I was finally able to finish this story. If you read this, sorry it took over two years. I'm bad at updates, and when I lose interest its hard to get back into things. But this is what I wished to finish, so I'm glad that I did. I hope you like the end if you read it and or remember the rest of the story. Thanks for reading. Mistakes I this story were due to me not rereading what I typed.

I ran as fast as I could towards Rosie's screaming, but once I rounded the corner I saw a small black barrel pointing directly at me. My heart sank as I gazed up at the man pointing it at me. Rosie was being held by one arm as a man yanked her back, his partner's finger ready on the trigger.

"Who are you?" a deep voice filled the air as Rosie pulled and tugged at the man holding onto her with a vise grip.

"I'm C…I'm..," my eyes shot between the men and the girl they were holding hostage.

"Shoot her," the one guy behind the man holding the gun said, his grip squeezing Rosie even together.

"No!" She screamed, kicking and pulling at the man that held her until he finally released her. She ran towards me before footsteps echoed through the hall. I could hear faint voices of more solider crowding the area. The gun was raised once more, but this time, at Rosie.

"STOP!" I screamed, trying to reach Rosie before I heard a loud click echo through the air before a bang shot past my ear. I screamed. Rosie screamed. The air became deathly silent before ringing pounded against my left eardrum. I shakily faced Rosie who was now covered in splattered blood. She hadn't been shot, but the man who once held the trigger to the gun, was laying on the ground, bleeding wildly.

"Wha-what happened?" I asked as the other man, the one who was holding Rosie so closely before, rose a small pistol up and turned it on her just as quickly as his partner did moments ago. I wasn't use to seeing this much blood, nor feeling this afraid. But when it came to saving Rosie, I would do anything. In those few seconds I heard another gun go off. This time a loud piercing scream, which I was sure came from Rosie, broke though the air and numbed me. More shots went off, passing by me, whipping past my ear as I closed my eyes. I felt sick, my arm was grabbed and my feet began to move, but I wasn't going to look where I was going. I didn't want to know that Rosie and I failed at our plan. We were going to save her mother, and we were going to save her thrown. But if she lay back there…what was my plan then?

"Carter, run!" I heard a familiar voice shock my system. No, it wasn't Rosie, but familiar just the same. I quickly opened my eyes, facing my dad as his stiff facial features read worried. I could feel myself running on my own as I pulled away from him, spotting Rosie holding onto my other hand. She was the one pulling me all along. But who was shot back there? Maybe it was my dad who shot the man wielding the gun, and maybe Rosie's scream was so loud because she saw my dad though all of this mess. My heart was racing as we ran down a narrow hallway. Footsteps were everywhere, but my dad made us move ahead.

"You should have listened to me!" My dad yelled as Rosie began slowing down. I bet her legs were hurting again. I reached back for her as my dad waved me away, sweeping her up quickly before he ran into a side room. I followed, as we ducked behind large pots in what seemed to be like a kitchen storage area.

"How are we going to get out of this?" I breathed out, my eyes falling onto what I could make out as my dad's. He shrugged. I never seen him without a plan.

"Rosie your guards…"

"Yeah?" She faced my dad as he began.

"Do you think they're on your side?"

"Yeah," she nodded, brushing wet hair out of her face.

"Then you have to call them off."

"What?" Her eyes were just as big as mine. "They're trying to protect me."

"They don't even know where you are Rosie. Call them off. Your mother's guards will come looking for you. That's when we'll go for your mother. You soldiers can watch you while we're moving in." My dad began to stand once more, peering out the door as Rosie and I faced one another.

"Who's we?" I asked.

"I brought back up. The PPP are here with me. We can't fail at restoring Costa Luna." My dad faced Rosie, his eyes burning into her as I focused on her as well.

"How can I call them off when we're in the middle of a war?" She asked.

"How would you normally inform them?"

"With signals I guess," she stood, obviously done with resting. I followed behind her.

"I'll find one of your guards, and you give the signal. You don't leave their side, do you understand?"

"I understand," Rosie and I watched as my dad disappeared into the hall. My heart was racing. Seeing blood, being scared and worried while also having a constant panic attack, wasn't helping in the matter.

"Can you really trust your guards?" I asked.

"I can trust them with my life. They may be few, but they're strong."

Seeing Rosie so sure of herself made me agree with her plan. We weren't done yet. Maybe a few set backs, but we still had a few tricks up our sleeves. I grabbed Rosie's hand, not waiting for my dad to return, as we made it to the nearest window. We could see that we were on the first floor. The halls were paralyzing with noise. I was thinking that maybe we couldn't do what she wanted. Maybe we were way over our heads. We could see in upstairs windows more soldiers running back and forth, screaming and searching through many rooms as guns went off. Soldiers from all sides were laying on the ground, their eyes closed and bloody. Most were staring off into space with glazed looks and I realized, nothing would ever be the same for me again, as well as Rosie.

