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Notes: Takes place after the end of the series. ^_^

I'm YOUR Kaichou, And Not Anybody Else's!
by: Kotone

Knees hurt. He'd been kneeling for so long, solitary, motionless, concentrating, in front of the stone statue. He considered moving it, seriously considered moving it and destroying the fragile triangle of spiritual energy preserving Saito High's spirits. Wanted to, even. Would have, but....


A cheek muscle twitched. His eyes were mysteriously wet, though they remained closed. Last time he'd been faced with the power to destroy the school spirits, he'd taken it, and it hadn't worked out quite the way he wanted it to. They'd come back, sure, but the strange part was that had been a relief! No, what'd hurt was the pain in his friends' eyes.



He bowed his head before the statue. Clenched his hands together in the form of a prayer.

"Oh... God, you have to guide me, you have to show me the right way."

He squeezed his hands tightly, nervous.


He shifted back on his aching knees, his white clothes picking up dust from the floor. So much for spotless. He opened his eyes.


Haruto stood.

(Homework,) he thought to himself. He wiped at his wet blue eyes and tried to ignore it. Felt suspiciously unhappy today, he did, and he didn't know why. Depression? Nah. He wasn't depressed. Rubbing the back of his blond head, he stepped out into the yard. Stretched. Yawned. (Have to do homework.)

He retreated into his room. His father 'confiscated' his radio when a good song came on, and he pretended not to notice. Studying. It was important. A good college, yep, he was gonna get into a good one, and when he did, he'd never once look back at Saito High.





Haruto ran. Not in panic. He wasn't panicked, nope, not ever. His hair whipped against his face. This was, fun, almost. Except....

"Kaichou! I want your autograaaaph!"

Teke-Teke really hadn't been kidding. New role model? ..great.

He looked back at Saito High, quickly, and saw Teke-Teke floating gleefully not far behind him, waving his pretty golden weapons in the air. Sunlight glinted off them freely. Haruto swallowed and looked back in front of him.

"This just is NOT my day," he thought, rolling his eyes back in his head. " 'I choose you,' he says. Definitely not my da-- AAH!"


Kazumi and Haruto ended up in a tangle on the concrete.

"I'm envious," Teke-Teke murmured, his purple hair ruffling every which way. Both ignored him. Best not to provoke the little guy.

"Ah, Kaichou!" Kazumi opened an eye, rubbing his sore head, grinned, and sat up. His robes were dirty and disarranged from the collision. But he grinned anyway. "Just who I was lookin' for!"

"Huh?" Haruto sat up as well. They bumped foreheads, winced, and scooted away.

"Ow." Simultaneously.

"Sorry, sorry. What'd you need, Kazumi-kun?"

"Aah!" The blue-haired youth's eyes glittered. "Do you know, maybe, where Asahina Sempai is?"

He fell to the side, twitching. "Don't you think I was just a LITTLE busy before I ran into you?!"

As if to emphasize the point, Teke-Teke poked his head between them. His eyes shone. "I'm envious!"


"This is importaaaant!" Kazumi insisted. "She has something that's REALLY important! Crucial, even! There's been a horrible, horrible mix-up!" His eyes teared. "It's ... it's LIFE endangering if I don't get this back!"

Something clicked. "What? Kazumi-kun, tell me! What's going on?!"

Tears tracked down his face violently, and he waved a magazine ferociously in Haruto's face. "We mixed up our magazines in the Holy Student Council roooom!" He opened the magazine and shoved it up close to his eyes. "Lookit all the little pretty boys!" Flipped a page. "NUDE, even!"

Haruto pinched the bridge of his nose. No nosebleeds, no nosebleeds....

"God help me," he muttered under his breath.

"What's that, Kaichou?"

"Nothing." He closed his eyes. (Nope, not attracted. Keepin' things normal. Normal men don't like other normal men, so hey, I'm normal.) Opened his eyes. The magazine was gone, so he let go of his nose. Glared at Kazumi. "THAT's what's so life endangering?"

Enthusiastic nodding, and more waterworks. Haruto rolled his eyes. "Geez. Fine, I'll help you find Asahina." He stood.

"Ohhh, thank you, Kaichou!" And suddenly, Kazumi was attached to his arm, hugging him. Jumping. "This is so incredibly important you wouldn't believe it!" His eyes lit up, and Haruto was suddenly being dragged sideways towards the school. "She has my Toilet Hanako Photo Album #2 with her! That's the best one!"

Haruto scowled, looking crosseyed over at Kazumi, but he didn't scowl for long. He found himself closing his eyes and pinching his nose again. (Nope, not attracted at all. I'm normal. Super-normal.)

Funny how he was thinking this, after being chased by a school spirit, on his way to swipe a pretty boy 12 and under magazine for a Toilet Hanako Photo Album #2, while being dragged by a blue-haired boy that was often possessed by strange and wacky animal spirits.

Super, hyper-normal, then.

"God help me."

And then something occured to him. He felt for his resignation in his pocket, and smirked. "Kazumi-kun?"

"Yes, Kaichou?"

"...DON'T CALL ME KAICHOU!" Echoing out over Saito High.

"Yes, Kaichou!"


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