pink in there?"

"Do you think I have anything pink in here?" the girl shook her head and I knew she understood that I wasn't a girly girl. Hell I was more of a tom boy then a girl anyway. I pulled out some black shorts and a yellow top and tossed it to the girl. She closed her eyes while catching the items in her arms. She didn't say anything as she faced the window and pulled down the blind. I was watching her, she didn't say anything and I thought she was about to leave the room when she made her way to the door. But I was wrong, she closed the door and began pulling her dress above her head.

"Whoa there Rosie," I reached for the girl's arm but she had already pulled her dress over her head and my fingers brushed against the side of her bra. I pulled back quickly, staring at her figure. She was thin, tan, and well, she was HOT.

"Yes?" she asked while walking over towards the things I gave her. I didn't respond, I stared at how smooth her skin seemed. Her body was so perfect, her breast seemed perfect, hell everything about her was becoming perfect. I watched as she ran her fingers around her bra, snapping it into place before she pulled her top on first. My legs were throbbing now. I heard my dad shuffling down the hall. I ran to my door locking it before pressing my back against it. Rosie jumped but then relaxed after she noticed what I did. My dad knocked on the thing but I was too bust staring at Rosie to feel the small vibration coming from behind me. She shimmed into her bottoms before brushing her hair to the side of her face with her fingers.

"I'm dressed now," she said as my heart pounded. I could feel the rhythm in my fingers.

"Carter, you know the rules. No locked doors in this house. Carter, open up now," my dad continued to knock on the door but I couldn't look away from the girl. Her eyes seemed to glimmer as she came into me and pushed me aside softly.

"Sorry Mr. Mason, Carter and I are going to bed now," she had the door cracked as I stood next to her nodding. Sweat beads forming against my skin.

"Uh huh, let me in," Rosie did as he asked. My dad looked around the room quickly before smiling. "Goodnight girls," Rosie went to her bed and my dad pulled my arm making me follow him into the hall. "What are you doing?"

"What? I'm not doing anything"

"Really I didn't see Rosie go to the bathroom to change Carter"

"Dad she did that on her own, I told you not to let the girl sleep in my room"

"Hey if anything else like this happens you're sleeping in my room and I'll sleep on the couch"

"But I didn't do anything, and that's my room," I pointed as he eyed me.

"Goodnight pal," he walked off and I was pissed. I pushed the room door open and fell against my bed cutting the light off as Rosie stared at me from where she was laying.

"Did I do something wrong Carter?"

"No, goodnight Rosie" I closed my eyes praying that this girl was going home soon. For her sake and mine.

I wanted to try some new characters out. They aren't my usual so it's a little weird.