"Carter, there," Rosie signaled towards the place her mother was being kept. Guards were still out front. I couldn't make out my dad, but I knew the men running across the lawn in black were there to protect the princess. I still couldn't wrap my finger around Rosie being so royal. She didn't seem like most princesses. But then again I never really gave any a chance to crush my stereotypes. "Carter, go." Rosie pushed me slightly ahead of her as our fingers parted. This was serious, life or death serious. I heard a gun go off, and I ducked, sure if it was meant for me I would have been shot already. I could see Rosie holding onto the wall.


"Go!" She shouted, before she once again left my sight. She was running. I knew where she was going, but this was causing me so much anguish. I don't think seeing so much blood and gore would be much of a help if I lived through this mess. One of the guys in black, a PPP agent, turned to face me, shocked that such a normal girl was on the battle grounds. But then I realized, cooks and dressmakers and even the people of Costa Luna were all being tortured and placed into this war without much of a say so. I began to run across the field, scared that at any second I'd be shot. But as I ran, I noticed what Rosie said would happen did. The soldiers began to follow me, their feet just as fast as mine. I ran into an open door, turning around a corner before a hand grabbed mine. I ran with Rosie, sure it was her as we crowded into a small closet.

"The tower is this way," she told me about her plan to make it to the tower unnoticed. It would be hard to get through dozens of guards through the front way, it would be like mass suicide. Rosie explained that she would have been shot on the spot, because her mother's soldiers as well as those of the man trying to take over the land…they weren't as patient when pulling a trigger. I don't think the real shock of what we were doing hit me until we slid through hidden passageways that only Rosie knew. Her mother did as well, or so she claimed. But her father was the one to install them for protection. I could barley move, it felt as if I was being squeezed on every side. The ceiling was low, the walls were too close together, and the floor was rocky and uneven.

"Rosie, could your mother be using these tunnels? To escape? You know maybe she set all of this up," I was following her through the darkness as she stopped.

"I never thought of that. But…why would so many guards be protecting this area if my mother wasn't here?" We began moving once more, as the small space opened up. We still couldn't see a thing, and claustrophobia was setting in. We finally neared some light, my eyes adjusting quickly. "There's a rock here that opens into the tower. It should be someone near the bottom of the floor," Rosie began feeling around the ground. The noise that once filled the air was silent. I couldn't hear soldiers or screams, and it kind of made me feel at peace in this space. I didn't want to go back into that warfare.

"What am I supposed to do if your mom tried to kill you?" I ask Rosie as she shrugs.

"She can't take the land the way that its in right now anyway. So her best shot is to keep me alive."

"I'm sorry Rosie," I whispered. "You lost your father and yet it like you lost your mother as well."

"She's the one trying to kill me. Its not as if…," she stood, facing me with her eyes following the room. "She's still my mom. She's just…power-hungry. That or…she doesn't believe my dad should of left me with the country…and you know, before you…I wouldn't of thought otherwise."

"What do you mean?"

"Carter, I told you…if you don't live in my world," she grabbed my hand, her eyes searching mine, "then I'll live in yours."

"You can't leave your people."

"My people will be fine…what I can't leave…is you."

"Rosie," I sighed, pulling my hand away. "All of this out there, this is happening because one person wants your land. Another person wants you dead to have this land, and the last person..your mother, she wants this land because she doesn't believe you can run it. But I do. Your father wouldn't of left this place for you if he didn't think you could run it. You know your people more then anyone. I know this now….because you know me. And I'm just like them," I waved out into the air. "They need you, and I won't let you throw away all of this…for me."

"Carter," Rosie's eyes glazed a bit before I heard some noise from where we once came.

"Lets go," I tugged on Rosie as she quickly opened the door into the tower. There was no one in sight. A door was the only thing I could see.

"Mom!" Rosie called out, as the silence froze the air. Then, before I could appreciate the silence, I saw my dad, his eyes staring at mine. He appeared out of no where.

"Rosie? Carter?" He glanced at us as men from the PPP filed in behind him. I saw a figure movie from out the corner of my eye, so I faced the woman who was just as dirty and covered in dust as we all were. But she lacked the blood that each of us seemed to be sporting at the moment.

"Mom…," Rosie's voice was low, but you could tell that not only was she relieved, she was shocked at the woman's state. My dad ran past us, unlocking the door as PPP members grabbed the woman.

"This way," my dad shouted as everyone followed. Rosie ran to a nearby window, searching for one of her guards as we decided she's do earlier on. Once she met one, she signaled him, and he did the same to others as the fight downstairs went on. As we ran down the hall, the right men with us broke apart into smaller groups, and my dad and another man was watching Rosie and I closely. Her mom was taken elsewhere as we descended the stairs, but once we neared the last door that would lead outside, a few soldiers, Rosie's mothers and the guy wanting to take over the land, their soldiers stood staring at us just feet away.

