trouvé un autre amour


2 MONTHS (after Edward left.)

Since E-Ed, he had left me I no longer lived my life, I guess you could say I walked around like a zombie. And im a world full of vampires, zombies probably weren't too far off. My heart, there wasn't just a hole in it; it was more like it was gone completely.

'Bella' called Charlie as I sat in my room. I walked down the stairs after him. The only thing I lived for was my dad these days.

'Yes dad' I grumbled as I sat down on the chair. Due to my clumsiness I didn't quite make it onto the chair and feel onto the floor.

'What the hell is up with grades' he almost shouted looking at me.

'I know you can do better than this and so help me Bella, Florida is looking mighty fine right now' he let out a long breath waiting for me to answer.

'I-I-I'm sorry-y' I stuttered.

'Bella sorry isn't going to cut it this time' he said slowly 'im taking you to the doctors.'

'Im fine dad really' I said standing up, my legs collapsed underneath me.

'You're not fine Bella. You don't eat, you can barely walk, your grades are on a D average, and we're out of Advil and I got a new packet last week.' I felt bad I did honestly but I just. It was like I couldn't control it. Besides Charlie really there was nothing else living for. And with him, meaning the Cullen, taking my heart when he left I guess nothing could really make me happy.

'Dr. Gerandy' said he could fit you in at lunch so I need you to go get dressed Bella.' I nodded and carefully walked myself upstairs. I changed into whatever I could find first and then I walked slowly back down stairs. Charlie was waiting for me at his car.

'Let's go Bells' he said, sympathy was back in his voice I climbed slowly into the car.

4 MONTHS (after Edward left.)

Dr. Gerandy has prescribed me with an anti-depressant that I need to talk three times a day. A sleeping pill which would help me at night and then a medicine that would help regain strength. Two weeks after he prescribed these he left for Dallas, he got a better offer than little old Forks and had decided to leave willingly. What hadn't been anticipated was that fact that I was now addicted to the medication. Without it felt helpless, like there was no need to live. But of course there wasn't I was only here because of Charlie. With it I still felt helpless but I could move out of my bed. Charlie had taken me out of school and Angela came ever Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Those afternoons I made sure I had at least three of the anti-depressants so it would be nicer for her to be around.


AN=Angela, A=Alice

They had asked me to come and tutor Bella every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. As much as I loved my old friend Bella I did dread these afternoons. Just seeing her like that made my skin crawl. It was right. She was skinny and even more pale that usual, some days as pale as the Cullen's. And we all knew she was addicted to medications she was taking. Her gorgeous brown eyes were now this horrible almost black but kind of brown colour. But I had to come because I needed to be there for my friend. I even got a laugh out of her once which Charlie was very thankful for. I guess it really was getting too much for everyone when I walked in one afternoon and saw Bella lying on the floor.

'Bella' I almost screamed running in to her.

'Angela' she called back feebly.

'What the hell happened?' I asked her as I grabbed out my cell.

'I tried to get down my pills when I slipped' she replied as I looked around I realized she was talking about the pill for her period.

'Why do you need that?' I asked but she looked at me.

'I can't do it anymore Ang' she whispered looking at me.

'Do it for Charlie' I replied as I dialed his number.

'What happened this time?' he said on the first ring.

'I walked in and she was lying on the floor, Charlie why do they have her on the pill?' I asked.

'Its easier for her if her umm, well you know is regulated' I could imagine Charlie blushing as he said that.

'Right' I replied 'listen I walked in and found Bella laying on the floor and oh my god' I said looking up.

'What up Angela?' he asked.

'Charlie she's got cuts on her wrist–' he hung up and I knew he was coming.

'Why the hell did you tell Charlie that?' she screamed at me. She tried to stand up but dropped to the floor again.

'Bella we need to get you fixed this isn't right' I said and she just looked at me. Anger coated her eyes and I cringed away.

'How could you, you were supposed to be my friend' and then she started crying. I sat down next to her and pulled her up in my arms. Within seconds my white top was streaked with stains from her tears.

'He left me. One minute he was saying he loved me and then the next he told me he didn't want me anymore' and then I got it. She was still confused about why he didn't want her, yes it hurt her that he had left, immensely so. But she wanted to know why he left. She knew it wasn't because he didn't love her, of course. She wasn't sure what was wrong with her, and the only way she could ever get over this was if he came back. Or she found someone else to love.


They took me to the hospital. They left me in there for two weeks. Charlie was happy that I had cried, maybe not for the fact that it was four hours worth of crying, but he said it was good that I could finally get it all out and that I had been holding it in too long. I knew better.

The newest medication they gave me didn't do anything. That numbness I felt was gone, instead it caused a different reaction. Like fire inside of me. I snapped at Charlie and Angela. They took it so well it almost made me feel guilty but I guess the medication wouldn't allow that. He eventually gave me back my old meds and I felt at ease again. Well until I heard that Carlisle was going to be my doctor.

trouvé un autre amour

so i wasnt going to leave you with an epic cliffy on the first chapter, so i decided a tiny little on. bu-ut next chapter will be a Carlisle Point Of View

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