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I'm YOUR Kaichou, And Not Anybody Else's!
by: Kotone

"I'm so happy to have you back!" Back and forth, the magazine was rubbed against Asahina's cheek. "I missed you!" She kissed the cover repeatedly.

"It's been so looong!" Kazumi crowed, unintentionally mimicking his friend's enthusiasm and actions while he held the photo album tight in his arms. "I was so scaaared for you! I thought I'd LOST you!"

The exchange had gone well. Asahina was, predictably, chasing Nino-kun with a pair of tighty whities, crooning and playing with his hair... Usually, it was impossible to drag her away.

But with the prospect of returning her dear, DEAR pretty boy magazine -- which was fairly obvious how loved and well used it was, by the dog-eared pages -- her mind was easily changed. They'd met up in the Holy Student Council room to swap.

"I think you've lost something else," Haruto mumbled, pressing two fingers to his temple and sighing, heavily and with annoyance.

Kazumi froze; deer caught in headlights. Eyes impossibly wide. Muscles tense.

"I've...lost something else?" he squeaked, suddenly rushing to the corner for privacy to flip rapidly and desperately through the album, hiding the pictures from view. "How could I have LOST it? Ohh nooo! This is such a disaster!

"Not that..." His eye twitched; tried to look the other way, ignore it. Then again, the way Kazumi was sitting, he had a full view of... "NO!" he yelled, suddenly.

Kazumi looked up quickly, while Asahina continued her celebration...

"Aahhh, my baby! You missed me, didn't you? Didn't you!" Opened the magazine, flipped greedily through it; stopped occasionally to drool over a picture, but she never, nope, not ever stopped rubbing her cheek against it like a kitten starved for affection. "Aahh, my adorable little pretty boys...look at those hairless legs!"

Aah, good kitty.

"What's wrong, Kaichou?" asked Kazumi, popping up in front of Haruto's face.

"Aah!" he jumped away. Startled. When the hell had Kazumi gotten there, and WHEN had his eyes gotten so blue? They were actually kind of... "NO!"

(Normal. Normal. Blue eyes are normal...YOU have blue eyes, Haruto! You don't think like that when you look at your reflection, do you!?)

He paused, considering...

(Haruto, you have finally lost it. Erase that thought from your memories.)

And now he was talking to himself inside his head...

Well, that was normal, wasn't it?

"Ne, ne, Kaichou! Are you okay?" Kazumi managed to look concerned over the sound of Asahina's crooning, his victory over the photo book apparently short lived. Fickle...

"Ah, yes, thank you, Kazumi-kun. I'm fine."

(Gotta get away from this...)

He bowed, quickly, elegantly, and...panicked? No, no. Of course not. Haruto never panics.


"I have to go now. Later, Kazumi-kun. Later, Asahina--"


"AAAH!" Haruto's scream echoed, as he jumped away from the green-clothed ghost slithering out of his pants leg.

"Not a morning person, ne, Kaichou?" Kazumi was dangerously close again.


"Ne, ne, Kaichou!" Asahina joined the club, completing the semi-circle surrounding their 'leader.' The pretty boy magazine, unfortunately, also came with the deal, shoved roughly in his face... "Are you okay?"

"AAAH!" Haruto pinched his nose desperately.

(NORMAL. Think normal thoughts, think normal thoughts, thinknormalthoughtsthinknormalthoughtsthink...)

"I think you scared him," Kazumi said reasonably.

(You know, his hair looks kinda soft...)

"AAAH! NO!" He fished through his pocket quickly for an excuse to leave...

"I think you're right. Ne, ne, Kaichou! Isn't Kazumi-kun right?"

Resignation, resignation! His fingers clutched around it, and he thrust it roughly into the semi-circle around him. "I'M NOT YOUR KAICHOU!"

Kazumi produced a brush from a pocket, a practiced maneuver, we're sure, and quickly altered the resignation with a smooth, black stroke. He grinned. "Whoops."

"Looks like you're resignation's faulty, Kaichou!"

"I'm NOT your Ka--"

He received a mouthful of paintbrush for his troubles, his mouth now effectively black... "Puhh!" he spat it out, irritably, and wiped his mouth.

(Great. Now my hand's black...) He wiped it off on the wall, sighing.

"What were you saying, Kaichou?" Kazumi asked, cheerily.

"Nothing." He took a step back and slid the door shut, firmly in Kazumi's face...regretting it at the flash of hurt in his eyes when he did, but feeling too foolish to go back in and apologize.

He was...a top student. He was the President of the Holy Student Council, even if he liked to say otherwise. He didn't need to apologize.

...but for Kazumi...

"No!" he yelled again, pulling at his blond hair and running down the hallway.

Still inside the room, Kazumi had spotted a picture near the door.

"Aah-HAH!" quickly, he swooped upon it and held it to his cheek. "So I DID lose you!"

"Ne, Kazumi-kun!" Asahina was looking over his shoulder. "What's that?"

"Hanako-san," he said quickly, rushing to his photo album and slipping it in. "Who else would it be?"

"Well, I dunno, but..." Asahina grinned slyly. "Since when does Hanako-san have blonde hair and blue eyes?"


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