"Princess," one man began, "we finally meet." Guns began to rise, pointing at all of us, mainly at Rosie. "Too bad you won't live to see another day." I could see soldiers running across the field, but in this moment I felt like this was the end. The bad guy would win and my family, my dad and I…Rosie..we would die right here on these steps. Rosie placed her hand in mine, and that's when other PPP agents, the ones that separated earlier returned. Rosie's mom was also one of those who met us at the steps.

"My Queen," the man spoke once more. "A two for one deal, how perfect."

Gun shots flew through the air. I closed my eyes, falling onto my knees as screams, more then normal shifted through the air. I felt Rosie squeeze my hand, right before she released it. I didn't open my eyes, but I knew she was still next to me. My dad had said something, but more shots were the only thing I was focusing on. The air was thick with blood and terror. I felt someone lift me, and then they were running. I couldn't open my eyes, the horror back there was too much. Who was dead? Who was alive. I could feel myself shaking. I wasn't as strong as I thought I was, but then again who would be? As I felt the warmth from someone's chest, I thought about laying my head against them to listen to their heard. The night air became chilled. I could hear the thumping of the heart, and the swift movement through what seemed to be open air. I opened my eyes, gazing upward at a man I didn't know. He was part of the PPP.

He didn't say a thing. He was only carrying me with a blood stained face. I could see that we were moving towards a helicopter. People far from us were doing the same. More PPP agents.

"Where's…Rosie?" I asked, as my voice seemed to come out painfully. I didn't think anything was wrong with me. I closed my eyes once more, my skin getting cold from the thick night air. "Rosie?" I questioned, before I found myself drifting off into sleep. I didn't know how long I was like this, but the next moment my dad was shaking my face gently.

"You have to stay awake Carter?" My dad was looking down at me. My vision was slightly blurred, but I began to turn my head to look around at the surroundings. We were flying in the helicopter. "Carter, stay awake," my dad's face was streaked in blood and dirt. His eyes were dull and frozen on mine. I wanted to ask him what was wrong, but I could feel it. Somehow, in some way, I could feel that I was shot. I couldn't move much, I was cold, and my eyes were getting fuzzy with every blink. "Cart…sta…awa…" My dad was speaking but his words blended together. I closed my eyes again. I was tired.



"Carter," I felt a hand on mine. I opened my eyes before closing them once more. The room was white, and as I blinked, I adjusted more and more. "Carter, look at me," a soft voice filled the air. I struggled to move, but at least I could grip the hand holding mine. "Carter," the voice was so familiar. I smiled, turning my head towards the sound before opening my eyes once more. "How are you?"

"Good," I whimpered, finally noticing Rosie smiling at me. She wasn't caked in dirt and blood as I last saw her. She was wearing white, her hair curled and laying across her shoulders.

"Oh Carter," she hugged me tightly as I hissed in pain. "Oh, sorry. Sorry." She smiled, kissing me on the lips quickly as I smiled before she pulled away. "You're okay. You are."

"W..," I tried to talk but my throat was dry. "What..hap…happened?" My throat was sore. Rosie rose a cup of water to my lips as I took a sip. I could slowly feel my toes and fingers again. I moved them happily.

"You're not as badly wounded as you think. You were shot in the shoulder…maybe hit a few muscles but, you're okay. But I just wanted to say…thank you."

"For..what?" I hissed out.

"For taking that bullet for me," she faced me, "you might of pushed me out of the way but…you took a bullet sent for me. Carter, if anything would of happened to you. I couldn't live with myself knowing you did that for me," I could feel her brushing my hair with her fingers. "We cleared out Costa Luna a few days ago. Its been a few weeks since the entire shoulder thing. You went into shock…but I knew you'd pull out of it."

"Weeks?!" I questioned, sitting up with a jolt as Rosie sat back afraid for a moment.

"You can move."

"I'm not dead, so at least I'm happy about that."

"I chose you Carter," her eyes came back to mine as she gripped my hand. "My land is mine, but the PPP program and my mom…they'll run my land until I'm ready to go back."


"I chose you. I chose you because this is the life that I want. You're who I want to be with. I might be a princess, but…I'm just a normal girl at heart." Rosie began to squeeze my hand as my dad walked into the room. His eyes were filled with shock and surprise. He ran over to hug me tightly.

"Carter," he kissed my hair whispering into my ear. I pushed away slightly as he smiled. "Don't you ever scare me like that again."

"I don't plan on walking into a battlefield anytime soon," I informed him as he smiled, hugging me once more.

"I told your dad about everything. You and I…our stupid plan," Rosie shook her head as my dad nodded, pulling back. "From now on Carter, you're a princess just as I am. But here, we're just ourselves." I smiled, as she kissed my hand. "I love you," she whispered as my dad giggled. I froze, what was I to say? Yes I felt strong for Rosie, but love…if feeling this crazy about her was what love was…I smiled.

"I love you too."

The end.